Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Little things that'll blow her mind

Hi people,i trust the week is going well so far? As for me,i do not have any reason to complain.I had a shocker a few days back.You know the kind of shocker that leaves you wow-ing for a few hours.I must've used up like a million wows...don't worry,we still have a good number of wows left that you can use,i didn't exhaust them all.Ok,to the main post.

You know,there's this saying that "Behind every successful man,there's a woman".Though the saying has been modified alot,but i choose to use the original one.The saying holds true,but i have come to realize that a man can choose to make a woman 'good' or 'bad'.Men have expectations in a relationship,so do women.If these expectations aren't met,at least most of it,there will always be problems.Nagging,crying,depression,late nights,infidelity etc.I'm not a marriage or relationships counselor so i won't be able to give you that which i sense you need,but here's what i sure can do.For the guys,i can give you something that'll make a major difference in your relationship and even marriage (though i'm not married,but as far as you're married to a 'woman' and not anything else,it'd work just as well).

I have come to realize having a good relationship isn't a mirage at all,it can be attained.However,it takes dedication,honesty,and very importantly,sensitivity.There are little things that we take forgrated simply because we're not sensitive to their effects and what they can achieve.Here are some highlights that would help you as a guy to make that special lady fall in love with you over and over again and they all borders around sensitivity;

1. You should always compliment her hair.Yes,her hair.Whenever a woman has on a new hairdo and you don't compliment her,you give her the impression that the hair's not beautiful or you're insensitive.If you don't notice the new hairdo at all,God help you.

2. Another thing you should compliment is her nail coating.You better know when she's changed her nail coat and compliment her accordingly.If you want to blow her mind,learn how to coat nails and do it for her sometimes (i do it  *wink*).

3. I believe if you're in a relationship,your sensitivity should tell you when your woman has on a new piece of clothing; scarf,dress,skirt,pants,under-cloth etc.She mostly buys those clothing for your pleasure and trust me,nothing can kill the excitement of putting on the piece of clothing better than your not noticing it.

4. Call her often.Forget stalking,there's no such thing as stalking when you love someone.Trust me,she'll love it if you can call her a million times in a day (but you do have a job or business to run,don't you?).Call her,text her,you don't need a reason to.The fact that you love her reason enough.

5. Always ask about her loved ones; family,friends,colleagues etc.This portrays that you care enough to want to know about every aspect of her life.

6. Hold her hands often.Holding hands actually portrays closeness and not only that,it also encourages more closeness.Again,you don't need a reason to hold her hands,just do it.

7. Take her out as often as possible.This somehow is so important,as i've come to realize.It gives her the assurance you're serious with her.Plus,women like to be seen around their men,ask them why,don't ask me!

8. Play with her.Funny right? Wrong! It's very important to play with her.Run around the house,engage in pillow fight,carry her on your back or arm (i do those).This has the capability to bring you guys very close.

 9 .Kiss her at every slightest opportunity.Except if your woman is the type who doesn't like kissing,by all means look for every opportunity to kiss her.If she's in the kitchen,you can just leave whatever you're doing,walk up to her and kiss her then get back to whatever you were doing.If you're busy with something and she passes by,you can just call her and kiss her.Trust me,you'll blow her mind.I have also achieved alot by these.*wink*

9.Cuddle her always.I think this very gesture reaches out to the heart,it's not proven but i'm almost certain it does.

10. Say these words "I love you" as often as possible.Trust me,they never get tired of hearing them and what do you have to lose? It's not as if you pay for everytime you say it or you're going to exhaust it.However,don't just say it ceremoniously,say it like you mean it.If you do love her,why won't you mean it?

The highlighted are mostly taken forgrated,however,they  are very very important.I know they sound so ordinary,but they're more important than the things we consider big.Trust me,they can make a whole lot of difference in your relationship.Don't forget my fee when the going gets better,i don't charge so much,but i shoulkd be able to get a house in Banana Island with what i'll charge you.Don't be scared,it'll be just one house,not more! Hahahahaha

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Don't you think......

Hey people,how've you been? How's the year going so far? I know some of you haven't gotten the things you projected or reached the level you anticipated.You probably have people laughing at you or saying stuffs that should upset you,but lemme tell you something,it all doesn't matter.People are fond of talking anyway,it doesn't matter what happens or doesn't happen,they'll still talk.What matters,though,is that you've seen the first day of the seventh month of the year and anything can happen at any time.Plus,the year isn't over yet,achievements are still very much possible,set goals are very much attainable.

However,i was just tryna encourage some people who might need it,but the real koko is what i wanna talk about now.You know,as humans we're quick to react to situations or the actions of other people,but if we settle down to think,we'd mostly realize we could've responded differently.Somethings are not worth reacting to,they're simply a waste.Consider these;

1. If someone is very loud and makes so much noise when he/she's around.Instead of picking a fight with such person,wouldn't it be better to just walk away from that environment?

2. If someone is always talking bad about you,rather than pick a fight and condescend to the persons level of STUPIDITY,wouldn't it be better to just ignore such person? Stupid people get stupid audience,ignorant people get ignorant audience,deceitful people get deceitful audience etc.

3.  If your neighbors don't like pumping water with their generators when power is out,instead of quarreling with them and telling them how they make you pump water all the time without them pumping,wouldn't it be better to just pump water anytime you want to use water and fill up your drums so you'd have stored water? It wouldn't matter if they finish the remaining water.

These are just a few of the scenarios that get us worked up for no reason,there are lots of them and you know them.There's always an easier and more favorable road  to take in such scenarios and it'd be best for you to take it.Have a nice day people.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sins of their brothers




You see why i love you people? I was actually expecting shoes to be hauled at me,but it's obvious you love me too much.You all are simply the best.Yes,i'd been lazy but i think that's in the past now.

I trust you've been good and awesome as i have been? Truth is,i'm a little more awesome and it's been like that for some time now.Why? Well,let's just say it because i know something very great is about to happen.My life is beautiful actually and i'm thankful to God who made it possible.

This year has been a very unpleasant one for us as a nation.We've suffered so many losses this year alone and it's not even stopping.Dana crash,This Day bombing,Church bombings in various parts,Jos crisis...the list goes on and on.It's just very annoying and painful and disheartening.The recent attack on defenseless women and children in Jos isn't making things easier.

I witnessed something on my way to work today and i felt really bad for our nation.An Hausa door-to-door water seller was mildly assaulted by people who just needed an excuse to retaliate the killings of 'their people'.I kept on hearing things like "You know wetin dem do our people for their side?" "You know wetin dem dey do our people for their side?".Then it occurred to me that the poor man was suffering for the sins of his brothers in the north.The recent attacks on Christians in communities in Jos is making it hard to believe there isn't an unspoken war against Christians.I am privileged to know that Islam isn't a faith of violence.However,many a wicked members of that faith aren't making people believe Islam is indeed not a violent faith.If something isn't done to stop this,i fear we'd have more serious cases than the one i mentioned above.Then there'd be killings and atrocities.

I'd like to use this medium to call on Muslims all over Nigeria to rise up and condemn the killings done in the name of their faith.I enjoin them to make their voices heard that Islam isn't a religion of violence but that of peace.If they fail to do this,it would get to the point where Christians would rise and take up arms against Muslims,and i wonder,then,what would become of us as a people.WE JUST WANT PEACE!!! May God help us!