Thursday, February 7, 2013

Poetic Thirsday: Sacrifice of love

Hey people,i trust you've been good.This scheduling thing is really working for me and i'm loving it.So,here's your darling Poetic Thursday,not thrown to Friday,lol.


The night is always almost unending

Every second is a severe torment of not just my heart

But my very soul

The darkness wraps me like the stamen of a petal before it blooms

Like a little piece of paper in the hand of a large man

Sleep is a now forgotten friend

In the emptiness of my room

I battle with the cruelty of the night

My thoughts are like little pricks from a million needles

My head is often too heavy to be supported by my neck

And when I get lucky and find slumber

I wake up with the pain in my chest

When the night slowly turns into day

The weak light of dawn replaces the darkness of night

And the sun completely brightens the day

I welcome the day with gratitude

Even though it never stays as long as I want

But it comforts me

The hotness of the sun on my skin

The noise of day all around me

The dust raised by rushing feet

All conceal the torment of the night

When the intensity of the sun reduces

The brightness weakens

And when finally the sun is drowned in the horizon

The torment slowly creeps in

And with it comes the pain in my chest

My almost nonexistent smiles becomes untraceable

If I was ignorant of the consequences of sacrifice

Now I can advice on its consequences

I could change situations

I could end the pains

I could find sleep once again

But I am on a quest

Quest to retrieve the object of happiness

The object of a beautiful life

And if this is the price to pay

I’ll pay it whatever the cost


  1. This is lovely, there is most times no love without sacrifice.

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  3. So how much will you pay me for giving you the scheduling tip?

    1. Hehehehe A very big bear hug! Though i might cover you! LOL

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  5. Wow! This is so moving.
    Shebi I told you the scheduling thing will work? Enjoy the function all the way

  6. Aww, nicey! But err, why do I feel a lil' sadness in there? Or may be my mind is

    I hope its worth it at the end, I mean the sacrifice :D

    1. Thanks dear.I hope it's worth it in the end too.