Thursday, June 20, 2013

Poetic Thursday: Washed of the unknown

Hey people,how is the week so far? The rain here is incessant and my hoodie isn't making me complain.My week has been fruitful and Becqui's making me kolo the more.Make una tell her to take am easy sha o.Today's poem isn't about me,it was born from my imagination.Read,comment and share if you will.


Ordinarily I'd be curled up in my bed

Armed with a duvet

Heavily guarded against the raging cold

Listening to the rain drum on my roof and window

But it's different today

I'm not in bed being entertained by the drumming of the rain

I'm standing in the rain

Hands in my pocket

Head bent down

The large drops of rain running all over me

Caressing me from the top of my head

To my shoulders

And to other parts of me

Getting me drenched in just a few minutes

I'm not supposed to be here

I don't even know why I'm here

Maybe I'm hoping the rain will drain my guilt

Or rid me of my fears

Or maybe I just want to be washed of the unknown

But I'm here in the rain

With my head bent


  1. hmmmm.... wish i could do same. It is raining outside now

    1. Hehehehe It was raining here,but i liked the coziness of the office more.

  2. you are an amazing poet. Becqui, abeg take am easy on my bro u hear? LMHO

  3. Nice Poem :) . Sounds..... Hmmm lol

  4. I'm very innocent of what you are accusing me off oo* lolz*...Hmmm interesting read. My original poet *wink*

  5. Nice one...
    Loved the last lines.
    And kinda reminds me of the last time I was drenched in the rain. I wasn't standing hands in pocket head bent,but dancing scrreaming and jumping like a 5yr old. It was raw fun.
    No it wasn't yrs ago. 3months ago.

    1. *smh* You no dey shame! Hahahahaha

      Thanks dear.

  6. I remember when I was also caught in the rain. Better to be curled in bed

  7. loved the inherent feel and imagery your words create..
    always have loved your poetic thursday posts :)

  8. The sweetest part of this post is that Becqui is making you kolo.

    1. Hmmmm I just remembered you're not a fan of Poetic Thursdays.LOL

  9. Perfect as always and more so because I love the rain. The smell and feel of it, it makes everything new and alive. Good read, look forward to next weeks.