Thursday, April 25, 2013

Poetic Thoughts: If i think of you

Hey people,this poem is dedicated to someone you all know,Becqui.She's really amazing.

If I Think Of You

Yesterday i thought of you

Mumbling in your sleep

Making me chuckle faintly while men slept

Turning to dig your way into my arms

Breathing softly like a new born

And somehow making the world unbelievably beautiful

Howbeit for just a few hours

Today isn't any different

Thoughts of you travelling freely in my head

Clearly without need for tickets

Making me grin like a school boy

And i can swear the world was perfect for a few minutes

Tomorrow would be just the same

I'll smile broadly

Like an insane man

See the world as perfect

Get filled without eating

And thank heaven for you

Because i'll think about you

The world is perfect when i think about you

Howbeit for a few minutes

Or even seconds

The world is just prefect


  1. Lucky Becqui! Your words always move me and try to imagine what you are like in real life? Glad you are back, always look forward to reading your blog and looking at those lips, my god!

  2. Hmmmmm really sweet...Thanks so much for such deep and sweet words.. xoxo

    1. You deserve so much more! *a million kisses*

  3. sweet words for a sweet lady! nicee!

  4. Awww, this is so nice...Bless your heart!

  5. I feel like writing a poem for my soul mate!

  6. loved ones always manage to find a place in our minds :)