Thursday, September 5, 2013

Poetic Thursday: Only for you

Hey people,i know i've not been faithful to Poetic Thursdays,i'll try and change my ways.I trust you've been as awesome as me though.I know some of you missed it,so here it is,Poetic Thursday.

Only For You

I could stay up all night

Use up all my might

Strengthen my faith

Drown my fears

Strain my ears

Hustle all my years

Work my hand

Task my mind

And be a man

Only for you

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Man of God not God of man

Hey people,how have you all been? It feels good to assume you're as awesome as i am and that life just keeps getting beautiful for you as it is getting for me.I know it's been a while since i last appeared here,and the reason is simple,LAZINESS.I won't even try to blame this one on work because work isn't so stressful these few days.Or maybe i have just lost my blogging mojo.Oh well! *Kanye shrug*

For those who are twitter-heads,you should have at one point or the other come across the Ese Walter and Pastor Fatoyinbo's story.Various perspectives came,as usual.Some reasonable,some obnoxious and some simply biased.But i wasn't surprised when i read reactions trailing the story.I didn't bother commenting on the issue.However,i want to address something else,but closely related and somehow,indirectly address the issue.

Any story that concerns 'pastors' in Nigeria always arouse intense talks and bashing.Certainly,people have their reasons for all that and i'm not here to judge.However,i want to point something out here.Pastors/Reverends/Evangelists/Bishops are MEN! They are human beings who were born just as we were born.They didn't fall from the sky,thus are not infallible.They are not more special than you and I,they only have titles.As far as God is concerned,if you're born again and live a life considered right in the sight of God,you are very special to Him.This means that everything the bible says about those that love God also applies to you.When the bible said "Touch no my annointed and do my prophet to harm",it wasn't talking about 'pastors' alone.It was referring,also,to everyone who is living right in God sight.Pastors enjoy grace,mercy,favor,touch-not covering,healing,miracles,blessings etc,but you also are entitled to equal measure of these things (even better if you want).Before Jesus said in John 14 verse 12  "Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father."
.If you analyze that passage very well,you'd see that Jesus didn't mention 'Pastor' or any title,he generalized.Do you know why? It's because we are equal in the sight of God.Humans kill themselves over titles and this has given some people the impression that those with titles are better than them.THEY ARE NOT!!! Whatever your pastor can do,you can do and even better if you dare to.The only reason why men of God do the works they do is because they devote their time to studying the word of God,this gives them an edge,THAT IS ALL! Your pastor isn't God.He is a god,but so are you.So if you ever think because he's a pastor he shouldn't err,you should know you're the one misleading yourself.Failure to see that your pastor is a man is the reason you tend to worship him and that is your fault.The bible is commonplace and not for pastors alone.Revelation isn't for pastors alone,if you want it,you'd get it.

Furthermore,haven established the fact that pastors are men,i'd like to state here,in my understanding,that Ese Walter wasn't abused.We only heard one side of the story though,but if that side were true,if there's any issue of abuse there,it's not 'abuse of a person' but 'an office' (Pastor Fatoyinbo's).Have a pleasant day!

Monday, July 29, 2013


Hey people,how have you been and how did your weekend go? Hope your week wasn't as stressful as mine? Lest i forget,i'm sorry i couldn't come through this past week with Poetic Thursday,the week didn't take it easy with me.Before i go right into the post for today,let me use this opportunity to say a gigantic CONGRATULATIONS!!! to Aloted.She put to bed a bouncing baby boy a few weeks back and we're very excited for her.God,indeed,is awesome!!! You know,it's always cool to hear that a woman gives birth and the baby,mother,father and entire family are doing fine.God bless you woman and that boisterous Bionic! Like i told you before,tell her not to take it easy with the JJC to the world! LOL

You know,we sometimes act without considering the consequences of our actions.Imagine a gurl calling every guy sweetheart,sweetie,love,baby etc when chatting with or talking on the phone with them.Apart from the ones that have serial 'mugus',they are innocent of cheating.But which guy will want to believe that when he sees those names that was supposed to be 'Limited Edition' with him enjoying the only copy,being dished out to others? Truth is,we need to have limits if we must have successful relationships with people.Regardless of whether they are friends or mere acquaintances.The fact that you people are best friends doesn't mean you shouldn't have limits when it comes to them.I'm going to highlight some of the limits that should be established so as to have respectful relationships with people.

