Thursday, June 27, 2013

Poetic Thursday: That night

Hey people,hope you've been good? The week has been great and very busy as usual.The rain didn't help with it's incessant appearances.Anyway,again i'm here with a poem that's partially about me.Read,enjoy,comment and share if you will.

That Night
That night under the mango tree

I held you close to me

So close that I felt like i was going to enter into you

Your head rested on my chest

My jaw rested on your head

Making me have a feel of your fragrance

I smelled you and inhaled deeply

Your fragrance circulated in my whole system

I held you and wished we could remain like that forever

I held you tight because i was scared that if i let you go

I’ll lose you

I was scared because we were in love

But at the wrong time

I felt the wetness on my chest

Same time that i felt the saltiness on my mouth

Just then did i realise we were both crying

I tried to be strong but the thought of being strong broke me

I didn’t want to be strong without you

But be soft with you

I was so engrossed in you and me

And was oblivious of the surrounding

Not even the owl on the tree who has been trying to be noticed

Nor the fact that it was extremely quite and late

Finally i let you go knowing  i’d never see you again

I walked home with blurred visions and more salt on my lips

I walked home knowing it was over

But then i am staring down at you

You head on my thighs

Probably lost in your own thoughts as i

I’m staring at you and loving you more

Knowing i came close to losing you that night

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Poetic Thursday: Washed of the unknown

Hey people,how is the week so far? The rain here is incessant and my hoodie isn't making me complain.My week has been fruitful and Becqui's making me kolo the more.Make una tell her to take am easy sha o.Today's poem isn't about me,it was born from my imagination.Read,comment and share if you will.


Ordinarily I'd be curled up in my bed

Armed with a duvet

Heavily guarded against the raging cold

Listening to the rain drum on my roof and window

But it's different today

I'm not in bed being entertained by the drumming of the rain

I'm standing in the rain

Hands in my pocket

Head bent down

The large drops of rain running all over me

Caressing me from the top of my head

To my shoulders

And to other parts of me

Getting me drenched in just a few minutes

I'm not supposed to be here

I don't even know why I'm here

Maybe I'm hoping the rain will drain my guilt

Or rid me of my fears

Or maybe I just want to be washed of the unknown

But I'm here in the rain

With my head bent

Monday, June 17, 2013

The wrong notion about men

Hey people,i hope you had as nice a weekend as i did? My weekend was quite busy,but in the end it was fun-filled and i spent a good deal of it with family.You know how i love family.

Twitter is a world of it's own as you know,and whenever you're there,you see lots of things ranging from funny to silly to crazy to weird to stupid to smart etc.Just this morning,i saw a reasonable tweet.Someone disputed the saying that "All men cheat because it's in their biological DNA to do so" and i agreed totally with her.A great deal (almost all the population) of women are of the opinion that all men cheat.This is based on the fact that the men they'd come across had cheated and/or they know men who cheat on their partners.This has restructured their mindset to believing it is a norm,thus taking some bull crap from men.Truthfully though,men cheat.I mean,they can be given medals for that.But another truth is,not all men do.There are still very good men out there who are faithful and would remain so.The problem with the line of thought that all men cheat is that it'll prevent you from having a good man by your side.Having the notion that all men cheat will allow you settle for a man with strings of women rather than a man who'd be faithful to you.Another thing wrong with that notion is that,when a faithful man does come along,you might mistake him for a cheater,thus losing him.Having that notion would definitely give rooms for steady suspicion even when there's none.The mind is a very funny thing and can find a conspiracy theory in everything once it is programmed to.

So,rather than consider all men cheats,consider,rather,the fact that not all men cheat.Have your self a very wonderful week ahead.I'm out!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Poetic Thursday: Avoiding myself

Hello people,hope you're doing as awesome as me? The week has been great and it doesn't even bother me that it's been a very busy week.Some people would definitely be happy about today's post while some would be indifferent.*side eyes @ilola* Anyway,i'll try and keep up with Poetic Thursdays and also put up my normal posts.The only challenge i have presently is time,i don't even have the luxury to be bored anymore.Oh well,i ain't complaining.Enough with the talks,here's a new poem i wrote in line with the post i made about children.It occurred to me that most of us are avoiding ourselves by doing other stuffs but introspecting.Read on,comment and share if you will.


