Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Poetic Thurdays: Strings from a guitar

Hey people,i wanna believe everyone is as awesome as me.You wanna know what's new? Well,Becqui goes around telling people that she is awesomer more awesome than me these days,can you imagine that? That is impersonation of attitude,don't you all think?

Lots of my poems aren't about me.I mentioned that my imagination is wild and so i can imagine things and write a poem about them and even though they'd feel very real,they're just my imagination.However,some of my poems too are written based on my feelings.I express myself well with songs,but mostly poems and that explains why i have more poems than songs.So,this poem is actually about me.It expresses how i was feeling at a point in time,key words being "at a point in time".Read,enjoy and share your thoughts.

Strings of a guitar
I've held on for so long
I've been patient
But I'm almost suffocated
So right now I'm reaching inside my heart
I'm plucking the hurts
Like the strings from a guitar
I'm plucking to create a tune
A tune of anger
With lyrics of yesteryears
Lyrics of deep cuts of exasperation
Lyrics that'll form a tune
A tune a few people would be shocked with
A tune they would be shocked to dance to
I'm plucking the hurts in my heart like the strings from a guitar
If I choose mortar
People might get hurt
Because there will be an explosion
An explosion that might shatter relationships
So I'll just pluck the hurts from my heart
Like the strings from a guitar
And form a lyrics so mellow
Oh what the heck! Explosion it is!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Why do you want to get married?

Hey people,I trust you're doing great as usual.I am awesome as always and life is very beautiful.Meanwhile,i can't believe some people (they know themselves) are begging me to offend them so i'd write them poems.So if i've not offended you yet,please be patient,it will soon get to your turn.But i'm not promising a poem though.LOL

I got a broadcast on Blackberry some days back and it's what prompted this post.The BC talks about marriage and stuff.It mentioned some things that made sense.It submitted that some people get married for all the wrong reasons and I find this to be totally true.Don't you wonder why marriages don't last these days? It's all because many marriages were formed out of wrong reasons.Some people marry for looks,money,voice,status etc.The problem with these is that they are all liable to be lost.The beauty of most women tend to diminish when they get older.As for the guys,accident might cause their looks to one not so flashy,age even diminishes some of their looks too.So what happens when you realize the person you're married to isn't as beautiful or handsome as when you first met them? For those that get attached for money,it's even scarier.Money not well spent or invested gets lost faster than the blinking of eyes.Even if money is well invested,some other things might result to losing it for a long time or forever (we don't pray for this though).What happens then? Peradventure your spouse puts money into a business and the returns took way longer than expected.Or maybe you people encountered some spiritual issues that affected your finances,what happens then? For those that get married for status,does that last forever? Status changes for the better,no doubt.But have you also considered the fact that it also changes for the worse? Lots of past governors are nobody today.What happens when your spouse loses his or her status? There are things that are hardly ever lost though and these are love,friendship,morals,a good heart.If you marry for these and you're blessed to have status,money,looks,then those are bonuses,trust me.I don't know about anybody,but I'd rather get married to someone I love,who doubles as my friend,who has high moral standards and who has a very good heart.I'd rather my sister or friend get married to someone who is respectful and who has human sympathy and is living at average or below it than have them marry someone who's rich but who'd kill other people's spirits with their spiteful words or someone who's rich and feels he's the only one who has the right to be rich and thus doesn't lift a finger to be of assistance to anyone.I'd rather have someone who's comfortable and friendly marrying my friend or sister than someone who's rich and unfriendly.If you marry for the wrong reasons,you'd not even have the urge to fight when the marriage is facing challenges.But when you marry for the right reasons,the thought of losing the marriage is enough incentive for you to fight to make things work.Have a very nice day people.

Monday, November 19, 2012


Hey people,how have you been? The weekend was very cool.I mean,i slept like i'd not been sleeping for ages,i'm sure i added some flesh (yeah yeah,say whatever you like).

It turns out that i'd be messing up all these while and it took serious mouthing to get me back on track.I have a good blogitude (or so i hope) and so i felt bad when i realized i'd been ignoring someone whose been friendly all along.She's amazing for still talking to me and for that,i appreciate.In order to get full forgiveness from her,she insisted i must write her a poem and since Becqui gave me the go ahead,i wrote the poem and in case you're wondering who she is,she's no other than Aloted.I chose to title the poem Aloted and i hope this would put me in her good books!

