Thursday, June 27, 2013

Poetic Thursday: That night

Hey people,hope you've been good? The week has been great and very busy as usual.The rain didn't help with it's incessant appearances.Anyway,again i'm here with a poem that's partially about me.Read,enjoy,comment and share if you will.

That Night
That night under the mango tree

I held you close to me

So close that I felt like i was going to enter into you

Your head rested on my chest

My jaw rested on your head

Making me have a feel of your fragrance

I smelled you and inhaled deeply

Your fragrance circulated in my whole system

I held you and wished we could remain like that forever

I held you tight because i was scared that if i let you go

I’ll lose you

I was scared because we were in love

But at the wrong time

I felt the wetness on my chest

Same time that i felt the saltiness on my mouth

Just then did i realise we were both crying

I tried to be strong but the thought of being strong broke me

I didn’t want to be strong without you

But be soft with you

I was so engrossed in you and me

And was oblivious of the surrounding

Not even the owl on the tree who has been trying to be noticed

Nor the fact that it was extremely quite and late

Finally i let you go knowing  i’d never see you again

I walked home with blurred visions and more salt on my lips

I walked home knowing it was over

But then i am staring down at you

You head on my thighs

Probably lost in your own thoughts as i

I’m staring at you and loving you more

Knowing i came close to losing you that night


  1. You have a real talent, you make the reader feel the raw emotions of your words. It amazes me that a man can express himself and his emotions so freely! Absolutely loved this one. Can't wait for the next one.

    1. Thanks alot,i'm still trying to explore what i have though.

  2. This was raw and touching. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Myne for reading and commenting too.

  3. Nice poem but my amebo self wants to know the story behind it haha

  4. Hahaha If you stick around long enough,you may just find that out.

  5. Why under the mango tree nau.....I thought its always under the orange tree. Lol.......thank God you didn't loose her.

    Very touching poem

    1. Hahaha It just so happened that it was under the mango tree this time.