1. As a lady,you should have LIMITS to what you share with your friends about your partner.I don't care how close you people are,you just need to draw a line.The human mind is very funny.There are some things you share with your friend about your partner and they lose respect for them or start seeing them in a very strange light.

2. As an individual,you need to have LIMITS to what you talk about when in a circle of friends.Truth is,not everyone in that circle wants your success.Sometimes,none of them want your success.

3. As a lady,you need to watch the closeness you share with a male that isn't your partner.Apart from the fact that it makes your partner uncomfortable,it also poses a threat to your relationship.The reason is that feelings begin to fly after sometime,whether from you or towards you,and these feelings are mostly blind to the fact that you already are in a relationship.The point also goes for the men.

4. As a person,you need to have LIMITS to what you share with your partner.Don't get me wrong though,i'm not saying you should hide stuffs from them,but you'd agree with me that it's inappropriate to let your partner know you have a crush on your best friend and wouldn't mind having a fling with them if the opportunity arises.

5. As a lady or guy,you need to have LIMITS to what you discuss or how you play with your friend's partner.There are some discussions that are simply INAPPROPRIATE,i don't care how close and how free you are with them.

6. As a lady or guy,you need to be mindful of your partner when you're chatting with someone who isn't your partner.That means you should watch the content of your chats.When chatting,ask yourself if you can allow your partner see the chats.

7. If the person is your mere acquaintance,then it means you should really have LIMITS.There are some questions you're not entitled to ask or answer or favors you're not expected to ask.

8. If you guys are acquaintances,then there are parts of the house that are off-limits.When you visit,please stay in the sitting room.

9. As a guy,if she's not your partner,then her boobs and ass are off-limits.I don't care if she's a bad gurl,don't touch or tap nada!!!

I'd stop here for now,but i'm sure you have an idea of what i'm talking about.Have a most pleasant day and week ahead.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Facts about life

Hey people,how have you all been? I've been awesome as always even though the work is as busy as ever.I'm sorry i missed Poetic Thursday last week.As a matter of fact,i went on a short trip to Lagos (looks around for Dayor).The trip was so short that i couldn't really do much or see much people.The people i saw were the ones very close to where i lodged which was between Lekki and VGC.So Dayor,i'm sorry i couldn't see you.

You know,it's funny that i got to Lagos and i was more or less a JJC (Johnny Just Come) because i didn't know anywhere anymore.I was just looking like Oluku! I was forced to have a cab guy on standby.E no go funny say big man like me go Lagos dem come show am for AIT say e loss.LOL No one would believe i was actually born there.Meanwhile,my trip isn't the reason for this post,so let me just get right into it.

I'm not a life specialist.As a matter of fact,i'm a learner.However,there are some things i have come to know in the course of my few years on this earth.So,i'm here to share those with you,so read on and comment as usual.

Facts About Life

1.The greatest mistake of your life would be putting your trust in human.We're bound to disappoint in almost all cases.

2. People are not always what they seem.And if you're not aware of this,you put yourself in harm's way.Because in a lot of cases,they'll disappoint you,sometimes without even thinking twice.The ones you think are good end up being bad,while the ones you consider bad end up being the good ones.

3. There's nothing hidden under the sun.You sometimes think you're doing something in secret,but later realize someone was watching you all the while.Deceit can only go on for so long a time.

4. People are different.The fact that you've come across bad people a lot doesn't mean there are only bad people on earth.There are good ones too and losing faith in people will rob you off meeting them.

5. Just because you've been treated unfairly,doesn't mean you should treat other people unfairly.Transfer good deeds,not aggression or someone else's wrongdoing.

6. You are not better.When it comes to life,you are not better than the next person,this is why we have to learn to accommodate one another's excesses.If you had a gun,i'm sure you'd have killed a good number of people.But here's news for you,there's someone out there who would have killed you too if they had a gun.

7. Trust,when broken,is hard to regain.If someone trusts you,try your possible best not to hurt them,because if you do,things will never be the same.

8. There's happiness in the world,but it's your sole responsibility.You're responsible for your own happiness because happiness is a choice.No one can choose to make you happy or not,that responsibility is yours.

9. Negative thoughts create negative occurrences.Your thoughts affect your surrounding and things that happen to you.*If you can,search the web,you'll find the e-book and video for The Secret*

10. You're never the best,there's always someone better than you.Same way your situation is never the worst,because someone out there will always have it worse than you.

