Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Money bag

Hey people,
Happy new month to you.I hope the year is going well so far? This year promises to be a very good and sweet one,i can feel it in my bones.Have you noticed that Blogville still isn't back to it's normal state? Lots of bloggers are still AWOL and the ones present don't blog as often as usual (myself inclusive *stares at feet with hands behind back*).That's not the main matter on the table today,so lets just go right into it.

Have you noticed how some girls/ladies/women feel it is their right to demand money from men? That it is normal,and should remain so,for men to be the ones giving and buying things in whatever form of relationship they are in? I was discussing with a group of women the other day and it was funny to learn that this is how their minds are wired in terms of giving and buying.They were of the opinion that men ought to be the ones giving money and buying gifts in any relationship at all,whether a romantic/sexual or platonic relationship.I could only laugh at their line of thought,and that if they meet a man who doesn't give them money,they would walk away.Personally,i feel there's something wrong with this line of thought.

Men are now hunters and their preys are the,permit me to use the word myopic,women.I use the term myopic because these women are near-sighted in this regard.They fail to realize that a man can be giving them money and buying them gifts,but at the same time expecting they would reciprocate once in a while,however long or short.Many a man out there want women who are not after their money,women who are self reliant,independent,and having the notion that the man ought to be the one spending would cut across as you being selfish and dependent on their pocket.I doubt if there are men who want such kind of woman these days.In the days of old,men didn't mind giving money and buying gifts,they didn't expect the women to give money of buy gifts.But that is what it is,the OLD days.Now men want independent women.Women who wouldn't be dependent on their pockets.Don't get me wrong though,the men don't mind spending on their women,but they don't want the women to be in a fix when they possibly are financially incapacitated.They want women who would be supportive in all areas.If i'm temporarily financially incapacitated,will you find it hard to get by? Will you be looking for alternative sources or you are self dependent?

Furthermore,women with these thought pattern are the ones who gave some men the notion that "as far as they require your money,they should be willing to give something in return".Some men feel it is their right to get something from a woman after giving her money or they don't even give at all if the woman refuses to play ball.They believe 'if the women take me as a money bag,i'd take them as sex toys".I can't really say how it all started,whether the chicken came before the egg or the egg came before the chicken,all i know is that kind of mindset is detrimental to the personality of the women with such.Do you think i'm on the right track?