Thursday, December 20, 2012

Poetic Thursdays: Deeper than the abyss

I wrote this poem just last night and i really loved it.It also tells me how wild my imaginations are.I used a part as my status on blackberry messenger and my very close friend sent a message thinking something was wrong and then i reminded him i was a poet.I can't tell you what inspired this particular poem,it just came out.I hope you find it as good as i found it (forget the fact that i wrote it,i love this particular poem).Read,comment and share if you so please.

Deeper than the abyss
You wake up one day,like today
With the sun slowly crawling out of the horizon
The stillness that accompanies the night withdrawing fast
Being replaced by activities
You engage in your daily routine
Assisted by tooth paste,toothbrush,sponge,water,towel,deodorant,cloths
And you continue the routine by stepping out into the gaping mouth of the day
Aiming to find your way to work
You first notice the beggar close to the curb isn't there anymore
But standing beside a luxurious car talking to a man in a fancy suit that is like his
You don't understand what is going on but make your way to your favorite eatery to have breakfast
Only to see that it's a mechanics shop with your landlord as the mechanic in soiled overall
With your face distorted by a frown formed in confusion
You make your way to your workplace not far from the eatery
But you meet your boss at the gate and he calls you sir and opens the gate
You get into the building and realize you don't know a single soul
Now dazed,you rush out and sprint to the building you are certain housed your therapist
But find a florist instead
The one place you were sure you would find answers in the church
You get there and see tattooed men and barely clothed women
It's a night club and those are the workers
And on the side street,your pastor's wife working on a strange man
Not with working tools,but with her body
Now mystified you retrace your steps but step on a drunk
But you know this drunk
He's the person you used to know as your pastor
Questions...fear...frustration...and you know your heart can't take it anymore
You feel it's a dream
You try to wake up
But you can't
You pinch yourself,it hurts
You cut yourself,you bleed
It is reality
You're stuck
You wake up one day and realize all you believed in are lies
It'd be the worst day of your life
The confusion would be deeper than the abyss

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Hey people,compliments of the season.I trust you are doing great? I am awesome as usual.Although the season came with it lots of work,but not something out of the ordinary so i always handle it.In case you missed it when i said it,Priscy is amazing.I mean,she's just a great person and here's saying thank you to her.

I feel one of the greatest problems we have as humans is that we barely think.We don't think as often or maybe as deeply as we ought to.Even if you say you think every minute,i'd still say you don't think enough.Do you realize how fast your head works sometimes? You could think of a million things in a single minute (I may have exaggerated a bit sha *grin*).Anyway,the reason i mentioned that we don't think enough is that there's too much evil in the world.If we actually think,we'd have less wicked people around.I mean,if you sit down and think of the implications of hurting people,i doubt if you'd still proceed.If we actually generally think hard before we act,there would be leniency.So if you can,encourage people around you and indeed yourself to engage in serious thinking before acting.

Having said those,i want to thank God for a wonderful year.This year is a great year (notice i didn't use 'was'). This year i got increased in every side.In wisdom,in finances,friends and so on.This year,i got engaged.This year,i met very wonderful people (some of them are bloggers while some aren't). This year,while millions are jobless,i got two job offers (i turned both down after careful analysis). This year,my elder brother and 3 of my closest friends got married.This year,i flew a few times and they were after the Dana Air crash,even with all the fears hanging in the air,i still flew those times and landed at my destinations without any hitch.I drive around in Port harcourt and even went on a few inter-state trips and never got close to having any accident.Then when i think of you guys and how amazing you are,i thank God,it's not easy making the acquaintance of great minds so i am indeed blessed.I am most grateful to God.These are the little i can remember,but truth is God has been faithful.Waking up alone is a privilege i'll never understand seeing that people die in their sleep.God,thank You again and again and again and again and again till infinity.And the year hasn't ended yet,alot can still happen.How about you,aren't you grateful?

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ladies,lets talk

Hey people,how's the week going so far? Yeah,it only just started but we've lived through one day already and that's huge.Anyway,you know i'm awesome without being told.This week isn't the reason for this post so i'm just going to get right into it.

Disclaimer: This post contains very obscene and vulgar languages,readers discretion is advised.

For those of you on Twitter,you'd have known by now that it's a world of it's own.There you'd meet the smart,the dumb,the stupid,the foolish,the confused,the crazy,the funny,the unbelievable and so on.It's a mad world entirely.However,my issue is with the ladies.