11. Humility is a universally appreciated currency.

I'd have continued,but let me not bore you with all these facts because i know you know them too.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A different kind of sanitization

Hey people,how have you been? Is it just me or the week is running fast? For those who are working for other people,are your bosses trying to kill you? Because i have a very strong reason to believe my boss is trying to kill me.I mean,how else will you explain him calling me before 6am when resumption time is 8am? As if that isn't enough,he won't let me close when my colleagues are closing and nope,i'm not the most paid! So,do you now believe my claim?

Anyway,that man isn't the reason for this post jare,God pass am and i'll survive.This is going to be a brief post.I made sure i gave you an hint so you won't think i'm referring to the normal sanitization.Life is all about relationships.Working relationships,emotional relationships,academic relationships etc.And these relationships are best when they're symbiotic.However,every one of us,or almost every one of us,have a few friends who are parasites.I mean,they don't contribute anything at all in your relationship.They're the ones who always need money,they're the ones who always need advice,they're the ones who always need a shoulder to cry on,they're the ones who always want a secret kept.They just always have a need but don't bother about contributing.The thing is,we sometimes complain about these kind of people around us and we do nothing about it.So here's an advice for you,cut them off! Yes,if they're not making any impact in your life,cut them off.Any relationship at all you're having should be fruitful,should have a positive impact in your life.So,you need to sanitize your life and get rid of these sets of people,they're worthless.Have a nice day!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Poetic Thursday: Look at me

Hey people,how are you all doing this lovely Thursday? I have been awesome as usual even though work is not taking things easy. I had wanted to post something fresh today,but i'm not tired and lazy to even imagine. So here's one of my old poems, but good too and expressive as always. Read, enjoy, comment and share if you will.

Look at me
A kobo in my pocket
No house to call a home
No one to call my own

Look at me
Living on my faith
Sustained by my thinking
Yet a victim of its result

Look at me
Always sitting alone
Always fleeing the crowd
Always thinking

Look at me
Deceived by the one thing I love the most
Deceived by the ones I love
Deceived by me

Look at me
Sitting alone after work
Thinking and thinking
But of just one thing

Look at me
Happy when I am alone
Cos it gives me time to think of you
Times to laugh

Look at me
So much in love
So much in love with you
So much in love with you

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Poetic Thursday: That night

Hey people,hope you've been good? The week has been great and very busy as usual.The rain didn't help with it's incessant appearances.Anyway,again i'm here with a poem that's partially about me.Read,enjoy,comment and share if you will.

That Night
That night under the mango tree

I held you close to me

So close that I felt like i was going to enter into you

Your head rested on my chest

My jaw rested on your head

Making me have a feel of your fragrance

I smelled you and inhaled deeply

Your fragrance circulated in my whole system

I held you and wished we could remain like that forever

I held you tight because i was scared that if i let you go

I’ll lose you

I was scared because we were in love

But at the wrong time

I felt the wetness on my chest

Same time that i felt the saltiness on my mouth

Just then did i realise we were both crying

I tried to be strong but the thought of being strong broke me

I didn’t want to be strong without you

But be soft with you

I was so engrossed in you and me

And was oblivious of the surrounding

Not even the owl on the tree who has been trying to be noticed

Nor the fact that it was extremely quite and late

Finally i let you go knowing  i’d never see you again

I walked home with blurred visions and more salt on my lips

I walked home knowing it was over

But then i am staring down at you

You head on my thighs

Probably lost in your own thoughts as i

I’m staring at you and loving you more

Knowing i came close to losing you that night

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Poetic Thursday: Washed of the unknown

Hey people,how is the week so far? The rain here is incessant and my hoodie isn't making me complain.My week has been fruitful and Becqui's making me kolo the more.Make una tell her to take am easy sha o.Today's poem isn't about me,it was born from my imagination.Read,comment and share if you will.


Ordinarily I'd be curled up in my bed

Armed with a duvet

Heavily guarded against the raging cold

Listening to the rain drum on my roof and window

But it's different today

I'm not in bed being entertained by the drumming of the rain

I'm standing in the rain

Hands in my pocket

Head bent down

The large drops of rain running all over me

Caressing me from the top of my head

To my shoulders

And to other parts of me

Getting me drenched in just a few minutes

I'm not supposed to be here

I don't even know why I'm here

Maybe I'm hoping the rain will drain my guilt

Or rid me of my fears

Or maybe I just want to be washed of the unknown

But I'm here in the rain

With my head bent

Monday, June 17, 2013

The wrong notion about men

Hey people,i hope you had as nice a weekend as i did? My weekend was quite busy,but in the end it was fun-filled and i spent a good deal of it with family.You know how i love family.

