Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy new year plus subsidy

Hello people!!! I trust you've been very well? I know lots of my peeps have been and for the ones who i didn't keep in touch with,i'm believing you've been well also.

The festive periods were quite awesome,i mean i had maximum fun.I told you guys i didn't have any plans and that was the truth.However,things generally happened.I went out alot,hooked up with friends and family.And even when i didn't go out,the music was loud with drinks flowing.I also did lots of movies and i discovered 'Entourage',if you've not seen it,do check it out.

Anyway,my main aim for making this post is to wish you all a very glorious,splendid and amazing new year.I mean,this new year is gonna be so awesome for you that people will come around you just to know the secret.This is a prayer,wish or anything that's suitable for you to tag it,but it came from the deepest part of my heart.

However,for those of you in Nigeria,the new year was greeted with the removal of oil subsidy thereby resulting in the increase in pump price of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) or petrol.This brought about many discussions and yes,it also resulted in  nationwide strike action that extended even to the UK and the US.At first i considered joining in on the strike action and the protests,but then,something changed.Our beloved country is corrupt,make no mistake about it.I mean,the corruption has eaten very deep and we really need divine intervention to get rid of it.I wasn't against the protests and strike and all before now,but right now i am very much against it.I am against it because the strike is misguided and misdirected.I'll explain.Right now,the strike is as a result of removal of subsidy,all the placards and chants are all about subsidy.But i ask,is removal of subsidy our problem as a nation?! If you ask many Nigerians,they'll tell you subsidy is a good thing but that their fear is that the money derived from subsidy removal will be MISAPPROPRIATED.Note that i highlighted the word misappropriated.Having said that,won't you agree with me that the protests have been misdirected? Rather than protest against subsidy removal,why are we not protesting against misappropriation of public funds? The issue we have like i mentioned earlier is corruption and we're not ignorant of this.So,why not protest against corruption rather than subsidy removal? Also,we're aware that the reason why our petroleum sector is in crisis is as a result of the existence of a cabal,why not go on strike for the destruction of this cabal? They are the ones who are not making our refineries work and lots of government officials (present and past) are part of it and we're not ignorant of the fact.Why not strike so government will look for a way to break their wings? People keep talking about the budget and i am forced to ask if people really know what it is they're talking about when they talk about the 2012 budget.The budget is the best we've had in year.The figures are enormous,i agree,but are the least we've seen in years.Another thing is this government reduced basic salaries by 25%.Yes,the 25% isn't so much but are we going to deny the fact that it wasn't reduction? I have seen 2 obvious changes in this government; More reasonable budget and pay cuts.This shows that the government is trying to achieve and so i am willing to give it a chance.

However,does it mean this is a perfect government? NO! Things are still wrong.Things like misappropriation and also misappropriation! So if i must go on strike or protest over something,i'd protest over misappropriation.Power has been a very great challenge of this nation since i was but a child even though billions of naira has been pumped into the power sector,why haven't we gone on strike over that to enforce changes? Our roads have claimed more lives than you will want to know,yet billions of naira has been pumped into road construction and maintenance,why haven't we gone on strike over that to enforce changes? The police who are supposed to be the ones securing lives and properties are the ones that we now need protection against,why haven't we gone on strike over that? Our labor unions that we feel are fighting for us are also doing "handshakes" and we're not ignorant of this,why would we allow ourselves to be misguided by these ones?

I do not know President Goodluck Jonathan,neither am i benefiting from his position as president,but i am just being very real as usual.We should forget ethnicity and religion and face reality.We know what our problems are,we should attack the problems logically.My take on this whole subsidy removal is this; the government has promised that the money that'll come from subsidy removal will be used for various things like primary health care,building of refineries in conjunction with private companies,building of hydro electric power plans for power generation, etc.Let's give them some time and see what happens,if no changes are made,then i'd gladly be the leader of the protest and strike action.I could actually go on about this whole issue,but i really don't want to bore you.However,if you ever decide to strike over the people who are drowning this country (we know them too) or over misappropriation of public funds,don't forget to lemme know.Have a nice day people! Just for the record,i'm not against anybody's opinion,i'm not just in support of the strike over subsidy removal.


  1. Sorry to burst your bubble but I believe the 25% reduction won't have much of an effect. Most of the enormous money Legislators receive come from their allowances, which should be the ones reduced.

    I respect your opinion, so I won't say much but if strike is the way to cause change in this country, then I support it.

  2. You make sense Bro,the pictures i see are really disturbing. i just hope they sit a realize the subsidy is not enough reason for the Protest coz it doesnt change the fact that the country is CORRUPT.

  3. When you are making an haphazard tower, with irregular objects of different shapes and sizes. Your foundation isnt that strong but You keep adding objects, trying to balance everything.... your tower is toppling... you still manage to balance everything. Then you place a small rock on top of the tower pile. The tower is wobbling and you are thinking... will it balance again this time. But alas, it topples over....

    The subsidy removal is that small rock.

