Monday, April 23, 2012

'Antonyms of a mirage'-The creation of a creator

Hey people,how are you and how did your weekend go? Mine went awesomely well.I did work over the weekend,but after then it was grooving all the way.Went to see one of my cousins and realized yesterday (Sunday) was her hubby's birthday.A party started even though it wasn't planned,food and drinks were flying everywhere.However,yours truly couldn't unleash my drinking dragon cos i had to drive back home with my other cousin,her kids and our aunt in the car.

I am excited and proud to make this particular post cos it concerns a fellow blogger @ilola.Let me first tell you a little about her.Her name is Atilola Moronfolu,she's a writer,an editor,a worker and a blogger (so much for telling you about her right? Oh well).Anyways,she's been working on a book and it's finally out.First of all,i'm thrilled by the title "Antonyms of a mirage",it spells creativity and creative the book is.I got a copy of the book and like a hungry lion being fed with a sumptuous antelope,i pounced on it and i already am captivated.Here's one thing i know for sure,she's a good writer!

First of all,title of the book "Antonyms of a Mirage" is very original and would make your head work a bit and then prick your interest in the book.And then the cover,simple yet deep.It is in categories; Prose,Drama,and Poetry.She started with drama,'Corruption noni',where 'corruption' as we know it was personified.She moved on to poetry and the one she started with 'The same Cain' simply blew me and i'm sure it'll get to you if you lay your hands on the book.It is about what's obtainable in terms of women in this modern times.Enough of these talks,lemme give you a little teaser;

A preview from ‘In My Pocket’

‘Goshe – A short form of Shokolokobangoshe
Scenario 2
Mummy Bobo: Olowo ori mi (owner of my head), how was that favourite food of yours that I made for you? I am sure you enjoyed it. I have come to tell you about Bobo, your son. He is about to write his SSCE exams. The other day, I heard my senior wife bragging to her cousin that kola, her son, made all his papers two years ago because he is hardworking and brilliant. She then said she is sure Bobo will do the opposite and fail woefully. Olowo ori mi, please, don't let my enemies laugh at me. I know you can help me get the exam questions on the eve of every exam paper. This is the only way Bobo will be able to prove her wrong and shut her mouth forever. Daddy Bobo, you always say you love me more than my senior wife and if you really mean that, you will not let her have the last laugh over me.

Chief Goshe: Woman! Woman!! Woman!!! I have always warned you about this Bobo of a boy, but you will never listen to me. You spoil him too much, I hope he won't be the source of your downfall in future. Anyway, I will give you what you request, after which he will go to the UK to start his foundation course. You better warn your son to buckle up now, because there is no way I will fly over to meet David Cameron to organize exam papers by the time he gets to the UK. A word is enough for the wise. For now, the exam questions are not a problem. I have the education sector IN MY POCKET!

Scenario 3
Oloyinbo: (Getting up from his two minutes prostration, which Chief Goshe acknowledged by massaging his head with the sole of his left foot, he then starts hailing loudly) Baba Goshe, Baba mi, you will live long, your enemies will not see their children. Anyone that says it will not be well with you, it won't be well with them too.
Baba mi, the time has come. I need your help seriously. It’s time for the councillor election for the local constituencies. As I told you last year, I intend to contest and since I have adopted you as my political father, who else will I run to but you? Baba Goshe, don't worry about my credentials. The minimum requirement is the SSCE result and I have already sorted that out with some boys and now have my results. All I need now is your backing and support. Baba mi, I am in your hand now o.

Chief Goshe: Oloyinbo, my nephew, see your mango head like that of my father. You want to run for councillor, hmm? I thought you were joking when you mentioned it last year. I hope you know the implications of what you are doing? The politics of our time is not for the lily-livered at all. You have to be on your toes at all times. Be ready to make friends and enemies, be ready to do anything to protect your political career and even your life from political detractors. It’s a dog eat dog world and make sure you are ready for all the consequences. You should have just accepted the business I offered to set up for you, but you youths of nowadays have been bitten by the get-rich-quick bug. Since you insist, I will help you. I will take you to a meeting tomorrow, where you will meet some powerful people. But know this one thing, you must not, in turn, bite the fingers of these powerful people, including mine, when you win. You will have to dance to their tunes. Otherwise, the ground will have no choice but to reject you.
After tomorrow, your victory is a done deal. Even if you don't contest, you have won! It’s a done deal, I have the electoral system IN MY POCKET!