Twitter is a world of it's own as you know,and whenever you're there,you see lots of things ranging from funny to silly to crazy to weird to stupid to smart etc.Just this morning,i saw a reasonable tweet.Someone disputed the saying that "All men cheat because it's in their biological DNA to do so" and i agreed totally with her.A great deal (almost all the population) of women are of the opinion that all men cheat.This is based on the fact that the men they'd come across had cheated and/or they know men who cheat on their partners.This has restructured their mindset to believing it is a norm,thus taking some bull crap from men.Truthfully though,men cheat.I mean,they can be given medals for that.But another truth is,not all men do.There are still very good men out there who are faithful and would remain so.The problem with the line of thought that all men cheat is that it'll prevent you from having a good man by your side.Having the notion that all men cheat will allow you settle for a man with strings of women rather than a man who'd be faithful to you.Another thing wrong with that notion is that,when a faithful man does come along,you might mistake him for a cheater,thus losing him.Having that notion would definitely give rooms for steady suspicion even when there's none.The mind is a very funny thing and can find a conspiracy theory in everything once it is programmed to.

So,rather than consider all men cheats,consider,rather,the fact that not all men cheat.Have your self a very wonderful week ahead.I'm out!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Poetic Thursday: Avoiding myself

Hello people,hope you're doing as awesome as me? The week has been great and it doesn't even bother me that it's been a very busy week.Some people would definitely be happy about today's post while some would be indifferent.*side eyes @ilola* Anyway,i'll try and keep up with Poetic Thursdays and also put up my normal posts.The only challenge i have presently is time,i don't even have the luxury to be bored anymore.Oh well,i ain't complaining.Enough with the talks,here's a new poem i wrote in line with the post i made about children.It occurred to me that most of us are avoiding ourselves by doing other stuffs but introspecting.Read on,comment and share if you will.


I've been hiding behind my busy schedule

Running away from that important thing

I've been trying to shed guilt

Like trees do in winter

I dance around my comfort zone

When in reality there's a journey i must embark on

But the results have been pale

Actually,black decribes it best

I've trampled on people's feelings

I've charred hopes

I've smashed hearts

I'm not proud of me

So i'll embark on that journey

Journey i've been avoiding

Journey to self

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Don't cheat yourself

Hey people,the rains have started here in Nigeria and the cold no be beans.I'm not complaining though because it doesn't really affect me.The only thing that puts me off is the messy floor.That's not the highlight of this post,so i'll go right into the main post of the day.

We are humans,and by default we are 'mistake makers'.We do so many wrongs and some of us even get used to the wrong and somehow manage to bury our real reasonable self selves.How they get that far isn't confusing.Sometimes,people do wrong and tend to be helpless,and after trying over and over to be good,they just decide to quit and go ahead with their wrong-doing.However,some just go ahead in the wrong path simply because they feel they're not worthy to do right based on their record of wrong doing.Hypocrisy comes to mind.They feel they can't do or say things simply because they have some bad habits.

The truth is we all have demons we're fighting with,regardless of who we are.Church members,deacons,pastors,elders,fathers,mothers,uncles,aunties etc.We all have demons we fight with.So instead of feeling less of a human or not trying to do right simply because you have some things you do wrong,try doing good anyway.Stop hating yourself,learn to understand that we're humans and we're bound to make mistakes while striving to amend your ways and search out the right path.However,we all should try and avoid criticism having in mind that we're equally imperfect.Not doing some certain things that are right/good simply because we feel guilty is cheating ourselves.Have a pleasant day!

Friday, June 7, 2013

For the children

Hey people,i trust your week went well.It's the start of another weekend and i can already see some people doing the azonto. *side eyes Toinlicious* There's going to be serious celebration this weekend because corp members passed out yesterday.Meanwhile,a friend who passed out too decided to travel today.Probably scared of us popping things i guess.*shrugs* And of course,Miebaka a.k.a Tamie decided she won't come home.So you see,i may not be popping things on corp members passing out after all.It's all good though.

Now,to the main topic of the day.CHILDREN! Yes,i'm not yet married neither do i have any,but i want to talk about children.I love kids,i really do and from all indications,they love me too.I'm certain i'll make a great dad *so help me God*.A few days back i saw an ad on twitter asking people to support a fund raiser for children,and even though ordinarily i would've perceived it as a good idea,i didn't.I can see you raising your eyebrows,but i'll explain why.

