Monday, August 13, 2012

If your life is a dream

Hi people, I trust you’re doing great. Again, I don’t have any reason whatsoever to complain, life is beautiful. Had a most stressful weekend but it still turned out good.

I was in one of such moods when I go hard into the thought-lane and a thought occurred to me. As humans, we are insatiable. When we want something and eventually get it, we always want something more. We always aim for something higher. My boss was saying when he makes N500 million he’ll move to make N1 billion.  This is what makes man the ‘head’ of animals though. Birds don’t worry about making money, as far as they can get seeds or fishes or insects to feed on. Goats don’t bother about status, as far as there are grasses around its immediate environment and also a she-goat.

However, out insatiability gives rise to complains. Someone who has a pair of pants/trousers would be complaining about not having a shirt. Meanwhile someone who has a pair of trousers and a shirt would be complaining about not having a pair of shoes. This is how man thinks, he always thinks. Our starting points and indeed our beliefs drive us to want to achieve and take it a notch further. Dr.Ben Carson was raised by a single poor mum, this was a drive for his achievement, he decided he didn’t want to live that kind of life. His mother even functioned as a drive for him. He turned out to be a great surgeon. President Goodluck Jonathan didn’t have shoes, I’m sure this was a drive that has made him achieve so much. Some of us haven’t gotten to the stages of these people yet, we’re still working towards it. Along the line there were and prolly still are obstacles, challenges, sleepless nights, tears, frustrations. There most definitely were and still are laughters, love, friendship, family. Take a good look at your life, do a little introspection and answer this question; If your life were a dream, what would you do? Would you continue sleeping and pray never to wake up? Or would you gladly jump off the bed? Have a nice day and week ahead!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Poetic Thoughts: No one knows,no one cares

Hey people,this poem was inspired by the many people who always want approvals.Approval of families,friends,colleagues and so on.Truth is,people are typical people and they'll always judge you regardless.No one knows you like you do.No one knows how your life is.Sometimes we walk around with a smile when we're actually crying.Sometimes we're dancing when we really want to just look for a place where we'd brood.This is a new month,please put this at the back of your mind; No one really gives a fuck about you.It is all man for himself.The only one who cares is God,it's your relationship with Him you should be concerned about.Have a very pleasant and fruitful month.


When you were huddled up 

At a corner of your room in the dark

With the only sound disrupting the stillness of the night

Coming from your mouth in a muffled sound

The tears even stopped coming

Your head running the race of a thousand strong men

Your heart beating hard

Sometimes beating soft

Sometimes you even feel it stopped beating

When you were home

With no food on your table

No money in your pocket

When you feel like the world is on your shoulder

And you find it difficult to stand

More difficult to walk

No one knows

I dare to think that no one cares

Live your life