Scenario 4
Sisi Peperempe: (After a steamy sex session) Honey boy, cookie crumble, sweetie, darling, sugar! I need your assistance o. You remember my youngest brother, Dodoyo, he's in Anti-graft commission’s custody. He was arrested last week
(Kissing his fat filled pot belly). They said he posed as a minister and defrauded some companies. You know the story of my family and how Dodoyo and I had to see ourselves through life by all means possible. He's the only family I have. We have gone through so much and he doesn't deserve jail time or to lose all he has worked for. (Pouting her lips, with permanent red lipstick on) Baby boo, you must help Dodoyo or else ehn...

Chief Goshe: Sisi Peperempe! C'mon, rest your little head. Why are you worrying yourself over nothing? I am disappointed in the way you keep worrying and emphasizing on this issue. After the three years of us playing this 'love game', you still worry about these little things. Before you start your rants again, don't worry I forgive you. I guarantee you that it is settled. Give me a maximum of two days, Dodoyo will get out of custody and all his frozen assets will be returned. Plus the anti-graft commission, plus the person that created the anti-graft commission, I have them all IN MY POCKET!

Scenario 5
Mr. Sinwonje: (Smacking his stomach during a meal of Suya and bottles of Lager beer at a popular elite club in Abuja) Chief Goshe, what are you going to do about this latest development now? I think Mr. President is serious about this power thing this time around o. If those Japanese people dare sign that contract of the electricity overhaul in this country, that line of business is over for me o, and you know that means you will also lose your regular cut. Hmm, Goshe, this is not good news at all. That is my major income-generating business and I use it to keep body and soul, Princess and Priscilla together. Imagine that this whole country, Nigeria, will not need generators or diesels to make their life easier. This is serious disaster. I will do anything to make it fail….

One of the very very good poem is 'Fame';

You sit all by yourself
Just an ordinary guy next door
Like a flash in a pan,
You are discovered
With the great talent in you
Without prior warning
You are shot into limelight

Were you expecting i give the entire poem to you? Ah ahn,you like free things o!!! Lemme not torment you with excerpts from the book,just go and get yours and savour it as you wish.It is a good read and definitely going to be a good buy.I have a copy of the book to give away,if you want it,just keep visiting this blog,you'll know what to do to get it.Have a pleasant week ahead people.

Friday, April 20, 2012

The real weakness

Hey people,you know i just don't like staying away for long period of time.How have you been? I know my personal people are good and i know the rest of you are good too.

There are people who thrive on making others feel awful about themselves.Whether in terms of achievements or capabilities.They just don't do or say anything to encourage others.When i was growing up,i had kids who i had to cut off from because we fought alot due to the fact that they always said things to upset me or my friends.One would think that was the end of it,but nope,had some more of such butt-heads when i was a teenager.A group of acquaintances i had were very mean to themselves and others.They brought others down with their words and also one another and thus they mostly had issues within themselves (I still can't understand why they were friends).I realized this in time and cut off almost totally from them.

I've been thinking,why do people say mean and spiteful things to others and the answer is very plain,WEAKNESS! You heard right.Have you ever considered how hard it is to do the right things? Let me relate it to my favorite topic,relationships.As a guy,have you ever considered how hard it is to be faithful to just one gurl? As a gurl,have you ever considered how easy it is to add weight than to lose it? As Christians,have you ever considered how easy it is to commit sin and how hard it is not to? What am i driving at? Well,i'm tryna say doing the wrong thing is way easier than doing the right thing.This has been proven over and over.So,for those who bring people down with their words,i really don't blame them,they are very weak.For them,real weakness lies in being nice (with their words of course).So,if you know anyone who's mean with words or actions,don't try to get upset or pick a fight with them,you'd only condescend to their level.Rather,be nice to them and if they refuse to change,ignore them.You think you're strong? Try not to get people down with your words or actions,only then will you be considered strong.Have a pleasant weekend!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

You think you know,but you have no idea!!!

Hey people,how's the week so far? I want to believe it's going well for you as it is for me,even though work isn't 'child's play'.In my last post,i forgot to mention that my elder brother got married traditionally.We went to Anambra for the wedding and it was splendid.My phone's battery decided to go flat so i didn't take many pictures with my phone.

