Thursday, April 25, 2013

Poetic Thoughts: If i think of you

Hey people,this poem is dedicated to someone you all know,Becqui.She's really amazing.

If I Think Of You

Yesterday i thought of you

Mumbling in your sleep

Making me chuckle faintly while men slept

Turning to dig your way into my arms

Breathing softly like a new born

And somehow making the world unbelievably beautiful

Howbeit for just a few hours

Today isn't any different

Thoughts of you travelling freely in my head

Clearly without need for tickets

Making me grin like a school boy

And i can swear the world was perfect for a few minutes

Tomorrow would be just the same

I'll smile broadly

Like an insane man

See the world as perfect

Get filled without eating

And thank heaven for you

Because i'll think about you

The world is perfect when i think about you

Howbeit for a few minutes

Or even seconds

The world is just prefect

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Beggers everywhere

Hey people,i told you i won't be gone for long and you can see i'm keeping my promise.

I'm actually upset about something and i want to share with you cos i am almost certain some of you are as upset with the issue as i am.The other day,i was travelling to Abuja for my friend's wedding and i had a funny encounter with an immigration officer,a lady,at the airport.If you're a regular flyer then you'd know that they don't allow perfumes,body sprays etc on board any aircraft.I knew this actually,but i was just wondering how i'd travel without my perfume and to consider buying another when i get to Abuja was out of the question cos i was already spending alot on the journey.So,i just tried my luck and was happy and upset at thesame time.The woman checked my hand luggage,which was all i was travelling with then,and saw the cologne.
"Oga,you know you're not allowed to travel with this,but i'll just allow you."
I said "Thank you" and what she said next made me cringe "Oya find me something".I responded that i'd do that next time and left.I was quite upset cos i know what i was doing wasn't right but she allowed me by asking for peanut.A few days ago,i went to LG to get a small home theater for my boss's office.I got to the cashier,paid her for what  bought and the next thing she said got me really sad."Oga bless me na".What?! After paying for what i bought i should what? I told her next time and left.The guy that carried the home theater to the car also asked to be 'rogered' when he put the ware in the boot.I gave him a fine tip cos somehow i felt like it and he somehow worked for it.There's this fastfood,Kilimanjaro,that is close to my office and i go there regularly.The security men will always try to make you 'roger' them.Same goes to some banks i visit,the security guys will always want you to tip them.This is so sad.When did we turn to a country of beggers?!

As if that's not bad enough,you go to see some people in their offices and the security men would always want something before they let you see who you want to see.You go to government offices to see some bosses and their workers won't want to attend to you unless you give them some money.You win a contract and some groups won't want the payment to drop until you give them their 'cut'.The situation is really annoying and troubling.So now we're a bunch of beggers? A country full of beggers?

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Poetic Thurdays: Lost

Hey people,i know it's been a very long time and i've never left you like this without a reason.Well,i still didn't leave without a reason.It's been a rough couple of weeks,coupled with work and all.Plus,I've been travelling alot lately for official duties and time is a little scarce for me.However,i'm here now and would try not to disappear again.

It's another Thursday and i'm going to give you the Thursday dose of poem.This one is titled Lost and is completely about me.Enjoy and please drop your comments as usual.


I'm rooted to a spot

The sun very hard on my back

It's light a challenge to my eyes

To my left

To my right

To my left again

To my right again



I won't call out

This isn't a dream

It is real

I'm lost

Should i walk?

Should i stay rooted on this spot?

Either way someone might find me

Someone should find me

Cos i'm lost in the middle of nowhere

I am lost