Saturday, October 17, 2015

I blame it on Goodluck Jonathan

Hey people, don't even say it,i know. I am lazy! I get it,you don't have to shout it. But i blame it all on GEJ.I mean, i can't really tell how he affected this sha, but i still blame it on him regardless. Afterall, everything was blamed on the guy, heck, people are still blaming things on him even. So one cannot be lazy to blog in peace right? HoneyDame had to set me up! The snitch!!!

Anyway, you won't believe who inspired me to blog...Toinlicious. You're shocked right?! She put up a post o, and it inspired me cos i know i have alot that i should mention, but i didn't get round to updating. Now HoneyDame didn't inspire me,she set me up! The snitch!!! I keep saying that girl isn't nice, but because she said she was and carries around a cute fact, you all think she is. Oh well!

Guess who i had the pleasure of meeting in person? Actually, there were three of them...Toinlicious (who is a racist by the way), HoneyDame (who is another racist and a winch) and Singlenigerian (In case you don't know him,he's one Port Harcourt guy like that, that confuses girls with his bear bear -_-). All three of them in one place!!! I was minding my business one faithful evening when my phone rang and it was Toinlicious. She asked if i could come out, and coincidentally it was a Friday, and before you say "beer", i was in Beer Barn. She was just smiling like one babe that just saw her favorite toaster. Sitting on her table were two other people i never knew. One was a babe with 'eru' and a fine face and the other a guy with bear bear. You guessed right! HoneyDame and Singlenigerian. They are all cool peeps and mehn, they all can dance, and Toinlicious had no ass to shake,contrary to what she goes around telling people.*tongue out* Bottomline, it was a fun night and you all missed. I think i bribed my wife with a plate of Snail or Gizzard as usual. Hehehe

So, for those of you who didn't get to meet the princess Kayla, i'm really sorry. She clocked 1 on the 21st of July and since it was on a week day, we decided to leave it till 25th to celebrate it. It was a fun day with family and friends. The girl plays me 419 with her cuteness and i fall like a useless log of wet wood. And yeah, Miebaka of Tamie's Cyberspot was there live. Let me just go ahead and show you some pictures.

I woulda showed you guys another picture, but lemme not scare you. I and my wife were involved in a serious accident, but God was faithful enough to spare our lives. We didn't have a single scratch even though the car was totaled and rendered unfixable.That means you guys are stuck with my awesome self. The response to the post HoneyDame tagged me in,wickedly if i may add, will be put up shortly (might be in a day,week,month,year or decade hehehehe).Enjoy your weekend people!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Yes,i'm still here

Hey people,I shamefully want to say sorry for disappearing the way I did.Truth is I have been feeling very uninspired to blog.We should be thankful for the likes of @ilola and my very own Toinlicious who always keep the streets of Blogville busy.Keep it up gurls!!! And nope, Toinlicious your bum isn't getting any bigger,live with it.Moving on!!!

The last post i made was informing you i got married and showed you pictures from the occasion.Well,i have gone a bit further to produce a very beautiful princess (with the help of God of course).She's like the icing on my already very tasty cake.If you want to see her,you would have to watch this space(                                                                                                             ).I am making this post today because i didn't want to leave you people hanging,but i still have nothing to say,yet.Hehehehehe

On a lighter note,not that any of the note was any thicker or serious-er.It is fun driving on Nigerian roads,you encounter very crazy people.The other day,a driver decided to 'scratch' a vehicle that was packed peacefully beside the road.Funny enough,the driver of the vehicle was still inside.When the guy opened his mouth,i could barely hold back the laughter.With an African Chinese...sorry,i mean Akwa Ibom accent,the guy said "You you no see dis motor here before you come yam am?".I didn't get the other guy's response,but it didn't matter because my evening was already made.I'll be back soon,i hope.Don't give up on me yet,i will change.Enjoy your week!