Saturday, February 16, 2013

What women want

I've read articles on this particular subject and some make sense to me while others don't. I've even heard arguments based on it,some reasonable and some outrightly hilarious.

Going by the little I've come to know concerning women,I'd say they actually know what they want (at least most do).Yeah,sometimes they want to eat their cake and have it,but it still doesn't change the fact that they know what they want.Forget the fact that a woman is dating someone we'd all consider 'perfect'.Someone who has a good job,good moral standards,respect women,doesn't drink or smoke,quiet etc and yet sleeps with a certain guy who's carefree and spontaneous and smokes and drinks and clubs and womanizes,she still knows what she wants.If you ask her,she'll most likely tell you she can't settle with Mr.Smoke-drink-womanize.Funny thing is,most of them want the things the we men can give but sometimes don't.I'll outline and explain some and simple outline others.And their importance aren't in any particular order.If you ask me,I'd say they're all important.

1.Honesty: Women want honesty from their partners.Be straight with them always and you'd earn their respect.However,be very diplomatic and wise while doing this.Honesty hurts them sometimes and if you don't want to see your woman hurt,be wise even when you're being honest.If you want more on this,see me in camera with your registration fee.

2.Openness: You shouldn't keep things from your woman because it'll give her the wrong ideas like you not trusting her enough to confide in her.However,again,you should be wise.There are some things that are best kept to yourself,no need getting her agitated when you could avoid it.

3.Spontaneous: The reason why some women find some men boring is because they're predictable.They don't seize moments.Their women know when they'll kiss them or want to make love to them or take them out etc.You should be able to just pop into her office with chocolates and flowers,tap her ass when she walks past you,kiss her when she's cooking in the kitchen,strip and do her right there in the sitting room (hope the kids are sleeping? Don't want to spoil anybody's baby o),you can wake her up with your hard-on sef but make sure she's not tired o.Show up at the hairdressing salon when you know she isn't expecting you.Trust me,if you can do these,you'd be the most exciting thing after the internet.

4.Respect: If you think not insulting her is what I mean,then you're a little right but mostly wrong.It goes way beyond that.Changing the channel while she's seeing watching,without taking permission from her,is disrespect.Saying negative things about her to people (friends or not) is disrespect.Chatting with a very pretty girl while in her presence is big disrespect (they mostly don't mind the ugly ones hehehe).Walking out of her while she's expressing herself is disrespect.Going out with her and forgetting she's with you is a huge disrespect.You should've gotten the picture by now,else see me in camera with your registration fee.

5.Expressive: This means if you love her,say it.If she's upsetting you,say it.If you want her to 'blow' you more,say it.If you think her make-up is too thick,say it.If you don't like the fact that she has male friends,say it.Don't keep things all bottled up inside because they don't like it when you explode and bottling things up lead to explosion.

6.Prospects: Every woman want a man with dreams.A man who has a picture of what he wants and is working intensely to get them.If you're okay with being at a medium or low level,then they don't want to be with you.

7.Listening: One way to blow a woman's mind is to always listen to her.Trust me,you don't have to hear every word,but my all means pretend you are.But if you can hear every word,then my man,your bread has been buttered.They were born to talk.They talk about the market,their hair,their cloths,things they bought,people they saw,places they went to,things they ate,things happening to them,everything you can even think of.Just listen,whether they're interesting or not.But if you have the one that doesn't shut up,RUN!!!

8.God fearing: You don't have to be a tongue-speaking-prayer-worrior-church-sleeping-church-worker,just know the place of God I your life.





13.Good sex

14.Money: I know you love her,but let us be realistic,na love person go chop? You don't have to have all the money in the world (it wouldn't hurt to have it sha),but have enough to be able to take care of yourself and also take care of her.


I'd let the list rest here!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Poetic Thursday: I love you everyday

Hey people,it's Valentine's day and love is in the air.Even though everyday is Val's day for me, Becqui can attest to that fact,i still want to use today to further express my love for her and let her know she's my angel and make things alright even when they tend to be crazy.So,this Poetic Thursday is dedicated to her.

I love you everyday

I love you everyday
I love you even today
I love you every way
I want today to say
I love you and I won’t sway
I pray God will our love to stay
Cos I love you everyday
I love you even today

Happy Valentine's day to all of you.Both the hitched and the forever singles.*dodges shoes* :p

Monday, February 11, 2013

Life is easy with friends

Hey people,i trust you're all doing good.It's been a very rough couple of weeks but i won't say i'm not awesome.I thank God for the gift of life and good health.

