Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Hey people,compliments of the season.I trust you are doing great? I am awesome as usual.Although the season came with it lots of work,but not something out of the ordinary so i always handle it.In case you missed it when i said it,Priscy is amazing.I mean,she's just a great person and here's saying thank you to her.

I feel one of the greatest problems we have as humans is that we barely think.We don't think as often or maybe as deeply as we ought to.Even if you say you think every minute,i'd still say you don't think enough.Do you realize how fast your head works sometimes? You could think of a million things in a single minute (I may have exaggerated a bit sha *grin*).Anyway,the reason i mentioned that we don't think enough is that there's too much evil in the world.If we actually think,we'd have less wicked people around.I mean,if you sit down and think of the implications of hurting people,i doubt if you'd still proceed.If we actually generally think hard before we act,there would be leniency.So if you can,encourage people around you and indeed yourself to engage in serious thinking before acting.

Having said those,i want to thank God for a wonderful year.This year is a great year (notice i didn't use 'was'). This year i got increased in every side.In wisdom,in finances,friends and so on.This year,i got engaged.This year,i met very wonderful people (some of them are bloggers while some aren't). This year,while millions are jobless,i got two job offers (i turned both down after careful analysis). This year,my elder brother and 3 of my closest friends got married.This year,i flew a few times and they were after the Dana Air crash,even with all the fears hanging in the air,i still flew those times and landed at my destinations without any hitch.I drive around in Port harcourt and even went on a few inter-state trips and never got close to having any accident.Then when i think of you guys and how amazing you are,i thank God,it's not easy making the acquaintance of great minds so i am indeed blessed.I am most grateful to God.These are the little i can remember,but truth is God has been faithful.Waking up alone is a privilege i'll never understand seeing that people die in their sleep.God,thank You again and again and again and again and again till infinity.And the year hasn't ended yet,alot can still happen.How about you,aren't you grateful?


  1. Wise words... Deep and wise words.
    And yes, there is so much to be thankful for... so so much. God has done so much for us all. Blessings

  2. I am more than grateful for everything and for how far God has brought me. yes, I might not be exactly where I want to be now but thank God I am not at the same place I used to be.

    thanks for the mention bros, you are always welcome!((winks))

    1. This is always a testimony @ "I might not be exactly where I want to be now but thank God I am not at the same place I used to be".

  3. God has been faithful to me on every side since the beginning of the year,till now...

    True @ if people actually think deep about the things they intend doing,we'll have less wickedness in the world..

  4. There's so much to be thankful for, God has indeed been good to me

  5. Am more than grateful my broda ....words aren't enough to say thanku to Baba.

  6. Kai, it's not by own power o. Thank God for preservation of life.