Thursday, May 30, 2013

Poetic Thursday: I could never

Hey people,it's another Thursday and i've brought you your weekly dose of my poetic thoughts.It seems i'm all about poetry this days.But i'll come back fully soon,so please bear with me.I wrote this poem long ago.Again,this is dedicated to the pretty angel that rocks my world *in Micheal Jackson's voice* Becqui Read,enjoy,comments and share if you will.

I Could Never

If I could hold my heart in my hand so you’d see

You’ll see your fingerprint all over it

If I could put my thoughts of you in filmstrips

I would have to wait a million years for the production of such length

If I could put my thoughts in pictures

The entire length and breath of the sky would not be enough to display them

If I could drop my love in the ocean for it to be transparent enough for you to see

Then the solid parts of the earth would have to give way to allow it contain half

If I could tell you how much I love you

I may never find the right words to best describe how

If I could describe how awesome you are

I would not be able to find all the words

If I could just hold you in my arms to show you how much you mean to me

Eternity would only be a short time

I could never entirely explain how awesome you are

I could never entirely explain how much you mean to me

I could never entirely explain how much I love you

I could never entirely show how much I love you

But I’m willing to try till eternity

I love you so much my angel


  1. It seems like every week your words are becoming more and more real. I can feel the emotion behind the words and you are truly talented. Look forward to your next piece.
    And I didn't even bring up those lips of yours this time. Oops I just did, sorry!

  2. *snif snif* Future hubby better be taking notes

  3. I love you so much,my treasure.. Thanks for being the sweet and amazing man,that you are. *a million kisses*

    1. Hmmmmm That's sweet.You know i love you more right? *a billion kisses*

    2. What's all these na? Eeewww.

    3. Hahahahaha Leave us alone jor!

  4. *Coughs* I go luff o..*In saka's voice*

  5. Oga wetin sef? Ahn ahn, Becqui has tripped, she has fallen, now you don't want her to stand again...small small with them love words...

    Personal Blogger

    1. Hahahahaha The idea is for her to remain 'fallen'.

  6. Please, knock on my blog door when you dedicate a poem to me,

    1. Hahahahaha You should know what to do to get a poem dedicated to you na.*wink*

  7. wow..
    you have a way with words when it comes to love poems..
    loved it

    1. Thanks Jyoti.Love poems are my forte.

  8. Wow.. very nice swtz.. I love it..