Thursday, June 28, 2012

Breathe in...breathe out!

Hey people,i know it's been a min as Didi would say.I trust you're all good? As for me,i'm actually more awesome than ever...ok,a little lazy.But that doesn't alter my awesomeness,does it?

I somehow have realized i'm the only sane person around me.I mean,Becqui isn't,HoneyDame kinda like is the worst,LadyNgo might wanna claim she is,but she ain't and as for Toinlicious,don't even get me started with that one,she's CRAYYYYYYYYYYY!!! Thank God for Dayor,very quiet somebody.*in Okon lagos' voice*

Now lets go back to the main post.Actually,it's intended to be a short post because it concerns something i just realized.Have you been very angry that you felt you'd explode? Have you had similar feelings with fear? Excitement? Have you tried taking a deep breath? I just realized that as easy as it sounds,breathing in and out actually work wonders.When i'm angry or scared (i rarely get scared though),all i do is take a deep breath and i always feel much better.The only place i still have issue using that magic is excitement.I still can't control it when it overwhelms me...don't judge me!

So,the next time you get angry or scared or excited and you wanna regain control,just breathe in,breathe out and come back here and drop a seed at the prophets feet.What?!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

153 Places

This is a tribute to the people whose lives were lost in the Dana Air plane crash,may their souls rest in peace.It's also dedicated to everyone who's lost his/her life to roads accidents and boat mishaps.


I have tried to forget

I have tried to block it out

But it keeps playing itself

It’s like the pictures from an album

Flipping…flipping…flipping itself

I don’t want to see those beautiful children

With the mother’s arms around them and her beautiful smile

I don’t want to see the face of the beautiful women

Whose hope and dreams were engulfed in the terrible explosion

Someone should help me forget the men

Who were looking forward getting back to their families

I slept, thankfully a dreamless one

But in the morning it was the same pictures from the same album

Flipping…flipping….flipping itself

Each picture, a significance of pain

Each smiling face carrying the effect of a sword through the heart

Today I woke up happy

But just before my happiness could be portrayed

It was the same pictures from the same album

Flipping…flipping…flipping itself

Each picture, breaking my heart over again

Someone should help me forget

But even if I forget, my heart is already wounded

Broken into 153 places

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Love of Money

***Warning: A fairly long post!!!

As I am making this post,my heart is bleeding.It’s broken into at least 153 places.It is no longer news that we lost some good number of lovely people on-board a Dana Air plane that crashed into a 2-storey building in Iju,Lagos state.I followed the news on twitter,BBM and google.But when I eventually saw the flight manifest,my heart got broken all over again.It wasn’t as if I wasn’t sad already before the crash because there was a bomb blast that claimed over 10 lives in Bauchi state,but I was thankful the number of casualties weren’t so much,but the Dana Air happened.

The reason why I’m really upset is because the disaster could’ve been averted.The plane gave numerous warnings that it was gonna crash any time soon,but the stupid Indians (owners of Dana Air) refused to pay attention to it,rather they wanted to make money and ended up killing my countrymen.All these boil down to the love of money.The love of money has made people less human and more robotic.They lack feelings or emotions which used to be the reason why Nigeria was a much better place long before now.I have asked questions,I have had various answers.But the one that is more realistic is; we as a people have placed too much importance on money.Presently,the respect you get from people is dependent on how much money you have.Even in the family,respect is no longer based on age but riches.In the church (in most cases),the rich ones are the ones who call the shots and who are given Deacons and Deaconesses.In villages,the rich ones are the ones who are given chieftaincy titles.All this,considered,is the reason why a whole market will deal on fake drugs,why people fraud their companies,why government officials loot with their heart hardened,why commercial bus/cab drivers hike fares even when they don’t have to,why lecturers would want you to pay before you pass their courses,why youths in a particular community will always bother the companies in their locality to pay stipends before they operate,why a group of people will happily put a whole nation is almost complete darkness by killing the power sector,why a group of persons will make sure our refineries don’t work,why the police man would rather collect N20 from motorist than fight crime,why a father would use his own child for ritual…I could go on and on and on.We’ve placed too much importance on money that we don’t even realize we’re losing our identity,beliefs and values.We’re losing ourselves! We can no longer see someone stranded and freely help him/her because we might end up being robbed simply because someone wants to make money by all means.We can hardly hear of cases where people find other people’s lost monies and return them to their rightful owners,simply because someone wants to make money by all means.We hardly see people who’d do something out of their own goodwill without expecting something in return,because someone wants to make money by all means.

 However,it has yet not dawn on us that money is of little consequence when considering what we quest for.Isn’t our quest for Happiness? What shall it profit a man if he gains the world but loses his own soul? God keeps proving to us that money isn’t as important as other things such as Kindness,Charity,Love,Truthfulness and the likes.Love especially! A lot of people have money but don’t enjoy their money because they lack the major things that make life beautiful and this is because money was their drive and most important to them.They wanted money by all means,got the money but are miserable.Alot of them got the money and died living the money behind.Haven’t we still realized how little money mean?! Haven’t you been to the hospital and heard of cases that were beyond money? Have you forgotten how Abacha died even with all the money? Have you forgotten how Yar’adua died of an ailment that all the money in the world couldn’t cure? Lots of those people who died in the plane crash could’ve been able to buy their lives if money were of importance.Levi Ajuonuma of NNPC died in that crash,he has enough money to make him an elder in any village he enters and earn him respect and admiration.But did money save him?! There's only so much money can do or buy for you.It can buy you a house but not a home,a bed but not sleep,a relationship but not love.

 Please,I beg of you,don’t misunderstand me.Money is VERY important.Even the bible tells us that “Money answereth all things”. But there are other things that are MOST IMPORTANT.The importance we accord to money should be diverted to Love,Kindness,Charity and such other very important things and I promise you,you will hardly hear of a person cutting another person’s head to sell to ritualists.For you,who money is most important,would you still be loved and respected if your money were to totally diminish by any means? Ponder on that.May God grant us understanding.