I once talked about friendship and it's importance and this post is sort of still borders around friendship.Life has got it's ups and downs.When all is well and success it hitting you from all corners,you enjoy the celebration more when you have friends around you who are genuinely happy for you.There'd be the ones who are envious and would carry grudge against you just because they feel they deserve to have good things happen to them more they happen to you.But,the fact that you know there are the genuine ones,you don't feel sad or anything.However,there's a time when you'd really appreciate true friendship,if you have one.It's the 'down' time.Like i said before,life has it's ups and downs,the 'downs' can be really dark and lonely.The down times are those times when you feel the world is against you and that everything just wants you to give up.And somehow,whether it's psychological or spiritual,this is mostly the case.If you ask me,i'd go with both psychological and spiritual.I have said it over and over that the mind is a powerful thing,it gives you what you want and you get that through your thoughts.If you think positive thoughts,you get positive outcomes and vice versa.This is the psychological aspect.The Spirit of God doesn't like a negatively charged environment.This is why you're always advised to praise even when things are not working because it's only when you're joyful that you can feel the Spirit.So,those your down times are when you need your friends the most.They're the ones who'd make the pain lesser and the hurt bearable.I'm grateful because i don't have just one or two of those friends,i have lots of them who make make smile even when i'm down and try to bring me out from down times.Some of them are bloggers and some aren't.Here's saying a big thank you to Toinlicious,you have no idea what you did,thanks dear.*hugs*

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Poetic Thirsday: Sacrifice of love

Hey people,i trust you've been good.This scheduling thing is really working for me and i'm loving it.So,here's your darling Poetic Thursday,not thrown to Friday,lol.


The night is always almost unending

Every second is a severe torment of not just my heart

But my very soul

The darkness wraps me like the stamen of a petal before it blooms

Like a little piece of paper in the hand of a large man

Sleep is a now forgotten friend

In the emptiness of my room

I battle with the cruelty of the night

My thoughts are like little pricks from a million needles

My head is often too heavy to be supported by my neck

And when I get lucky and find slumber

I wake up with the pain in my chest

When the night slowly turns into day

The weak light of dawn replaces the darkness of night

And the sun completely brightens the day

I welcome the day with gratitude

Even though it never stays as long as I want

But it comforts me

The hotness of the sun on my skin

The noise of day all around me

The dust raised by rushing feet

All conceal the torment of the night

When the intensity of the sun reduces

The brightness weakens

And when finally the sun is drowned in the horizon

The torment slowly creeps in

And with it comes the pain in my chest

My almost nonexistent smiles becomes untraceable

If I was ignorant of the consequences of sacrifice

Now I can advice on its consequences

I could change situations

I could end the pains

I could find sleep once again

But I am on a quest

Quest to retrieve the object of happiness

The object of a beautiful life

And if this is the price to pay

I’ll pay it whatever the cost

Monday, February 4, 2013

The way it works

Hey people,i trust you had a very wonderful weekend? I had a blast,considering the fact that i lazed most of the weekend away.However,i did go to an acquaintance's wedding.You can imagine the appreciation i saw on his face when he saw me,he definitely wasn't expecting me.Another thing that happened was me being upset over the news of a common (ok,not so common) thief who stole billions of naira and was given bail for N750,000 (seven hundred and fifty thousand naira).I mean,WTFF?! (pardon the vulgarity,but you might still see some as you proceed though).I also read about a story where a man who stole a blackberry phone was given 3 years sentence,so you can imagine why i went into the state of utmost disgust and anger.I really don't want to talk about our politicians because it turns out that that's the fastest way to get me worked up.I'm tired of the news in Nigeria actually,they're full of heart-wrenching stories and i just can't deal! So,before i start getting all worked up,let me jejely got to the main post.

Newton's third law of motion (for those that did physics) states that ; for every action,there's an equal and opposite reaction.Now,what i have come to realize is that physics is directly applicable to life.For those of you who are familiar with psychology,you'd agree with me that you can get a particular reaction out of a subject/person.For instance,if you want to make someone very happy,you can do that through words or actions.Also,if you want to upset them,you can achieve that through words or actions.Sometimes,what you even consider inaction is indeed action and can bring about a certain reaction.Now let me dabble into a few illustrations to further buttress my point.Last year,the government decided that they wanted to remove fuel subsidy and the reaction to that was a strike.You can even make someone do something he doesn't want to do without him realizing it,this is possible through what is called 'Reverse psychology'.

The reason i decided to bring up actions and reactions is that we tend to bring certain woes upon ourselves with our actions.We take lots of things for-grated and end up being hurt in one way or another.For instance,some women will argue that the way they dress shouldn't make men act or react a certain way towards them.Or some people will argue that the way you talk shouldn't determine how people act towards you.But these are all misleading impressions,it's not how the human mind works.The mind works in line with words and actions.Your actions will determine how people act towards you,your words also will determine how people act towards you.Consider this scenarios; As a lady,you go to a guy's house,dressed in clothes that are very revealing.You take alcohol and do and say suggestive things (touching him and talking about sex) and yet you wonder why he made a move on you.Like seriously?! As a guy,you hang around petty criminals,you smoke skunk and drink and you wonder why you were arrested along with the guys.I mean,common!!! Let's go to the work place now.You go late to work somewhat regularly and sometimes rush back home and yet you wonder why you were not chosen for promotion or as employee of the year.You're definitely a joker! Hey,how about you who always complain when you're with your friends,why are you wondering why your friends don't want to hang out with you? The way it is is prolly different from the way you think it is.Actions generate reactions so you should be very careful how you act.As you start this week,always consider your actions so you don't end up hurting yourself and blaming it on others.Have a very pleasant week and month ahead.