All we do as regards children is for them to have a very bright and meaningful future.But lots of our actions conflict greatly with our earnest desires for them.To elaborate this,let me ask you these questions.When was the last time you did what was right completely? When was the last time you stood against illegal dealings? When was the last time you stood against bribe? When was the last time you stood against corruption? When was the last time you followed due process to get what you want? Please don't play the helpless card because we're never helpless as regards these things.Look around our society today and ask yourself what future we're planning the kids.A future where they cannot gain admission to the university without 'wetting' hands? A future where the female among the kids wouldn't pass unless they agree to sleep with their lecturers? Or is it a future where the male of the kids would be provided with guns by politicians to kill themselves with? Or a future where they'd always be suspicious of the person next to them just as we're doing now? All the money in the world won't help these if we don't decide to act now.If funds are raised for them and the situation of our society still remains the same,then it'd be utterly baseless.

So,here's what i thought of.Instead of raising funds for children,let us raise honest and responsible men,women,parents,aunties,uncles,teachers,lecturers,civil servants,politicians,employers,employees etc that'll give them the idea of what humans should look and act like.Have you not seen underage gurls engaging in sexual escapades? What about underage boys who engage in crimes? How did you think those came to be? Now you're getting my point.Children are fast learners and what we show them is what they'd show the world when the time comes.Children are the leaders of tomorrow indeed,but if they end up with the same mentality as us,then they're doomed and the future we want for them is definitely not the future they'd have.I have decided to start working to do things accordingly.To always follow due process and respect the views of others and actually respect their person,religion and beliefs,what will you do?Trust me,it's easy to give money.But money is worthless considering the kind of future we want for them.

PS: Sorry i didn't bring you Poetic Thursday yesterday,the week was very busy but i'll make up.Thank you for understanding.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Poetic Thursday: I could never

Hey people,it's another Thursday and i've brought you your weekly dose of my poetic thoughts.It seems i'm all about poetry this days.But i'll come back fully soon,so please bear with me.I wrote this poem long ago.Again,this is dedicated to the pretty angel that rocks my world *in Micheal Jackson's voice* Becqui Read,enjoy,comments and share if you will.

I Could Never

If I could hold my heart in my hand so you’d see

You’ll see your fingerprint all over it

If I could put my thoughts of you in filmstrips

I would have to wait a million years for the production of such length

If I could put my thoughts in pictures

The entire length and breath of the sky would not be enough to display them

If I could drop my love in the ocean for it to be transparent enough for you to see

Then the solid parts of the earth would have to give way to allow it contain half

If I could tell you how much I love you

I may never find the right words to best describe how

If I could describe how awesome you are

I would not be able to find all the words

If I could just hold you in my arms to show you how much you mean to me

Eternity would only be a short time

I could never entirely explain how awesome you are

I could never entirely explain how much you mean to me

I could never entirely explain how much I love you

I could never entirely show how much I love you

But I’m willing to try till eternity

I love you so much my angel

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Poetic Thursday: Come a little closer

Hey people,i trust you've been good.My awesomeness remains untouched.As the tradition is,here your Thursday dose of the flow of my emotions.I wrote this poem years ago.Read,share,comment and print out if you like.Have a nice day.

Come a little closer
Look deep into my eyes
See through my heart
Feel the tenderness of my emotion
Lean on the strength of my faith
Trust my shoulders cos they won’t sag
I’ve been standing all day
Waiting all night
Calling on to you
Calling so you will come a little closer
For my heart yearn for your love
My body yearn for your touches
My world yearn for your light
Come a little closer
Cos I don’t think I can wait any longer

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Poetic Thursdays: Can't help thinking of you

Hey people,i hope the week has been as fruitful for you as it has been for me? A lot's been happening and is still happening and i can only be grateful to God for His mercies.

As it is the tradition of the blog,here's your weekly dose of poem.Today's poem is quite old.Wrote it since 2010.I want to dedicate it to the angel of my life Becqui *in Paul Play's voice*


Whether in the night

Or during the day

Whether in my weariness

Or my laziness

Whether in my confusion

Or running around for bread

Whether I’m just sitting

Or walking around

Or laying down

Whether I planned to

Or I planned not to

Whether in my happy state

Or in my sad state

Whether in the midst of people

Or in a corner by myself

I just can’t help thinking of you

My senses function better with thoughts of you

My angel

This man is in love with you

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Poetic Thursdays: Guardian of my thoughts

Hey people,i trust you're doing great.As for me,i'm back to my complete awesome greatness. I've been very busy lately with work and also i've been travelling alot. On one of my trips,i had the pleasure of hooking up with Tamie's who for some reason decided to run away from Port Harcourt.We actually had lots of fun and she referred me to a very cool hotel where i lodged.And nope,she didn't lodge stay with me cos she prolly would've gotten pregnant and i know Becqui would be heartbroken. Hehehehehe Abeg na play i is o!!!