  4. Abegi oooo. I dunno what is happening in port harcourt, but in Lagos, we are not just talking about fuel subsidy removal in the protests. Everyone is asking for so much more. Havent u been seeing the BB broadcasts? Is it only fuel subsidy they have been talking about in them?

    Yes we have sat down like mumus in d past, but this is the final straw that broke the camel's back.

    We can't give Jonathan a chance o. Never! How can I buy always sanitary pad for N570.00? Where will the money come from?
    Do you know how many small businesses will die, if we give them this chance? Do you know how many honest people will be driven to crime and how people will suffer for that? People will really starve o.

    The truth is that if we keep silent now, like we have been doing before, what will happen is that they will collect food from our mouth. I have 2 small businesses I run, apart from work, they are currently being affected and you say I should not talk.

    There's nothing good about this policy, so I am sorry, we can't give it a chance. How can you even suggest that? What chance? Where are the documented plans for the removal? Yesterday they said they will use it to build infrastructure, today, they said they will share it among d governors and they published d allocation. How will the governors use it? They dint say. Before it was infrastructure, now governors. Obviously they have no plans and u say I should give them a chance. Lemme stop here before I continue to rant.

    Me o, I can't fund this lifestyle that Jona wants to impose on me, its just too ridiculous and I know its a trick. Its a democracy, not military and we say NOOOOOO.

  5. The protest was initiated because of the subsidy, i do believe it is more than that though. this is the first time in years that Nigerians will come together to fight for something, it goes further to show our leaders that they cant just make decisions and expect people to live with it. sooner or later the public will react, this might be only the first step, but i trust this is a necessary step towards demand for transparency and accountability.

    "the budget is the best we've had in year.The figures are enormous,i agree,but are the least we've seen in years.Another thing is this government reduced basic salaries by 25%" You think? you think a stationary budget of $2Mill for the presidents office is the best we have seen in years? no offense but so? It might be the best (which isn't by the way) but that doesn't make it less ludicrous. they are proposing #520k a month for cooking gas alone, there is no planet on which that will be appropriate.

    On 25% cut in basic salary, this is an after fact decision.GJ decided to cut salaries after the negative public reaction on the fuel subsidy. Non withstanding, the decision is counter productive, basic salary is only about 5% of our politicians full compensation, no one cares about the salaries, we care about the allowances.

  6. @MissPweddyface: When i was in secondary school,my English teacher told me improvement is a welcomed development,it doesn't matter how small.25% is better than 0%.It shows the government is trying to do right.

    The strike should've been directed at something else like the destruction of the cabal eating our petroleum sector or corruption in government.

    @DIDI: Thanks bro and yes,the pictures are really disturbing and gruesome.

    @Okeoghene: I like your analogy and it makes a whole lot of sense though.

    @@ilola: Have you paused to consider whether the removal of subsidy is the problem we have in Nigeria or corruption?! The organized labour are a bunch of sellout who know the right thing but won't do it based on their gains.If labour had deemed it fit to tell us to come out and protest against epileptic power supply,i'd have gladly joined in.Or don't you know how much is spent on Diesel and petrol and all?! My point is that we're protesting over the wrong things! Meanwhile,whta i keep hearing is removal of subsidy,even on TV.protesters aren't shouting the death of the cabal or accountability or anything.

    @9jaFOODie: Where were we when President OBJ sent over 50 billion naira on power supply? Didn't we see it on the news?! The budget we have,even though it's still not as good as we want it,is the best we've seen in ages,there's been cut in salaries (yes it's not much,but have we had something like it before now?),increase in minimum wage etc.Doesn't all these tell us that the government wants to do it's best? We should give the government a chance and prosecute them anyway we can if after a few years we don't see any changes.The problem we have as a nation cannot just go away abruptly,it'll require a bit of time.

  7. At first, people were mad cos of the subsidy removal, now it's alot more than that... from the placards, broadcasts and tweets i've seen that is. Nigerians are tired and i'm not even sure if i care that we are fighting for just one thing, the wrong thing or everything, that we've started fighting back is enough for me because if we win this one then believe me, it will be the beginning of a revolution because we won't stop fighting. And the people in government know this that's why they'll do everything to make sure people give up.

    If i was in Naija i'll be on the streets because whether 'the people' win or not i would love to be able to say that when my generation stood up to the government, i was right there in there in their midst

  8. @dosh: I like this @ Nigerians are tired and i'm not even sure if i care that we are fighting for just one thing, the wrong thing or everything, that we've started fighting back is enough for me.As far as w e don't stop fighting,things will get better.

  9. All I can say is happy new year Bro. May it augur well for us all.

  10. The energies that came together in the form of the strike can be harnessed and directed towards addressing the corruption issue.
    Corruption has existed for a while, we know the corrupt ones but rarely challenge them. If strikes today is what can bring the masses together to let their voices be heard, I support it.
    The unfortunate part is the rowdiness that goes along with it and causes loss of lives.

    1. God bless you for this @ "The energies that came together in the form of the strike can be harnessed and directed towards addressing the corruption issue.
      Corruption has existed for a while, we know the corrupt ones but rarely challenge them".