Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sacrifice is what grown ups do

Hey people,how have you y'all been? I know some of you are doing great cos i talk to you somewhat often.Thank God for the people who have succeeded in cajoling/getting me to join the Blackberry community,i now have access to some of you outside blogville and twitter.Lest i forget,thanks alot for the comments on my last post,i have resolved to adding a page to this one rather than creating a new blog for my poems.Majority of you who left comments were for a new page and so i also think it's wise to add a new page.

I was chatting with a friend this morning and she made me laugh,kinda.She wants to be in a relationship but doesn't want to sacrifice.From the little knowledge i have acquired on earth,i know it isn't possible to have a healthy relationship with any human without the certainty of a measure of sacrifice from the parties involved.We are different just as our names and faces are different.Everyone was raised differently and has different inhibitions,beliefs and all,so it's not possible for you to meet someone that is totally like you,not possible (in Ichie Nwosu's voice)! This is where sacrifice comes in.For instance,while i was in school,i had this friend who hated house chores,meanwhile his roommates didn't find it funny.He had to sacrifice because he realized there's always going to be dispute if he continues the way he was going.If you are in a relationship and you don't see the need to sacrifice,i assure you you'd be out of it in no time.I mean,we sometimes laugh,talk,dance,shout,etc when we don't feel like it,all in a bid to make that person we care about happy.As part of my growing process,i realized i became very composed.I mean,my house is always so neat that you don't see anything out of place.If i get back from work,i put everything in it's rightful place,regardless of whether i'm tired or not.I had a friend come spend a few days in my house because he had a seminar to attend in the city where i am.He came late so when we got to the house we just talked generally and slept.The next day,i got up early as usual and left for work,but when i got back,i realized he wasn't the kind of person i could stay with.But because he was a guest,i had to sacrifice my comfort so he won't feel unwelcome.Unmade bed,clothes haphazardly dropped,i was running mad in my head but hid my feelings just so i don't make him feel unwelcome.This was just someone who came to spend a few days.But there are people who are a part of our daily lives and their ways aren't like ours,but the love we have for them is the reason we'll consider sacrificing.Let me give you a story.A friend of mine was having issues with his gurlfriend and,as usual,i got involved in it.After hearing from both ends,i realized the issue was that she has male friends and he's not comfortable with it.He said he's spoken to her about it but she's not letting them go and so i asked him one question,do you love her? His answer was yes.So i told him to let her be.I told him she has the right to have friends who are guys as far as she stay faithful to him.I told him to sacrifice his feeling as regards that and just let her be.He did and right now they're doing good.She still has her male friends and he's pretending he doesn't know.

Finally,you sacrifice your time to visit this blog simply because you love me,you know you do so don't even front!!! Finally,finally,if you know the sacrifices our parents made just so we'd turn out the way we are now,you'd know the importance of sacrifice.Have a very pleasant day people.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Poetry Blog

Hey people,how are y'all doing? The heat at this end of the globe is frustrating but still,i thank God for the gift of air-conditioners,e for bloody.

Anyway,back to the main reason for this post.I am thinking of starting a poetry blog.A blog that'll contain my poems right from when i started writing to this present time.There are some of my poems that make me laugh when i look at them.They didn't look like works by me,but then isn't that what advancement is all about?

So,what out for the new blog that'll be strictly for my poems.I'm going to think out how i want it to be,the name and all and then start once i'm done.Please,don't expect anything too soo,i sorta get very lazy to write these days.Thinking is no task,it is documenting my thoughts that is looking like a big deal these days,abeg remember me in your prayers,from the beginning it wasn't so (i think).Have a swell weekend ahead and be good,really!!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Poetic Thought: Quiet as the grave

I wrote this poem  yesterday.I just couldn't help but to share it with you.I wrote the poem and felt like crying.Yeah,i really should be whipped because it's only a fragment of my imagination,but it felt so real even though it emanated from me and i knew it was my imagination.Anyway,enjoy and your comments are welcomed as usual.

Quiet As The Grave

In the dead of the night
Lonely as a dead crow
Jolted out of his sleep is a very frightened man
In his arms is the only thing that defines love
The only one that defines love
There's fear in his eyes
There's fear in his heart
Tears ran down his face
But got lost in the sweat that covered his entire body
In the still of the night came his greatest nightmare
The love of his life is in his arms
But this night she is cold as ice
On this quiet,lonely night
She is as quiet as the grave