Anyway,today's poem was inspired by my advocate for awareness of the potency of the mind.Read,comment and share if you will.

Guardian Of My Thoughts

Deep in the corridors of your heart

Lies love or hate or pain or fear

They always walk in slowly


Not necessarily confidently

But are encouraged by you

Your ears

Your eyes

Your heart

Your thoughts are windows

Windows that lead to the corridors

I'd put a legion on guard

To guard all the windows to that corridor

To guard my thoughts

I know something would always be sitting at the end of the corridor

And i know what i don't want sitting there

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Poetic Thoughts: If i think of you

Hey people,this poem is dedicated to someone you all know,Becqui.She's really amazing.

If I Think Of You

Yesterday i thought of you

Mumbling in your sleep

Making me chuckle faintly while men slept

Turning to dig your way into my arms

Breathing softly like a new born

And somehow making the world unbelievably beautiful

Howbeit for just a few hours

Today isn't any different

Thoughts of you travelling freely in my head

Clearly without need for tickets

Making me grin like a school boy

And i can swear the world was perfect for a few minutes

Tomorrow would be just the same

I'll smile broadly

Like an insane man

See the world as perfect

Get filled without eating

And thank heaven for you

Because i'll think about you

The world is perfect when i think about you

Howbeit for a few minutes

Or even seconds

The world is just prefect

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Beggers everywhere

Hey people,i told you i won't be gone for long and you can see i'm keeping my promise.

I'm actually upset about something and i want to share with you cos i am almost certain some of you are as upset with the issue as i am.The other day,i was travelling to Abuja for my friend's wedding and i had a funny encounter with an immigration officer,a lady,at the airport.If you're a regular flyer then you'd know that they don't allow perfumes,body sprays etc on board any aircraft.I knew this actually,but i was just wondering how i'd travel without my perfume and to consider buying another when i get to Abuja was out of the question cos i was already spending alot on the journey.So,i just tried my luck and was happy and upset at thesame time.The woman checked my hand luggage,which was all i was travelling with then,and saw the cologne.
"Oga,you know you're not allowed to travel with this,but i'll just allow you."
I said "Thank you" and what she said next made me cringe "Oya find me something".I responded that i'd do that next time and left.I was quite upset cos i know what i was doing wasn't right but she allowed me by asking for peanut.A few days ago,i went to LG to get a small home theater for my boss's office.I got to the cashier,paid her for what  bought and the next thing she said got me really sad."Oga bless me na".What?! After paying for what i bought i should what? I told her next time and left.The guy that carried the home theater to the car also asked to be 'rogered' when he put the ware in the boot.I gave him a fine tip cos somehow i felt like it and he somehow worked for it.There's this fastfood,Kilimanjaro,that is close to my office and i go there regularly.The security men will always try to make you 'roger' them.Same goes to some banks i visit,the security guys will always want you to tip them.This is so sad.When did we turn to a country of beggers?!

As if that's not bad enough,you go to see some people in their offices and the security men would always want something before they let you see who you want to see.You go to government offices to see some bosses and their workers won't want to attend to you unless you give them some money.You win a contract and some groups won't want the payment to drop until you give them their 'cut'.The situation is really annoying and troubling.So now we're a bunch of beggers? A country full of beggers?

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Poetic Thurdays: Lost

Hey people,i know it's been a very long time and i've never left you like this without a reason.Well,i still didn't leave without a reason.It's been a rough couple of weeks,coupled with work and all.Plus,I've been travelling alot lately for official duties and time is a little scarce for me.However,i'm here now and would try not to disappear again.

It's another Thursday and i'm going to give you the Thursday dose of poem.This one is titled Lost and is completely about me.Enjoy and please drop your comments as usual.


I'm rooted to a spot

The sun very hard on my back

It's light a challenge to my eyes

To my left

To my right

To my left again

To my right again



I won't call out

This isn't a dream

It is real

I'm lost

Should i walk?

Should i stay rooted on this spot?

Either way someone might find me

Someone should find me

Cos i'm lost in the middle of nowhere

I am lost


Thursday, March 7, 2013

Poetic Thurdays: In your presence

This poem was written sometime in th 2010 and i want to share it with you.Let me hear your thoughts on it.


