Friday, October 19, 2012

Work on your head

Hey people,i trust you've been great.My awesomeness is still unhindered.I sincerely apologize for not bringing you the poem for yesterday's Poetic Thurdays,my Internet service provider decided to be a female dog yesterday and i hate posting with my phone.Anyway,i'm here today,right?

To make up,i'm going to give you some lines that have made me fearless.They're words that don't make giving up an option for me,ever! I keep talking about the potency of the mind and these words work on the mind,so use them to work on your head if you need to and i promise they won't fail you.They've not failed me yet.

*Winners never quit and quitters don't win.

*Give life a hard time messing with you.If you feel life isn't unfair,fight back and let it know you're a bad ass!

*Before you give up,try one more time and if you do and it doesn't work,spool (repeat again).

*Whatever you do now will come back and to visit you in the future.It doesn't matter if you did them in ignorance,anger,ecstasy,happiness,youthful exuberance,whatever.So consider your actions.

*Mind what you say,words are the strongest of things you can imagine.They are the door to the mind.

*Don't ever let people get into your head else manipulation is going to be inevitable.

*Realism is restrictive but with Optimism,you can actually reach for the skies or even past them if you want to.

*People will always have their opinion of you and it doesn't matter,but what you think of yourself is the most important.

The aforementioned are guiding lights for me in my quest for a good and responsible life,i hope you find them useful.Have a nice weekend ahead!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thank you and other things!

Hey people,i trust you're doing very well.Well,just want to use this opportunity to say thank you to all of you where wished me well and prayed for me on my birthday.God bless you all! I had fun,it actually started from the office and then went out a bit.Here are some pictures i took;

The first cake

Birthday boy

My colleagues surrounding the birthday boy

Colleagues and cousin


Friends of the company

Solo shot

With my boss

I love this pix

My boss handing over my birthday gift (I love my company)

With my cousin and colleague

Cake number two

Act for the camera

Surrounded my love

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Hey people.It's a lovely day to be alive and more lovely because today adds another year to my age.Yes,it's my birthday today! Generally,i'm not really a birthday-celebrater.Sometimes i don't even tell people about my birthday till it's past.I remember a funny incident that happened some 7-8 years ago.I was chilling with my friends on my birthday and none of them remebered.I didn't bother reminding them,i just hung out with them as usual and went home afterwards.The next day i mentioned the fact that my birthday was the day before and they were mad at me and of course themselves for forgetting my birthday.In as much as i don't celebrate per se,i don't forget my friend's or loved ones' birthdays.I guess i'd change my not celebrating ways when i have a family of my own because i definitely would be celebrating my wife and kids birthdays.Maybe even close the street,the Yoruba style.*wink*

Anyway,the fact that i don't exactly celebrate my birthdays doesn't mean i'm not grateful or happy that i get older,i do big time.However,this year i have more reasons to be grateful to God that previous years.This year has been very fruitful for me.This same year,i finished the compulsory NYSC program and had a job waiting for me (I actually started working before i even graduated from the University).This year,i got closer to me father,this year my elder brother got married.This year,i got richer both materially and otherwise (I never hammer the major hammer yet sha).This year,i got wiser.This year,i got engaged to the most amazing gurl on earth.Indeed,this year has been very awesome for me.This year,i've got love from different angles more than before! I've be privileged to have very special people in my life most of whom i met here on Blogsville (they know themselves).It's been an awesome year for me,really!

I am using this medium to thank God for His mercies,grace and love towards me.Indeed God loves me,i can't even deny it.HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Poetic Thurdays

Hey people,how have you all been? It's been a good week over here,hope yours have been great too? So,i have this thought and i want to share it with you people.One thing i can do with my eyes close is write poems.So,i'm thinking of imbibing what Dayor does with her Fridays (Wordless Friday),but mine would be Poetic Thurday.I don't want cobwebs to ever grow on this blog unlike some people i know (they know themselves).So,to kickstart it let me give you something to enjoy.It was born out of my imagination as most of my poems are,but some parts are actually about me.My poems are always my raw imaginations conveyed in my raw simple words.So please read,enjoy and do comment.


I have a voice

But you have a strong reason

It’s my place

But you have a better case

My guilt is a gag in my mouth

My knowledge another reason for my muteness

Every word is potent

Not a dagger in my chest

Not a million pins on my skin

Not a bullet in my groin

No, nothing of those sorts

But every word you say is potent

It an appeal to my heart

It’s a plea reaching my soul

I may have lost my way

I may be ignorant of what I once knew

But I know I’m going to try

I’m going to be a better man

I may not even know what that means anymore

But you’re worth embarking on that journey for