Thursday, January 26, 2012

Love isn't blind

Hey people,i presume you've all been great.As for me,i've been very awesome as usual.The sun isn't smiling on this part of the globe though,but still all is well.

I know the title of this post would prick your interest and that's kinda the idea.I have always heard this saying "Love is blind" like a million times and i'm quite sure you've heard it too.Do you agree with it? Well,as for me, i strongly opposed to that idea.I don't know why the person who that quote originated from said that,but i disagree with his thought.You know i don't say things without giving you my reasons,so i'm going to give you reasons why i disconcur with his line of thought.

Love,if anything,sees far more than we see and realize.Love sees beyond even the natural and the insight love gives is such that superceeds human comprehension.People say love is blind when they see a very handsome man get married to a woman who isn't fine and vice versa.Or maybe a very responsible person gets married or is attached to someone who isn't considered reasonable.However,this is human comprehension and it's mostly shallow.When a very handsome man gets married to a woman who isn't fine,he sees something in her that people around don't.Remember,even in your difference,there's uniqueness.When a rich gurl falls in love with a poor artist,she sees something in him people around don't see.Have you not heard of a gurl getting married to a man people consider poor and wretched and after marriage the man becomes very wealthy? Now on a lighter note,if you say love is blind,how come you see a very beautiful woman beside a very ugly but stinkingly rich man? Hehehehehehehehehe

Love is pure
Love is strong
Love is intense
Love is passionate
Love is soft
Love is true
Love is faithful
Love is beautiful
But love is never blind.This is the way i see it,how do you see it?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I've actually become lazy and can't blog these days.However,i am determined not to let cobwebs appear here so i'd be putting up poems.Here's one i wrote some time back,enjoy!


For the very first time

Gravity failed

I was taken off the ground 

And so without wings

For eternity did I suspend

The first time we kissed

With your lips joined to mine

I felt my heart stop beating

While I yet lived

Whether in anticipation

Whether for love

Or for any other reason

I do not seem to comprehend

But I connected the ground a very proud man

For I defiled gravity

And did so without wings

With the mere touch of your lips on mine

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Naija4life initiates the "Give a Book" Campaign

I was doing my blog rounds when i came across this on Myne's blog and i was really impressed and decided to share it on my blog.It is my own way of showing support to naija4life and his campaign.Read and share if you can please and if you can,just Give A Book!

Naija4life initiates the "Give a Book" Campaign

The Give a Book campaign aims to collect educational books which will be sent to Nigeria. The chief driver is Naija4life, the blogger behind A Pen and a Heart, a teacher and someone with a deep passion for education. Education has made a huge difference in his life and he says he will regard his life’s journey as unfulfilled if he fails to give back to society in any way he can. According to him, "we can be quite critical about the many wrongs in our society and most times rightly so. But I also believe we can take action by making small contributions that can only help improve our society. I’m a firm believer that whatever change we seek will only happen if we take action to accomplish them."

What is the purpose of this campaign?
Education remainss the key that will unlock Nigeria’s future. Good education can only be possible with access to books, something that many Nigerian children are denied.

How will this campaign work?
This campaign will involve awareness and invite people to donate old or used books they no longer need or are quite happy to give which are in fairly good condition. They can range from academic books, for primary and secondary school age, fiction, non-fiction etc.

Who can get involved?
This campaign is open to all. You can kindly donate a book or several books.

How can you get involved?
You can get involved by help spreading the word via your blogs, websites, through friends, family etc. This campaign is about the ordinary Nigerian children who have limited access to books and whom this campaign will benefit eventually. You can also get involved by choosing to become a co-facilitator of this campaign and be actively involved in its operations.

How long will this campaign last?
It will last for at least 6 months, up to the summer to enable the initial target of 1000 books.

Who will benefit from this campaign?
The plan is to partner with at least 3 schools especially in deprived areas in Nigeria in the first instance. The intention is to ensure that the books are donated for use in each school’s library for use by all students. Where a school library doesn’t exist then we can encourage them to set up one to enable students borrow or use these books for study. Do you know of any school that could benefit from this campaign? If so please get in touch and let me know how you can be of help in making the necessary contacts needed to get things started.

How will this campaign be funded?
This will be a 100% charitable campaign. They are not asking for money, only for publicity, and donations of old or used books for primary and secondary age or any book that will benefit young people. They'll also be soliciting for logistic support to send these books to Nigeria at the appropriate time. All books collected will be accounted for. At the end of the campaign, details of the schools where these books have been donated to will be made available. Regular updates will be made available on

How can I send my book donations?
If you live in the UK or Ireland, please email me at: or and you’ll be provided with the address where donations can be sent to. If you live in the US, Canada, or other parts of Europe, perhaps you may want to lead this campaign where you are which will be quite awesome if you can. Those in Nigeria, we would even rely on your massive support in recommending schools and mobilising where you are.

At the present, they've already collected about 100 ICT books which will be of immense benefit to Nigerian young people whose access to books is somewhat limited.

