Friday, July 25, 2014

The Church Is Failing

Hello people,i trust you all have been great.I and my family (it has a very nice ring to it hehehe) have been very awesome as always.

I know you must've been curious about what this post holds,based on the title.Well,you'd find out soon enough.I'm going to make it as short as possible.For the sake of this post,i'm going to dwell on just Christianity,as it is my religion and i know enough to talk about it and also Nigeria,as it is my country of birth and residence.

The meaning of 'Christian' is Christ-like.If i should put it in other words,it'd be 'behaving like Christ' or 'doing things the way Christ did'.This is actually what formed the religion alot of us came to belong to and know as Christianity.As a religion,Christianity crept into Africa and of course,Nigeria,slowly.We were majorly idol worshipers.Shango,Orunmila,Amadioha,Egbesu etc would come to mind.But the embrace of Christianity made those worships minute,almost extinct even.You need to understand that the reason why alot of people willingly converted to Christianity was because of the teachings of Christ as contained in the bible.These teaching actually made Christianity palatable and enticing.I mean,who wouldn't like to be a person that is peaceful? Meek? Wise? King-hearted? Selfless? Of good character and moral? Who wouldn't appreciate having a neighbor who is encased with such qualities? These teachings were what alot of us appreciated and slowly,another kind of teaching crept in on us.This is the Prosperity teaching.Is prosperity a bad thing? Definitely not.Then why is it an issue?

The Church has neglected,completely,the other teachings of Christ and has dwelt on prosperity alone.Everybody wants to be successful,i get this.But where the issue lies in that nobody cares about character anymore.No one bothers about how success comes,just as far as it comes.And the reason it is so is that we have been made to start worshiping money.Yeah,you heard me right.This seem to be even more in the Church.People don't go to worship God anymore,they go to show off their wealth,oppress other persons or simply get their own share of prosperity.Pastors have favorite members and yes,they are the ones who are wealthy and dish out money both to the pastors and their churches.Money seem to have blocked the way we reason.I cannot remember the last time my pastors talked abut character building and i know you can't either.This is the reason why you even get skeptical about doing business with a fellow church member,because they're the first to play you and still go and pay tithe in church.Everybody now worships money and wants to get it anyway possible,whether it is by trampling on another to get the wealth or outrightly killing to get it,they don't care.Does it not surprise you that Nigeria is getting worse by the day,even though churches are increasing in number by the day? Is ritual killing not common? How about political killings? Are lots of the politicians not church goers and tithe payers? How about rape? Fraud? We have alot of so called born-again(s) yet the nation keeps getting worse.Was that the intention of Christianity? To co-exist with ills? To help nourish ills?

The church has really failed,is failing and needs to retrace its steps or humanity will simply wipe itself out from the surface of the earth.I will stop here and let you reflect on this perspective of mine.However,we seriously need to start intense character building,if we must make Christianity what it ought to be,forget what the next person is doing.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Long Overdue Post:Our Wedding


*Tiptoes slowly,cartoon style*

*Quietly dusts cobwebs*


I know i have wronged y'all and @ilola almost practically dragged me out here,but i have a good defense...i think.Well,the thing is i have been veeeeeeeeeeery busy.Yes,busier than a busy bee.Was busy trying to make money and also getting married.Yes,i got married.Remember in the post,before the last post,i said i had a surprise for y'all.Well,the surprise was that i got married to the very beautiful and charming (yes,she charmed me and all my family...true story) Becqui. Wait,before you start throwing stones and tantrums and what have you,i have a reason why i didn't announce it.I wanted something rather lowkey (even though it didn't quite happen like i planned).So,please don't get mad...i'll invite you for the child dedications...when they arrive :d

The wedding held in Delta state,both the traditional and white.I wanted to make life easy for Becqui's family (yeah,i'm sweet like that) and so decided on taking it to her doorstep.It was a good one and it happened on May 2nd and 3rd 2014.The pastor that presided other the church service kept on calling Ebi,Ebi,Ebi and i was wandering what i did (it was an isoko service/church) and when i asked my wife,she almost laughed out loud in church and explained that it wasn't me he was calling).At least then i knew i had donbe nothing wrong.You know sometimes,even in your innocence,you start doubting yourself...i'm just saying :d

I know you want pictures,so enough of the talks,check them out. 

PS: If you take note,you'd realize Becqui wasn't really smiling and na me dey spend money o! Make una help me ask her wetin happen abeg!