Thursday, March 7, 2013

Poetic Thurdays: In your presence

This poem was written sometime in th 2010 and i want to share it with you.Let me hear your thoughts on it.


I'm helpless in your arms

Lost in your smile

I drown in your eyes

Weak in the knees from your kisses

I melt like a candle wax in your touches

My body shivers from d sound of your voice

I simply turn to water in your presence



And take any shape you want me to

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Try doing it differently

Hey people,i know i've been away for a short while,but you know i could never stay away from you for long.I've been very lazy to blog and i decided to change that.Hope you've all been great?

For those who criticize pastors saying they live big on their church members' tithes and offerings and all,i want to ask you something; did the church members complain to you? People make sacrifices to their God and get results,you shouldn't give yourself unnecessary headaches concerning that.That brings me to the aim of this post,doing things in a different way.

Lots of times we're like mad people,doing things the same way and expecting different results.That isn't how life was fashioned.Different things have their different results.So,if you do something,you get a particular result,but to get a different result means you have to do a different thing.I know you feel being spiritual is overrated.But you've been 'un-spiritual' for so long and it's not helping,why not try being spiritual? I know,as a student,you've tried reading only when it's very close to the exam,why not try reading months before the exam? If you're working and you feel you're not getting what you anticipated,try changing the way you do things.Try being more serious with your job,try loving it or maybe even change it entirely.If you're not happy with the way things are in your relationship,try changing the way you do things in the relationship or generally change the relationship.The thing is,different results can only happen when things are done differently.As a gurl,you complain alot about guys only wanting to sleep with you.Maybe you need to visit how you dress or how you relate with men.I leave you with this; if you want to have what you've never had,you must first do what you've never done.