I've been hiding behind my busy schedule

Running away from that important thing

I've been trying to shed guilt

Like trees do in winter

I dance around my comfort zone

When in reality there's a journey i must embark on

But the results have been pale

Actually,black decribes it best

I've trampled on people's feelings

I've charred hopes

I've smashed hearts

I'm not proud of me

So i'll embark on that journey

Journey i've been avoiding

Journey to self

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Don't cheat yourself

Hey people,the rains have started here in Nigeria and the cold no be beans.I'm not complaining though because it doesn't really affect me.The only thing that puts me off is the messy floor.That's not the highlight of this post,so i'll go right into the main post of the day.

We are humans,and by default we are 'mistake makers'.We do so many wrongs and some of us even get used to the wrong and somehow manage to bury our real reasonable self selves.How they get that far isn't confusing.Sometimes,people do wrong and tend to be helpless,and after trying over and over to be good,they just decide to quit and go ahead with their wrong-doing.However,some just go ahead in the wrong path simply because they feel they're not worthy to do right based on their record of wrong doing.Hypocrisy comes to mind.They feel they can't do or say things simply because they have some bad habits.

The truth is we all have demons we're fighting with,regardless of who we are.Church members,deacons,pastors,elders,fathers,mothers,uncles,aunties etc.We all have demons we fight with.So instead of feeling less of a human or not trying to do right simply because you have some things you do wrong,try doing good anyway.Stop hating yourself,learn to understand that we're humans and we're bound to make mistakes while striving to amend your ways and search out the right path.However,we all should try and avoid criticism having in mind that we're equally imperfect.Not doing some certain things that are right/good simply because we feel guilty is cheating ourselves.Have a pleasant day!

Friday, June 7, 2013

For the children

Hey people,i trust your week went well.It's the start of another weekend and i can already see some people doing the azonto. *side eyes Toinlicious* There's going to be serious celebration this weekend because corp members passed out yesterday.Meanwhile,a friend who passed out too decided to travel today.Probably scared of us popping things i guess.*shrugs* And of course,Miebaka a.k.a Tamie decided she won't come home.So you see,i may not be popping things on corp members passing out after all.It's all good though.

Now,to the main topic of the day.CHILDREN! Yes,i'm not yet married neither do i have any,but i want to talk about children.I love kids,i really do and from all indications,they love me too.I'm certain i'll make a great dad *so help me God*.A few days back i saw an ad on twitter asking people to support a fund raiser for children,and even though ordinarily i would've perceived it as a good idea,i didn't.I can see you raising your eyebrows,but i'll explain why.

All we do as regards children is for them to have a very bright and meaningful future.But lots of our actions conflict greatly with our earnest desires for them.To elaborate this,let me ask you these questions.When was the last time you did what was right completely? When was the last time you stood against illegal dealings? When was the last time you stood against bribe? When was the last time you stood against corruption? When was the last time you followed due process to get what you want? Please don't play the helpless card because we're never helpless as regards these things.Look around our society today and ask yourself what future we're planning the kids.A future where they cannot gain admission to the university without 'wetting' hands? A future where the female among the kids wouldn't pass unless they agree to sleep with their lecturers? Or is it a future where the male of the kids would be provided with guns by politicians to kill themselves with? Or a future where they'd always be suspicious of the person next to them just as we're doing now? All the money in the world won't help these if we don't decide to act now.If funds are raised for them and the situation of our society still remains the same,then it'd be utterly baseless.

So,here's what i thought of.Instead of raising funds for children,let us raise honest and responsible men,women,parents,aunties,uncles,teachers,lecturers,civil servants,politicians,employers,employees etc that'll give them the idea of what humans should look and act like.Have you not seen underage gurls engaging in sexual escapades? What about underage boys who engage in crimes? How did you think those came to be? Now you're getting my point.Children are fast learners and what we show them is what they'd show the world when the time comes.Children are the leaders of tomorrow indeed,but if they end up with the same mentality as us,then they're doomed and the future we want for them is definitely not the future they'd have.I have decided to start working to do things accordingly.To always follow due process and respect the views of others and actually respect their person,religion and beliefs,what will you do?Trust me,it's easy to give money.But money is worthless considering the kind of future we want for them.

PS: Sorry i didn't bring you Poetic Thursday yesterday,the week was very busy but i'll make up.Thank you for understanding.