Thursday, January 31, 2013

Poetic Thursday: An ignorant leader

Hey people,i wrote this poem sometime ago and i hope you like it.I also took @ilola's advice on scheduling posts for Poetic Thursday so you don't have to miss it.

With all that is happening in our political scene,we can only hope to have leaders with wisdom and so far,we've not had that luxury and it's evident in all that's happening in our nation.

With the innocence of his childhood buried deep in his pride

His mouth exuded ignorance

Ignorance considered wisdom by the more ignorant listeners

Their ignorance placed upon his head a crown

And on his hand a mantle of leadership

He says run

And they all run without asking any questions

After all, he is the one filled with wisdom

Their ignorance is a crime on their unborn

The unborn that will be welcomed by an ignorant leader

But worse still

A very ignorant father

A crime is committed against the unborn

A crime perpetrated by an ignorant leader

Hiding under false wisdom


  1. Hahahahahha A-9ja-Great, does this go to some of our African leaders? Just asking. When will you write a poem about me for me?

    1. Hahahaha Of course it goes to them.They inspired the poem.Don't worry,wait till i upset you,then i'd write a poem about you.I have a few people waiting in line to be angered by me.

  2. Please, write one about wicked and selfish leaders. lol. Did hear the news about the N750k fine that the pension thief got? That's not ignorance, that wickedness on the highest level.

    1. I heard and it had me somewhat worked up this past week.Truth is,some of them are ignorant,while some of them are outrightly wicked.

  3. Nice you took to the @ilola's advise. Of the poem, these lines carry so much message for me:

    " His mouth exuded ignorance

    Ignorance considered wisdom by the more ignorant listeners..."

  4. True talk, I shake my head sometimes at the ignorance.

  5. I yam soorrryyy oh, but I can only picture "Mr Fresh Air" as I read this poem

    1. Hahahaha The Nigerian governments are the reason reason behind this poem.