Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Facts about life

Hey people,how have you all been? I've been awesome as always even though the work is as busy as ever.I'm sorry i missed Poetic Thursday last week.As a matter of fact,i went on a short trip to Lagos (looks around for Dayor).The trip was so short that i couldn't really do much or see much people.The people i saw were the ones very close to where i lodged which was between Lekki and VGC.So Dayor,i'm sorry i couldn't see you.

You know,it's funny that i got to Lagos and i was more or less a JJC (Johnny Just Come) because i didn't know anywhere anymore.I was just looking like Oluku! I was forced to have a cab guy on standby.E no go funny say big man like me go Lagos dem come show am for AIT say e loss.LOL No one would believe i was actually born there.Meanwhile,my trip isn't the reason for this post,so let me just get right into it.

I'm not a life specialist.As a matter of fact,i'm a learner.However,there are some things i have come to know in the course of my few years on this earth.So,i'm here to share those with you,so read on and comment as usual.

Facts About Life

1.The greatest mistake of your life would be putting your trust in human.We're bound to disappoint in almost all cases.

2. People are not always what they seem.And if you're not aware of this,you put yourself in harm's way.Because in a lot of cases,they'll disappoint you,sometimes without even thinking twice.The ones you think are good end up being bad,while the ones you consider bad end up being the good ones.

3. There's nothing hidden under the sun.You sometimes think you're doing something in secret,but later realize someone was watching you all the while.Deceit can only go on for so long a time.

4. People are different.The fact that you've come across bad people a lot doesn't mean there are only bad people on earth.There are good ones too and losing faith in people will rob you off meeting them.

5. Just because you've been treated unfairly,doesn't mean you should treat other people unfairly.Transfer good deeds,not aggression or someone else's wrongdoing.

6. You are not better.When it comes to life,you are not better than the next person,this is why we have to learn to accommodate one another's excesses.If you had a gun,i'm sure you'd have killed a good number of people.But here's news for you,there's someone out there who would have killed you too if they had a gun.

7. Trust,when broken,is hard to regain.If someone trusts you,try your possible best not to hurt them,because if you do,things will never be the same.

8. There's happiness in the world,but it's your sole responsibility.You're responsible for your own happiness because happiness is a choice.No one can choose to make you happy or not,that responsibility is yours.

9. Negative thoughts create negative occurrences.Your thoughts affect your surrounding and things that happen to you.*If you can,search the web,you'll find the e-book and video for The Secret*

10. You're never the best,there's always someone better than you.Same way your situation is never the worst,because someone out there will always have it worse than you.

11. Humility is a universally appreciated currency.

I'd have continued,but let me not bore you with all these facts because i know you know them too.


  1. Fact 6 resonated for me. The tongue is a kind of gun too, used to spread tales and could kill people's emotions.

    How was Lagos?

    1. True,the tongue is a gun of some sort and actually kills.

      Lagos was great,it was sad i couldn't stay long tho.

  2. You were greatly missed!! So true, so very true, especially number 9! The secret is a great start and other authors especially Neville Goddard if you can find him. He goes in depth and gives you the missing parts to the secret.
    Next time, please post some pictures of Lagos I am dying to see what it looks like.!

    1. It's good to know i was missed.I'll look for Neville Goddard.

      It didn't even occur to me to take pix.I will next time though.

  3. You? a JJC in Lagos ?.. nah bro.. i can`t cross the road by my self.. I dont even try it/won`t risk it..road crossing still #1 problem coz the drivers are moving up and down like they are auditioning for Fast & Furious 6.. Word though

    1. Hahahaha @ "......coz the drivers are moving up and down like they are auditioning for Fast & Furious 6"

  4. You are not a life specialist? That is news.

    I really enjoyed this post. Number 6 might be my favourite. Not sure yet.

    Pls, post more stuffs like this.

    1. Hahahaha @ilola leave me o!

      I'll put that into consideration.Thanks!

  5. lol @ jjc

    loving the life lessons...deep words

  6. bittersweet symphony that's life :)