Thursday, May 11, 2017

In your face!!!

Hey people, for those of you who felt you had gotten rid of my awesomeness, IN YOUR FACE!!! Haha! I can’t even begin to apologize for my behavior, but all the same don’t be mad at me. Life can sometimes be crazy, you just get caught up in so much, your life becomes too fast too furious (maybe not furious per se) and you begin to neglect some things. Funny thing is, I can’t even promise I’m back because time is mostly scarce for me now because of work.

A lot has happened since my last post, but mostly good stuff.  For Nigeria? Not so much! But Nigeria is not the reason for this post, so moving on. Where did the gross blog laziness come from? These streets are not as packed as they used to. A lot of our neighbors are on blogsile or blogcation (yeah, I can create words and I just did, live with it! -_-), what’s up with that? Emaleecious, PET Projects, BrownSkinNaijaChick, DiDi, PriscysWorld………….Well, at least we still have the ones who keep it going unlike our lazy behinds! Atilola, Myne Whitman, Sisi Yemmie, and shockingly the Toinlicious (yeah, I used to think she would be worse than me). Good job guys, I follow from the shadows, I never really left.

I’m going to get off here, but I hope to update the blog soon though. My little princess sends her love! Adios!