Now lemme just go straight to the post for today.There's one thing i crave for; to be nice and nice and nice everyday.I just want to make people happy around me.This is because you never know what a little kindness can do.While we were one our way back from the marriage,the driver that drove one of the buses we went with told me a story and i'd like to share it with you.

He was traveling to the north one day when he noticed a car by the road that had broken down,he stopped and met the driver.The man told him he was on his way to Kaduna with his family,coincidentally he was also going to Kaduna,and so he gave the man his own car and told the man to take his family home that he'll bring the man's car to him and retrieve his.The man was very happy and gave him his card.At that point,he got to know that the man was a minister.After the man left,he realized the problem with the car wasn't even serious so he fixed it in a matter of minutes and proceeded with his journey.The next day,he returned the man's car to the man to the man's amazement.The man asked him how much he should give to him but he refused collecting anything saying he didn't do it for money.The man told him to visit anytime he likes but he didn't visit for a long time.His neighbor was getting married so he decided to go visit the man and invite him to the occasion.The man sent N200,000 (two hundred thousand naira) to the couple at first and on the day of the program still gave him another N200,000 to give to the couple.After that day he became quite close to the man and his family and the monetary gains and other gains were quite encouraging.

Moral of the story is,you never know what your act of kindness can bring to you.Truth is,we should be nice everytime,we need it and people around us need it.As our faces are different,so are our challenges and their solutions.An act of kindness can go a very long way to make a person very happy.Here's a question,what will it profit you to make someone cry or miserable? But do you know you'll profit alot when people see the smile on someone's face courtesy of you? The satisfaction alone brings an inner peace.If we consider being nice to people,the world would be a better place,i mean more inhabitable.There's this piece i got from a friend on Facebook,please read.


That girl you called a slut in class

today. She's a virgin.

The pregnant girl walking down

the street. She got raped.

The boy you called lame. He has to

work every night to support his

That girl you pushed down the
other day. She's already being
abused at home.

That girl you called fat. She's
starving herself.

The old man you made fun of
cause of the ugly scars. He fought
for our country.

The boy you made fun of for
crying. His mother is dying.

You think you know them. Guess
what? You don't!
If u're not in someone's shoes,
Like dis for humanity

I leave you with this; Do to others what you want others to do to you!!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

When everything is lost,friendship remains

Hey people, how have you been? I know a good number of you is doing good. Some are missing me, some are busy babysitting, and some are receiving TLC from mom while some are busy giving my food away to visitors. You all know who you are. Like I said, a good number of you is doing great. Happy Easter to you by the way and you better don’t give out my goodies like some people I know (they know themselves). Meanwhile i actually made this post with my phone yesterday, but i don't know what the phone was thinking or doing that it decided to give only the title of the post. Wetin he do with the main post na only God know. Anyway, lets ride together jare and thanks to Myne for checking up on me, you're too much jor!

Now lets get down to business. Friendship is one very important aspect of human lives. In business, in the work-place, school, you name it, friendship makes all these places worthwhile and interesting. However, I’d say the most important sort of friendship is the one you share with you partner (husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend). Relationships are very very challenging, be it marriage or boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. There are times when you get into such ‘places’ that you just wanna walk away, you want that peace of mind you used to have when you were single. However, something stands for you, for those who have it, and that is friendship. When a relationship first starts, the initial excitement makes you blind to a lot of flaws, but time clears your eyes after a while, in pidgin, your eye go come sharpen after some time. They say time heal all wounds right? Here’s what they didn’t tell you; time is the breeze that blows foul’s yansh (if you don’t understand, let the person beside you explain to you. Hehehehehehe). With time, flaws become apparent or more apparent and other issues come out and even though love is so strong that it binds, sometimes even love doesn’t withstand the storm, but friendship does. Friendship is very important, I mean it’s imperative you are friends with your partner. A time may/will come that your partner will lose almost everything you used to love about them, looks, strength, sexual stamina and so on, at that point, it is friendship that’ll keep you people going. If you ask me what I want, I’d say I wanna get married to my best friend, best friends don’t fight for long, they don’t hate, they don’t hurt each other whether they’re very mad or not, friends are friends. Have a nice and fruitful week ahead.