Monday, September 24, 2012

Dangers of pretence

Hey people,how have you been? I've been very awesome and work has been crazy.I mean,i rarely have free days in the week,i rarely lounge.Gone are those days i'll chill at the office and ping and tweet and do all kinds of lazying.Oh well! I was supposed to be working right? Sometimes i get paid to just sit,browse or ping or tweet or play scrabble or whatever,not anymore though.It actually feels good to be engaged,maybe it because of the person i'm engaged to.But i enjoy my current relationship status.And i know it'd be more when i'm like Emaleeecious.

Ever wonder why people would pretend to be what they're not just to acquire certain things? Some lie to get a gurl/guy,some lie to get contracts,for some it's to gain respect,for others it's to gain friends.I actually marvel at this because there's always an outcome of pretense that is never favorable for them.Come to think of it,why would people even consider pretense? I mean,what's the essence of not showing who i really am when i know who i am is awesome? My belief is this; if i have to pretend to gain something,then it's totally not worth it.I know sometimes people tend to pretend so as to be seen as cool.Well,instead of being seen as that,why not just show your real self? If you don't like your real self,there's no harm in making necessary changes.Instead of pretending to be rich,why not wait till you're reach? I've seen some people spend so much on being who they are not and end up heavily in debt.It's worthless!

The funny thing about pretense is that it is 'living a lie' and lies never stay out of the open forever,theyalways get revealed.So when you gain something by pretending,be sure you lose it and maybe more when people realize you had been pretending all along.I remember "Love Don't Cost A Thing" with Nick Cannon and Christina Milan.He lied about who he was in the movie and gained alot of friends and fans.But when it was discovered he had been pretending all along,he was left in a worse state than he was initially.He lost all his friends,his fans and even the good friends he made before he started living his fake life.Good thing though was he realized himself and made amends.I also know of a gurl who claimed to be a very good gurl and got herself a guy,who happened to be my friend,only for the guy to realize sometime later that she wasn't what she claimed to be.He simply left her and i never blamed him.My point is,pretense should be avoided like a plague because it can rub you of what you think you had and even the ones you actually had.Do you think there's a valid reason for pretense? Would you pretend for anything? Have a nice day and week ahead people.

Monday, September 3, 2012

I found her

Hey people,i know it's been a bit.Truth is,work has been very crazy.These past weeks have been very very stressful.I even close late these days.I hope you all are doing great? I'm awesome as usual.Just for the record,Priscy is amazing! She knows what she did!

Anyway,i have been in a relationship for sometime now and in my usual manner,i didn't rush it.I wanted to know what it was before propagating it.Now,i know what it is.The thing is,i've found the one,the very person i know i'd be happy spending the rest of my life with.Without beating about the bush,i'd simply go right into the 'koko'.

Her name is Becqui Nicholas,we met in an usual environment...2go (i can't remember the last time i was there,maybe because i found something beautiful there).I met her while i was trying to forget a heartbreak and after i had hit and ran a good number of times (i'm not proud of that).We started chatting and after a while,we hooked up.She's a beautiful,homely,fun and slighty crazy gurl (i might be responsible for her craziness though) and above all,she fears God.You'd never guess where it was we hooked up the first time...In a church! Yeah,you heard right.We met in her church and after the service,i took her home and showed her my cooking skills (get your minds off the gutter kids,nothing happened).After then,we just kept getting closer steadily.There were huddles along the way though,the ex also brought hers into it,but we pulled through.She's just as awesome as myself and so to prove i'm a smart guy,i proposed to her on Friday 31st August and she said yes.So yeah,i'm engaged to the most wonderful gurl on this whole planet,the gurl i love sooooo much (yeah yeah,i can be mushy).I just wanted to let you know,lemme get back to work,but before then,i wanna give a big shout out to Emaleeecious on her wedding with her heartrob.Their traditional was on Thursday 30th and the church wedding was 1st September.It was held in Lagos and was amazing,even though i didn't go.I'm sorry i missed it Emaleeecious! May God be involved in your union,and bless it greatly.Here are some pictures of my sugar banana,Tomato jos,