I'm helpless in your arms

Lost in your smile

I drown in your eyes

Weak in the knees from your kisses

I melt like a candle wax in your touches

My body shivers from d sound of your voice

I simply turn to water in your presence



And take any shape you want me to

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Try doing it differently

Hey people,i know i've been away for a short while,but you know i could never stay away from you for long.I've been very lazy to blog and i decided to change that.Hope you've all been great?

For those who criticize pastors saying they live big on their church members' tithes and offerings and all,i want to ask you something; did the church members complain to you? People make sacrifices to their God and get results,you shouldn't give yourself unnecessary headaches concerning that.That brings me to the aim of this post,doing things in a different way.

Lots of times we're like mad people,doing things the same way and expecting different results.That isn't how life was fashioned.Different things have their different results.So,if you do something,you get a particular result,but to get a different result means you have to do a different thing.I know you feel being spiritual is overrated.But you've been 'un-spiritual' for so long and it's not helping,why not try being spiritual? I know,as a student,you've tried reading only when it's very close to the exam,why not try reading months before the exam? If you're working and you feel you're not getting what you anticipated,try changing the way you do things.Try being more serious with your job,try loving it or maybe even change it entirely.If you're not happy with the way things are in your relationship,try changing the way you do things in the relationship or generally change the relationship.The thing is,different results can only happen when things are done differently.As a gurl,you complain alot about guys only wanting to sleep with you.Maybe you need to visit how you dress or how you relate with men.I leave you with this; if you want to have what you've never had,you must first do what you've never done.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

What women want

I've read articles on this particular subject and some make sense to me while others don't. I've even heard arguments based on it,some reasonable and some outrightly hilarious.

Going by the little I've come to know concerning women,I'd say they actually know what they want (at least most do).Yeah,sometimes they want to eat their cake and have it,but it still doesn't change the fact that they know what they want.Forget the fact that a woman is dating someone we'd all consider 'perfect'.Someone who has a good job,good moral standards,respect women,doesn't drink or smoke,quiet etc and yet sleeps with a certain guy who's carefree and spontaneous and smokes and drinks and clubs and womanizes,she still knows what she wants.If you ask her,she'll most likely tell you she can't settle with Mr.Smoke-drink-womanize.Funny thing is,most of them want the things the we men can give but sometimes don't.I'll outline and explain some and simple outline others.And their importance aren't in any particular order.If you ask me,I'd say they're all important.

1.Honesty: Women want honesty from their partners.Be straight with them always and you'd earn their respect.However,be very diplomatic and wise while doing this.Honesty hurts them sometimes and if you don't want to see your woman hurt,be wise even when you're being honest.If you want more on this,see me in camera with your registration fee.

2.Openness: You shouldn't keep things from your woman because it'll give her the wrong ideas like you not trusting her enough to confide in her.However,again,you should be wise.There are some things that are best kept to yourself,no need getting her agitated when you could avoid it.

3.Spontaneous: The reason why some women find some men boring is because they're predictable.They don't seize moments.Their women know when they'll kiss them or want to make love to them or take them out etc.You should be able to just pop into her office with chocolates and flowers,tap her ass when she walks past you,kiss her when she's cooking in the kitchen,strip and do her right there in the sitting room (hope the kids are sleeping? Don't want to spoil anybody's baby o),you can wake her up with your hard-on sef but make sure she's not tired o.Show up at the hairdressing salon when you know she isn't expecting you.Trust me,if you can do these,you'd be the most exciting thing after the internet.

4.Respect: If you think not insulting her is what I mean,then you're a little right but mostly wrong.It goes way beyond that.Changing the channel while she's seeing watching,without taking permission from her,is disrespect.Saying negative things about her to people (friends or not) is disrespect.Chatting with a very pretty girl while in her presence is big disrespect (they mostly don't mind the ugly ones hehehe).Walking out of her while she's expressing herself is disrespect.Going out with her and forgetting she's with you is a huge disrespect.You should've gotten the picture by now,else see me in camera with your registration fee.

5.Expressive: This means if you love her,say it.If she's upsetting you,say it.If you want her to 'blow' you more,say it.If you think her make-up is too thick,say it.If you don't like the fact that she has male friends,say it.Don't keep things all bottled up inside because they don't like it when you explode and bottling things up lead to explosion.

6.Prospects: Every woman want a man with dreams.A man who has a picture of what he wants and is working intensely to get them.If you're okay with being at a medium or low level,then they don't want to be with you.

