Monday, February 27, 2012

Eni ti a fe la mo

I can almost see the confused look on some of your faces caused by the title.Hahahahahahaha Don't be confused,just ask the person close to you,he/she just might be Yoruba.Now the next question is am i Yoruba by tribe? The answer is no,i mean look at my name nau.Hehehehehehehe I was born in a yoruba locality so wonder no more how i am able to speak the language.

The meaning of the title of this post is; It is the one who love that we know.I love that proverb a whole lot because it makes a whole lot of sense.For those who believe in love and who are in love,does it occur to you that it is strong faith? I know you've read in articles and have been told a million times that if someone loves you,you'd know by their actions.But in the real sense,you never know who loves you.A person might do all the right things at the right times to prove his/her love,but might still wake up one morning and just walk right out of your life.I have read stories,heard stories and even had an experience of my own to back up my claim and i know some of you have stories too to back me up on this.I can just imagine what was going through the mind of the originator of that proverb.He/she probably had one or a few experiences.The truth is,we never know who loves us,all we know are the ones we love and that's why we do the things we do.If you have this kind of faith that someone loves you (when in the actual sense you don't even know that),then you should have faith concerning everything because faith is that strong!!! Have a nice week ahead people!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The fuss is over

Hey people,it's been a while right? Yeah,i know.But good thing is i try not to allow cobwebs to surface in this hood (blog). How have y'all been though?

Somehow,this past Valentine's day seemed a bit different.Various shows and all.Even the ambiance was quite different from what i used to know.TV,Radio,Streets,it was everywhere.The fuss was the peak of the craze.Twitter was crazy even days before it and i couldn't help but wonder,all these fuss just for a day?! I decided not to even do anything on that day based on all the stuffs i saw.A gurl even asked a question on Twitter on Val's day that got me kinda upset and it was "What would one do when another guy's gift topples ones boyfriend's gift on Val's day?". I mean like WTF?! Is that even a question? It's so annoying to know that for lots of people,Valentine's day is all about gifts or going out to exotic places and all.I mean,is that what the day is even about? Don't get me wrong,buying gifts or taking your loved one out on that day isn't a bad thing,but it's bad when you make gifts or going out a big deal.

As far as i'm concerned,gifts should be bought regularly and lovers should go out regularly too,it shouldn't be on that day alone.Also,the fuss that people make on that day is unnecessary.For some,it's the day they show love to their partners.Is that even a conceivable idea?! Abeg,i no wan talk too much.Have a swell week ahead people.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Reality is the reason for limitation

Hey people,how have you been and how're we enjoying the year so far? I know some of you have already started serious plans as regards valentine.Anyway,nothing spoil,any way na way!!!

I am a firm believer of the potency of the mind.That means i am completely an optimist,with me nothing can go wrong.So this is the reason i believe people who are REALISTS should try be optimistic for a change.There are various reasons for that and i'd give the most important of them.

Writers like Napoleon Hill, Dr.Ben Carson, to name a few, are men who are aware of the power of the mind. In their books, they acknowledged the fact that the mind is a very potent tool in success of achievement.Rhonda Byrne in her book The Secret (it also has a video) explore the power of the mind as she knows it and it gives so much insight on how the mind work and also the immense power the mind possess. The mind, she explained, is able to create amongst other things. This is the reason sometimes people tend to have happen to them things they think will happen to them.Before i even watched The Secret, i always knew the mind was very powerful and thus i've always believed anything can happen,it doesn't matter whether or not it is possible.Realists are limited, in my own humble opinion.This is because they understand things with their common knowledge,they react on things they see.But the mind doesn't work on things the eyes see,it works with our belief system.With the mind,nothing is impossible, in otherwords, everything is possible. The mind beats human comprehension. It works in such an amazing way that cause serious shock sometimes. Even the bible stated in the new testament that nothing is impossible to them that believe. The power of the mind beats 'common sense' and so the idea of REALISM is defective. For instance, common sense will tell you when you heart is bad, you die.But the mind will tell you if you believe, you heart can become as good as new. Does Miracle not beat human comprehension? Do they not beat 'common sense'? Abeg make i end here jare. But just remember, REALITY is LIMITATION. Being a realist will rob you of many things. Just work with your mind, it's limitless!!! Stop telling yourself "This is reality, that won't work" or other such things, nothing (and i mean nothing) is impossible except when you've lost your mind. Have a pleasant weekend!!!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Imperfect me

I know i am not perfect
I still stumble in my confusions
I still grope in the darkness of ignorance
I still wallow in the uncertainty of my actions
I still ignorantly ignite anger
I still get trapped in my inhibitions
I still get weighed down by my unbelief
I still get tired of it all
I acknowledge the fact
I acknowledge that i'm imperfect
But God still cares
He's still faithful
He's still merciful
He's still gracious
He's still by my side as He's always been
He's never left me for a second
Even in my imperfection
He remained perfect for me
Even in my unbelief
He still believes in me
The perfect God loves an imperfect me

This was written just now.Guess i'm in one of such sober moods.Don't get me wrong,i'm awesome as usual.In fact,it's as a result of my awesomeness that i got overwhelmed by the one who always makes me awesome.Have a very pleasant day people and know that if all else fails,God never fails,if everyone deserts you,the sure one who'll be there is God.