Thursday, December 6, 2012

Poetic Thurdays: Safe with me

Hey people,before i go to the main post,which is more of a poem,let me advice you because i love you; don't make other people's headache your own when they don't even know you exist.If someone is living his life and enjoying it,then you really shouldn't give yourself an heart attack getting angry with how the person is living his life.

That said,i want to dedicate this poem to that beautiful angel rocking my world and who'd soon be my wife.In case you're wondering who she is,she's none other than Becqui.Read and enjoy!

Safe with me

The heart doesn’t bend
It breaks and is hard to mend
It’s not like wood
If it can be fastened together then heartbroken people would
But it’s a physical element
Covered by the human chest
It breaks in a way that exceeds human comprehension
It leaves the owner in exasperation
Drains the eyes of tears
Fills what’s left of the heart with fears
It robs one of reality
It replaces that with self pity
If you see one who’s heartbroken
You’ll see one who feels forsaken
Even when he tries to smile
The eyes give him away from a mile
You can rejoin pieces of broken plastics
Using heat from hot metals
You can rejoin pieces of woods
Using nails driven by hammers
But it’s not that simple with the heart
How the heart mends when it breaks
We still cannot explain even though we’ve seen hundreds of daybreaks
Do you know why I am still here?
It because I don’t want you to experience it because it’s severe
Your heart is safe with me
As long as you’re with me
So if you ever think of breaking my heart
Think again and you would revert


  1. this is really cool... very very cool

    I know how this feels @"If you see one who’s heartbroken
    You’ll see one who feels forsaken
    Even when he tries to smile
    The eyes give him away from a mile"

    Miss Becqui ain't you lucky? your heart is definitely safe with 9jagreat ok? Best wishes to you two!

  2. henhen....hope we get to read the " how we met"story. I am sure she's not going to break your heart

    1. The 'how we met' story is already on here.But i'm sure i'll be explicit with the 'how we met' story though.Thanks!

  3. Awww,I'm blushing*covers face*..this is really sweet hun. Knowing that my heart is safe with you,is all I need to know...yours is safe with me also. Thanks @ priscy for the wishes.

  4. Best wishes to you two! Your heart is safe in her palms. Can't wait to read the "how we met" story.

    1. Thanks alot Eya! You'll get the story when the time comes.*wink*

    2. This is nice! My brother has found his rib!

  5. is sweet o
    congrats jare Miss B, keep blushing

  6. aww going viral mushy lol .. it's sweet soo sweet!

    true, being heart broken can not be explained by human understanding

    1. Yeah,the reason we all should be scared of it.

  7. Collectors item...
    Print out... Keep... Read it to her every 6months... Blessings and much more, to you and yours.

  8. Thanks alot.Happy new year to you!