7.Listening: One way to blow a woman's mind is to always listen to her.Trust me,you don't have to hear every word,but my all means pretend you are.But if you can hear every word,then my man,your bread has been buttered.They were born to talk.They talk about the market,their hair,their cloths,things they bought,people they saw,places they went to,things they ate,things happening to them,everything you can even think of.Just listen,whether they're interesting or not.But if you have the one that doesn't shut up,RUN!!!

8.God fearing: You don't have to be a tongue-speaking-prayer-worrior-church-sleeping-church-worker,just know the place of God I your life.





13.Good sex

14.Money: I know you love her,but let us be realistic,na love person go chop? You don't have to have all the money in the world (it wouldn't hurt to have it sha),but have enough to be able to take care of yourself and also take care of her.


I'd let the list rest here!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Poetic Thursday: I love you everyday

Hey people,it's Valentine's day and love is in the air.Even though everyday is Val's day for me, Becqui can attest to that fact,i still want to use today to further express my love for her and let her know she's my angel and make things alright even when they tend to be crazy.So,this Poetic Thursday is dedicated to her.

I love you everyday

I love you everyday
I love you even today
I love you every way
I want today to say
I love you and I won’t sway
I pray God will our love to stay
Cos I love you everyday
I love you even today

Happy Valentine's day to all of you.Both the hitched and the forever singles.*dodges shoes* :p

Monday, February 11, 2013

Life is easy with friends

Hey people,i trust you're all doing good.It's been a very rough couple of weeks but i won't say i'm not awesome.I thank God for the gift of life and good health.

I once talked about friendship and it's importance and this post is sort of still borders around friendship.Life has got it's ups and downs.When all is well and success it hitting you from all corners,you enjoy the celebration more when you have friends around you who are genuinely happy for you.There'd be the ones who are envious and would carry grudge against you just because they feel they deserve to have good things happen to them more they happen to you.But,the fact that you know there are the genuine ones,you don't feel sad or anything.However,there's a time when you'd really appreciate true friendship,if you have one.It's the 'down' time.Like i said before,life has it's ups and downs,the 'downs' can be really dark and lonely.The down times are those times when you feel the world is against you and that everything just wants you to give up.And somehow,whether it's psychological or spiritual,this is mostly the case.If you ask me,i'd go with both psychological and spiritual.I have said it over and over that the mind is a powerful thing,it gives you what you want and you get that through your thoughts.If you think positive thoughts,you get positive outcomes and vice versa.This is the psychological aspect.The Spirit of God doesn't like a negatively charged environment.This is why you're always advised to praise even when things are not working because it's only when you're joyful that you can feel the Spirit.So,those your down times are when you need your friends the most.They're the ones who'd make the pain lesser and the hurt bearable.I'm grateful because i don't have just one or two of those friends,i have lots of them who make make smile even when i'm down and try to bring me out from down times.Some of them are bloggers and some aren't.Here's saying a big thank you to Toinlicious,you have no idea what you did,thanks dear.*hugs*

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Poetic Thirsday: Sacrifice of love

Hey people,i trust you've been good.This scheduling thing is really working for me and i'm loving it.So,here's your darling Poetic Thursday,not thrown to Friday,lol.


The night is always almost unending

Every second is a severe torment of not just my heart

But my very soul

The darkness wraps me like the stamen of a petal before it blooms

Like a little piece of paper in the hand of a large man

Sleep is a now forgotten friend

In the emptiness of my room

I battle with the cruelty of the night

My thoughts are like little pricks from a million needles

My head is often too heavy to be supported by my neck

And when I get lucky and find slumber

I wake up with the pain in my chest

When the night slowly turns into day

The weak light of dawn replaces the darkness of night

And the sun completely brightens the day

I welcome the day with gratitude

Even though it never stays as long as I want

But it comforts me

The hotness of the sun on my skin

The noise of day all around me

The dust raised by rushing feet

All conceal the torment of the night

When the intensity of the sun reduces

The brightness weakens

And when finally the sun is drowned in the horizon

The torment slowly creeps in

And with it comes the pain in my chest

My almost nonexistent smiles becomes untraceable

If I was ignorant of the consequences of sacrifice

Now I can advice on its consequences

I could change situations

I could end the pains

I could find sleep once again

But I am on a quest

Quest to retrieve the object of happiness

The object of a beautiful life

And if this is the price to pay

I’ll pay it whatever the cost