Women world over are clamoring for gender equality.They want to be respected and treated like men rather than mere 'sex objects'. Let me dwell on Nigeria,as it's where i'm mostly concerned about.We have groups who fight for gender equality in Nigeria.Groups that believe women should be treated equal with men,given the same opportunities as men and so on.While i respect and understand their struggle,i want to point out that they should be more concerned with orientation.They don't want to be seen as mere sex objects yet their actions are shameful.Now back to twitter,the Bios and avatars (profile pictures) of the gender that wants respect is really appalling.Consider these Bios;

"ilike u,ifuck u,idon't give a damn about u", "I'm a sexy ass bitch,who loves fun...#TeamBi...#TeamBigAss...I'm Bi...ladies follow only...I'm in love with","Nawti !!!! Reli nawti ....#TEAMlesbians #TEAM bi-sexual #Team dripping pussy ....anti small boobs...ff nd mention 4 a ff bac ♣". I could go on and on and on and on.And yes,they all have shameful avatars attached to them.

Ordinarily,it wouldn't have been an issue if twitter were an adult hookup site,then we'd know it's the whole idea of the site.Twitter is a site where responsible and respectable individuals go to meet other respectable and responsible individuals to unwind and rub minds.Rather than that,what you see these days are nudes.Before now,we had nudes where the faces were cut off and you'd just see the parts the uploader wants you to see.But now,you'd see their faces.I mean,the daughters of responsible parents,naked and proudly showing off their nakedness to the same people they want respect from.I'm now very confused.You complain that men don't respect you and that they see you as a sex object rather than the woman that you are,yet you're comfortable with the idea of putting up your nude pictures on the internet.How is that supposed to help you gain respect? How are men supposed to stop treating you as sex objects when you readily make yourself one? It might interest you to know that some of these women have respectable jobs.Don't get me wrong though,i'm not so bothered about the nude pictures that were supposed to be secured but somehow ended up on the internet,i'm talking about the nude pictures that were actually meant to be posted on the internet.Men have nudes too (even though they're not half as much as that of women). But they're not the ones complaining about being seen as sex objects or clamoring for gender equality.

Nudes aren't a big deal,they're supposed to spice sex up.But that's supposed to be between you and your partner and not you and the entire persons that have access to the internet.In my posts Queen of kings and You want respect,respect yourself first and Women,please know your worth ,i talked about women comporting themselves as queens who are meant for kings and knowing their worth and also respecting themselves so as to be respected.You can't call yourself a 'bitch' or say your only problem is to have lots of dicks and use your nude picture as your profile picture and expect to be approached by a king or someone respectable.I once tweeted that "Lots of u are gonna give ur kids a hard time explaining why their mom's nude pix is all over the internet to their classmates" and "I know other people's opinion of u doesn't matter,but how about the opinion of ur unborn kids of u? U sure u don't give a hoot about theirs?". If you as a woman don't see anything wrong in putting up your nude pictures on the internet,are you sure it'll be okay for your kids to stumble upon them? Would you be proud to show your kids your twitter page? For those of you ladies who still believe in self-respect,please don't falter,we're aware of your respectability.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Poetic Thurdays: Safe with me

Hey people,before i go to the main post,which is more of a poem,let me advice you because i love you; don't make other people's headache your own when they don't even know you exist.If someone is living his life and enjoying it,then you really shouldn't give yourself an heart attack getting angry with how the person is living his life.

That said,i want to dedicate this poem to that beautiful angel rocking my world and who'd soon be my wife.In case you're wondering who she is,she's none other than Becqui.Read and enjoy!

Safe with me

The heart doesn’t bend
It breaks and is hard to mend
It’s not like wood
If it can be fastened together then heartbroken people would
But it’s a physical element
Covered by the human chest
It breaks in a way that exceeds human comprehension
It leaves the owner in exasperation
Drains the eyes of tears
Fills what’s left of the heart with fears
It robs one of reality
It replaces that with self pity
If you see one who’s heartbroken
You’ll see one who feels forsaken
Even when he tries to smile
The eyes give him away from a mile
You can rejoin pieces of broken plastics
Using heat from hot metals
You can rejoin pieces of woods
Using nails driven by hammers
But it’s not that simple with the heart
How the heart mends when it breaks
We still cannot explain even though we’ve seen hundreds of daybreaks
Do you know why I am still here?
It because I don’t want you to experience it because it’s severe
Your heart is safe with me
As long as you’re with me
So if you ever think of breaking my heart
Think again and you would revert