Monday, July 29, 2013


Hey people,how have you been and how did your weekend go? Hope your week wasn't as stressful as mine? Lest i forget,i'm sorry i couldn't come through this past week with Poetic Thursday,the week didn't take it easy with me.Before i go right into the post for today,let me use this opportunity to say a gigantic CONGRATULATIONS!!! to Aloted.She put to bed a bouncing baby boy a few weeks back and we're very excited for her.God,indeed,is awesome!!! You know,it's always cool to hear that a woman gives birth and the baby,mother,father and entire family are doing fine.God bless you woman and that boisterous Bionic! Like i told you before,tell her not to take it easy with the JJC to the world! LOL

You know,we sometimes act without considering the consequences of our actions.Imagine a gurl calling every guy sweetheart,sweetie,love,baby etc when chatting with or talking on the phone with them.Apart from the ones that have serial 'mugus',they are innocent of cheating.But which guy will want to believe that when he sees those names that was supposed to be 'Limited Edition' with him enjoying the only copy,being dished out to others? Truth is,we need to have limits if we must have successful relationships with people.Regardless of whether they are friends or mere acquaintances.The fact that you people are best friends doesn't mean you shouldn't have limits when it comes to them.I'm going to highlight some of the limits that should be established so as to have respectful relationships with people.

1. As a lady,you should have LIMITS to what you share with your friends about your partner.I don't care how close you people are,you just need to draw a line.The human mind is very funny.There are some things you share with your friend about your partner and they lose respect for them or start seeing them in a very strange light.

2. As an individual,you need to have LIMITS to what you talk about when in a circle of friends.Truth is,not everyone in that circle wants your success.Sometimes,none of them want your success.

3. As a lady,you need to watch the closeness you share with a male that isn't your partner.Apart from the fact that it makes your partner uncomfortable,it also poses a threat to your relationship.The reason is that feelings begin to fly after sometime,whether from you or towards you,and these feelings are mostly blind to the fact that you already are in a relationship.The point also goes for the men.

4. As a person,you need to have LIMITS to what you share with your partner.Don't get me wrong though,i'm not saying you should hide stuffs from them,but you'd agree with me that it's inappropriate to let your partner know you have a crush on your best friend and wouldn't mind having a fling with them if the opportunity arises.

5. As a lady or guy,you need to have LIMITS to what you discuss or how you play with your friend's partner.There are some discussions that are simply INAPPROPRIATE,i don't care how close and how free you are with them.

6. As a lady or guy,you need to be mindful of your partner when you're chatting with someone who isn't your partner.That means you should watch the content of your chats.When chatting,ask yourself if you can allow your partner see the chats.

7. If the person is your mere acquaintance,then it means you should really have LIMITS.There are some questions you're not entitled to ask or answer or favors you're not expected to ask.

8. If you guys are acquaintances,then there are parts of the house that are off-limits.When you visit,please stay in the sitting room.

9. As a guy,if she's not your partner,then her boobs and ass are off-limits.I don't care if she's a bad gurl,don't touch or tap nada!!!

I'd stop here for now,but i'm sure you have an idea of what i'm talking about.Have a most pleasant day and week ahead.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Facts about life

Hey people,how have you all been? I've been awesome as always even though the work is as busy as ever.I'm sorry i missed Poetic Thursday last week.As a matter of fact,i went on a short trip to Lagos (looks around for Dayor).The trip was so short that i couldn't really do much or see much people.The people i saw were the ones very close to where i lodged which was between Lekki and VGC.So Dayor,i'm sorry i couldn't see you.

You know,it's funny that i got to Lagos and i was more or less a JJC (Johnny Just Come) because i didn't know anywhere anymore.I was just looking like Oluku! I was forced to have a cab guy on standby.E no go funny say big man like me go Lagos dem come show am for AIT say e loss.LOL No one would believe i was actually born there.Meanwhile,my trip isn't the reason for this post,so let me just get right into it.

