Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Man of God not God of man

Hey people,how have you all been? It feels good to assume you're as awesome as i am and that life just keeps getting beautiful for you as it is getting for me.I know it's been a while since i last appeared here,and the reason is simple,LAZINESS.I won't even try to blame this one on work because work isn't so stressful these few days.Or maybe i have just lost my blogging mojo.Oh well! *Kanye shrug*

For those who are twitter-heads,you should have at one point or the other come across the Ese Walter and Pastor Fatoyinbo's story.Various perspectives came,as usual.Some reasonable,some obnoxious and some simply biased.But i wasn't surprised when i read reactions trailing the story.I didn't bother commenting on the issue.However,i want to address something else,but closely related and somehow,indirectly address the issue.

Any story that concerns 'pastors' in Nigeria always arouse intense talks and bashing.Certainly,people have their reasons for all that and i'm not here to judge.However,i want to point something out here.Pastors/Reverends/Evangelists/Bishops are MEN! They are human beings who were born just as we were born.They didn't fall from the sky,thus are not infallible.They are not more special than you and I,they only have titles.As far as God is concerned,if you're born again and live a life considered right in the sight of God,you are very special to Him.This means that everything the bible says about those that love God also applies to you.When the bible said "Touch no my annointed and do my prophet to harm",it wasn't talking about 'pastors' alone.It was referring,also,to everyone who is living right in God sight.Pastors enjoy grace,mercy,favor,touch-not covering,healing,miracles,blessings etc,but you also are entitled to equal measure of these things (even better if you want).Before Jesus said in John 14 verse 12  "Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father."
.If you analyze that passage very well,you'd see that Jesus didn't mention 'Pastor' or any title,he generalized.Do you know why? It's because we are equal in the sight of God.Humans kill themselves over titles and this has given some people the impression that those with titles are better than them.THEY ARE NOT!!! Whatever your pastor can do,you can do and even better if you dare to.The only reason why men of God do the works they do is because they devote their time to studying the word of God,this gives them an edge,THAT IS ALL! Your pastor isn't God.He is a god,but so are you.So if you ever think because he's a pastor he shouldn't err,you should know you're the one misleading yourself.Failure to see that your pastor is a man is the reason you tend to worship him and that is your fault.The bible is commonplace and not for pastors alone.Revelation isn't for pastors alone,if you want it,you'd get it.

Furthermore,haven established the fact that pastors are men,i'd like to state here,in my understanding,that Ese Walter wasn't abused.We only heard one side of the story though,but if that side were true,if there's any issue of abuse there,it's not 'abuse of a person' but 'an office' (Pastor Fatoyinbo's).Have a pleasant day!