When it rains
The water in a pool knows no rest
Cold unrest in the pool
But it's different after the rain
There a calmness
A beautiful calmness that swallows the pool
My head sometimes get like the pool when it rains
Millions of thoughts crashing on themselves
Causing unrest in my head
Sometimes the unrest invites headaches
The unrest fails my thoughts
Because I miss some things
Sometimes very important things
But this time it was a person
This time it was Aloted
In my mental chaos i got blind
But now I can see
I can see clearly
I can see you Aloted

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Hey people,I presume it's been a good week so far? Work isn't so stressful out here so life is beautiful as usual.

As humans,we are faced with so many challenges and how we react is what differentiates the winners from the weak ones.We're humans,so we're not perfect.I have seen people lose their ways.I've even been a victim at some point.I know a man who was a very stand up guy.He was the definition of responsible (in the Nigerian context).He didn't smoke,drink or chase after other women.He didn't like illegal dealings.Even when he was in politics,he didn't take bribes or joined to 'share the money' with his political party.However,these didn't pay off for years and he got weary.He started drinking and smoking and doing other stuffs that he wasn't doing.He lost his way.I know of another man who was very responsible.He got employed into an organization where illegal deals were a norm and got caught up in the deals.Somewhere in there is that part that was responsible,but he's lost his way.I know of a boy (he's quite close to me) who was a good boy till he got admitted into one of the private universities and started doing drugs and moving around with bad boys.I believed he ought to know better,but then again,that's just my belief.He has lost his way.

We get caught up in various things and thus lose our way at one point or another.However,it doesn't make us monsters or useless or unreliable or unreasonable or irresponsible.On the contrary,it makes us human.But,the fact that we get lost doesn't mean we should remain in the lost path.We owe it to ourselves and those who love us to try to find our way back.I remember when i changed from who i used to be to something i never thought i'd be.I strove to retrace my steps and went back to who i was.So,the truth is we are humans and are liable to make mistakes and lose our way,but we shouldn't remain lost.If you're lost,do find your way back! There's always a reason for being on the right part,don't ever forget that.

“Losing your way on a journey is unfortunate. But, losing your reason for the journey is a fate more cruel.”-H.G Wells

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Poetic Thursday: Wrong Place...Wrong time

Hey people,i'm about to let you have a fill of my shortest poem yet.I wrote it and actually really liked it.It's very short but quite expressive.Enjoy!

Wrong place,wrong time

I smiled

She frowned

I waved

She looked away

I moved closer

She shifted

I said hi

She walked away

I guess i was just at the wrong place at the wrong time

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Unnecessary headache

Hey people,I trust you've been good as usual.Shout-out to Dayor on adding another year to her age on the 5th of this month.May you be a million times better than you are by this time next year.

Do you get exasperated when people tend to take medicine for your own sickness? I mean,they almost get seizures bothering themselves on things that doesn't concern them.I have lots of them around me and they're getting to know the kind of person i am,thus are learning to let me be.You know,we all have out various shortcomings and we shouldn't kill our selves on other people's.Truth is,if you have a tiny,i mean minute shortcoming,you have no right to condemn or judge anyone.Only those who are perfect have the prerogative to judge those who aren't.

Why would you worry over someone else's life? I mean,kill yourself over how someone is living his/her life when the person seem to be having a blast living? Isn't that ridiculous? Consider these;

*I am earning N70,000 and i decide to buy 3 shirts for N30,000,how is that your issue? Na you do the work for the month?

*I put on my gen from morning till night to get light,you dey vex say i wan spoil the gen.Na you buy fuel inside? Or na you go repair am if e spoil?

*I buy BB Porsche,you say i stupid.I borrow money from your hand take buy am?

*I decide to do Mo Hawk,you dey vex say i don old.Na your head i carry am? Na you get the age?

*I dey sag my trouser,you wan cry for the matter,na you buy the boxers for me? Or na your hand i borrow the trouser?

*You wear Gucci,i wear Guggi,you say i dey mess your designer up.You no sabi read? Or the people you wan impress no go school?

*I dey make call dey call millions wey you no dey see,you dey bone.Na you buy phone or credit for me?

We tend to worry our beautiful heads over unnecessary  things and it's very absurd.If you get caught up in things like this,you should learn to think differently because it's your thoughts that are playing tricks on you.Have a nice day people.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Poetic Thursday: My Voice Will Be Heard

I'm barely seeing
No I'm not blind,I'm just sweating
My hands are hurting
My feet are bleeding
But I'll keep climbing
Ontop the mountain I'm going
My voice needs to be heard

It's very dark
But I must meet my mark
Where,again,is the mark?
Maybe I'm just waiting for a spark
Or maybe it's the beer pack
But somewhere in my head
I know I need to be heard

I've got my writing pad
This I don't find hard
The world is crazy,the world is mad
But aren't I also bad?
I'll put it down in my music
I shout it out in my songs
It's a good way for my voice to be heard\
My voice will be heard