I'm not a life specialist.As a matter of fact,i'm a learner.However,there are some things i have come to know in the course of my few years on this earth.So,i'm here to share those with you,so read on and comment as usual.

Facts About Life

1.The greatest mistake of your life would be putting your trust in human.We're bound to disappoint in almost all cases.

2. People are not always what they seem.And if you're not aware of this,you put yourself in harm's way.Because in a lot of cases,they'll disappoint you,sometimes without even thinking twice.The ones you think are good end up being bad,while the ones you consider bad end up being the good ones.

3. There's nothing hidden under the sun.You sometimes think you're doing something in secret,but later realize someone was watching you all the while.Deceit can only go on for so long a time.

4. People are different.The fact that you've come across bad people a lot doesn't mean there are only bad people on earth.There are good ones too and losing faith in people will rob you off meeting them.

5. Just because you've been treated unfairly,doesn't mean you should treat other people unfairly.Transfer good deeds,not aggression or someone else's wrongdoing.

6. You are not better.When it comes to life,you are not better than the next person,this is why we have to learn to accommodate one another's excesses.If you had a gun,i'm sure you'd have killed a good number of people.But here's news for you,there's someone out there who would have killed you too if they had a gun.

7. Trust,when broken,is hard to regain.If someone trusts you,try your possible best not to hurt them,because if you do,things will never be the same.

8. There's happiness in the world,but it's your sole responsibility.You're responsible for your own happiness because happiness is a choice.No one can choose to make you happy or not,that responsibility is yours.

9. Negative thoughts create negative occurrences.Your thoughts affect your surrounding and things that happen to you.*If you can,search the web,you'll find the e-book and video for The Secret*

10. You're never the best,there's always someone better than you.Same way your situation is never the worst,because someone out there will always have it worse than you.

11. Humility is a universally appreciated currency.

I'd have continued,but let me not bore you with all these facts because i know you know them too.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A different kind of sanitization

Hey people,how have you been? Is it just me or the week is running fast? For those who are working for other people,are your bosses trying to kill you? Because i have a very strong reason to believe my boss is trying to kill me.I mean,how else will you explain him calling me before 6am when resumption time is 8am? As if that isn't enough,he won't let me close when my colleagues are closing and nope,i'm not the most paid! So,do you now believe my claim?

Anyway,that man isn't the reason for this post jare,God pass am and i'll survive.This is going to be a brief post.I made sure i gave you an hint so you won't think i'm referring to the normal sanitization.Life is all about relationships.Working relationships,emotional relationships,academic relationships etc.And these relationships are best when they're symbiotic.However,every one of us,or almost every one of us,have a few friends who are parasites.I mean,they don't contribute anything at all in your relationship.They're the ones who always need money,they're the ones who always need advice,they're the ones who always need a shoulder to cry on,they're the ones who always want a secret kept.They just always have a need but don't bother about contributing.The thing is,we sometimes complain about these kind of people around us and we do nothing about it.So here's an advice for you,cut them off! Yes,if they're not making any impact in your life,cut them off.Any relationship at all you're having should be fruitful,should have a positive impact in your life.So,you need to sanitize your life and get rid of these sets of people,they're worthless.Have a nice day!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Poetic Thursday: Look at me

Hey people,how are you all doing this lovely Thursday? I have been awesome as usual even though work is not taking things easy. I had wanted to post something fresh today,but i'm not tired and lazy to even imagine. So here's one of my old poems, but good too and expressive as always. Read, enjoy, comment and share if you will.

Look at me
A kobo in my pocket
No house to call a home
No one to call my own

Look at me
Living on my faith
Sustained by my thinking
Yet a victim of its result

Look at me
Always sitting alone
Always fleeing the crowd
Always thinking

Look at me
Deceived by the one thing I love the most
Deceived by the ones I love
Deceived by me

Look at me
Sitting alone after work
Thinking and thinking
But of just one thing

Look at me
Happy when I am alone
Cos it gives me time to think of you
Times to laugh

Look at me
So much in love
So much in love with you
So much in love with you