Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Old school me

Hey people,

Yeah yeah,i know it's been a minute,but i'm here now.It's been crazy,as usual.Work,weddings,conferences,work,conferences,etc.I'm glad God made me strong sha,e for worry.And i doubt if i'll ever fly with Dana Air again.I flew them while going to Abuja for a conference (simply because i ran out of options) and the flight wasn't so smooth.The straw that broke the camel's back...(abi how them dey talk am again sef? Anyway,you understand) was when i got to the airport in Abuja 30mins before my departure time,to get back to my base,i was refused boarding.Yes,i was disallowed to board the plane that i paid for with my hard earned money,30mins before my departure time.I begged and begged,even though i hate doing that,but they refused.The airport was so crowded that i felt everybody wanted to fly that day.I couldn't get a flight and i had to be in PH for a-brother-from-another-mother's wedding.I checked for available flights,but there wasn't any.I checked for the next day's schedule and i didn't find a morning flight.Long story short,i had to use Chisco night bus...yeah,i was that desperate.I hate night buses and i generally hate buses,can't remember the last time is used a bus for a long journey.Anyway,me and Dana don tear paper...period!!!

Now, to the day's post.Civilisation is looking like an issue in these modern day Nigeria.Values are being lost,morals are being dropped and it's really sad.People pick up characters,traits and traditions that don't define us.Don't get me wrong,certain traditions need to be abolished and some others reviewed,but some shouldn't be altered in anyway,but that's just my opinion.I'll use this post to tell you the things i learned and grew up with,the things that made me the way i am.

1.I was taught that when your elders are talking,you don't contribute unless one of them talks directly to you.Talking at that point is a huge sign of disrespect and signifies lack of home training.If any of your parents is present,you could receive an eye-whip or an actual one.

2.I was taught that you should never argue with your elders,even when they're wrong.Grumbling is allowed,in some homes,whereas your head gets jammed against the wall if you try it in some.

3.I was taught that you don't wait for your elder to greet you,you greet them first.

4.I was taught that you should never raise your hand on a woman,they're too soft for that.Even though i know it's not correct,but it is what it is.Don't misunderstand me though,i don't support getting physical with a woman,i just don't believe they're soft.

5.I was taught that you don't laugh when people are crying,it's a huge sign of morning witchcraft (yeah,i added that part hehehehehe)

6.I was taught that a woman is not supposed to insult a man,it's a sign of disrespect.However,i personally feel a woman should air her view and if possible,politely.

7.I was taught that people don't cry for the fun of it,they cry because something is wrong or is about to go wrong.

8.I was taught that relationships are better than material things.Because relationships are the only way to sustain the inflow of material things.

9.I was taught that a man should always provide for his family,without any excuse.

10.I was taught that helping your fellow man is a noble act and so should be done any time you have the means to do so.

11.I was taught that a man should never be attracted to another man sexually and also a woman to a woman,it portrays madness.

I learnt so many things and if i have to put them here,you would end up ready till next week.Some good,some bad,but the ones i put down here are the ones i'll never let leave me.Civilization will never take them away from me.What have you learnt in this great nations of ours that you won't want to leave you?


  1. Lmaooo@morning witchcraft. It's just very insensitive though.

  2. When I saw the topic, I thoy u were had put up a pic of you back in the days.

    Dana used to be like the best before. Only God knows what happened. I guess they've been completely nigerianised.

    Many of the things in taught past are utter rubbish, but most of them are valuable lessons. The world will continue to degrade. It has been prophesied a long time ago. Let's just keep being the light, wherever we are.

    1. Hahahaha @ Nigerianized.Dana is useless now jor! "Let's just keep being the light, wherever we are" true that.

  3. Well said!

    One other important value imbibed into me is that self-praise sucks!

  4. lo @morning witchcraft...children of nowadays are so disrespectful.

  5. Did you say its been a minute? Nah! Its been a year. Lol

    One value I try to hold on to no matter what is honesty/ sincerity...seems that is declining as a value :(

    1. Values are declining everyday these days!

  6. pretty nice blog, following :)