How can I get updates about the work of this campaign?
Naija4life will provide regular updates to show how much books have been donated and by who. Pseudo names can be used for those who don’t want their real identities revealed. He has contacted a media outlet in the UK (BenTv) and is currently in discussion to see how they may help get the word out to the Nigerian community and even others. He's also in the process of contacting VoxAfrica, another UK based media outlet for Diaspora people.

In whatever way you want to support, please feel free to send an email to Also please feel free to ask any questions you may have here as Naija4life will be coming over to answer them. He welcomes advice and constructive criticisms too.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Guys: Reasons why you should be in a relationship

Hey people,how have you been? I have been well,cos i know some of you are wondering.Today i have decided to put up a very crazy post.Yeah,i called it crazy because somehow i find myself laughing when i think of it.The title already has given you an idea of how crazy it's gonna be.So,just sit back with a bottle of coke and popcorn and enjoy!

I just woke up with this crazy thought and i wanna share them with the guys,but the ladies can share it with the guys in their lives though.We all know what 'playing' means,we know what it means when they say a guy is a 'playa'.So,i wanna give you reasons why it's better to be in a relationship.However,here's a disclamer; some of the points are just trash,i intend to laugh.Hehehehehehehehe

Reasons to be in a relationship

1. You always have someone to talk to

When you're in a relationship,you always have someone to talk to.There are times when you wanna talk but you don't wanna talk to your best friend,your mum or dad or sibling,you just need a special someone to talk to.But if you have strings of one-night-stands,you won't enjoy this luxury because as a playa,it is even against the rule to call back after 'hitting it'.

2. You are regarded as responsible

Being in a steady relationship portrays you as responsible.Actually it is responsible to be in a relationship! People are fond of judging and we sometimes do it too,it's the human nature.So the people around you respect you when they know you're in a steady relationship.The men laugh more with you because they know their daughters are safe and the women are impressed by your sense of responsibility.

3. You earn the respect of your female friends (if you have them)

Gurls who are not interested in making use of your 'tool' appreciates it when you are in a steady relationship and they tend to respect you alot.Yeah yeah,they love their fellow gurls like that (just as far as they don't want the guy to eat their 'apple'.Hehehehehehehehe).

4. Things get easier

Except you're in a relationship with someone who has strange ideas,like "God forbid,me i can't do dishes for a guy o","I can't clean a guy's house o,am i a slave",things will be easy for you.Personally,i like having my gurlfriend spend time with me in my house.That way if i decide to settle with her,i know what to expect.I'd know if i'd have to get someone come in to clean the house each day or another such option that'll get the house clean.If you're in a relationship,you know you don't always have to sweep or do the dishes,she'll gladly do them.

5. You don't pay for laundry 

Yeah,this is very important for the lazy guys who can't do their laundry and a great money-saver for those who take their clothes to the laundry people to do for them.When you have a steady relationship,you gurlfriend would gladly do your laundry without charging you.

6. You don't go to fast foods (except she's a terrible cook sha)

If your gurlfriend is not a terrible cook,you enjoy various delicacies without having to pay much or pay for the services rendered in terms of cooking and serving the dish.You know how much you spend when you visit fast foods,so i shouldn't explain the importance of this.

7. You don't pay for sex

This is sort of the most important.(Don't judge me!!!) Hehehehehehehe Have you thought of the fact that when you 'play',you actually pay for sex,sort of? Lemme break it down.First you see the gurl,you like her.To get her attention,you have to talk to her and maybe get her number,then you start calling (Mtn doesn't give a damn whether you're trying to impress her,they'll slice your neck.You talk for 10mins and they might end up charging you for 11mins,just saying).Then you use the calls to set P (set date for those who don't know) and then because you're a cool guy,you'll take her to a fancy spot and spend some good cash.Then try your luck and convince her to come to yours and if she agrees,you hit it,else,you try again maybe this time you introduce a bit of crazy outing that'll involve alcohol (more money) and then this time you finally hit it.But because you're a playa,you don't go back to her.Now,if you consider all you went through and the money you spent just to get in between her legs,you'll understand the importance of a gurlfriend.You don't need to take her out to hit it.You don't need to give her cash to hit it.But that doesn't mean you shouldn't take her out or give her cash sha o.Hahahahahaha

Anyway,these are the few reasons i have for you on why you should be in a relationship.You'd agree with me that they 'made sense' abi? Hehehehehehehehe Have a very pleasant day people!!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy new year plus subsidy

Hello people!!! I trust you've been very well? I know lots of my peeps have been and for the ones who i didn't keep in touch with,i'm believing you've been well also.

The festive periods were quite awesome,i mean i had maximum fun.I told you guys i didn't have any plans and that was the truth.However,things generally happened.I went out alot,hooked up with friends and family.And even when i didn't go out,the music was loud with drinks flowing.I also did lots of movies and i discovered 'Entourage',if you've not seen it,do check it out.

Anyway,my main aim for making this post is to wish you all a very glorious,splendid and amazing new year.I mean,this new year is gonna be so awesome for you that people will come around you just to know the secret.This is a prayer,wish or anything that's suitable for you to tag it,but it came from the deepest part of my heart.

However,for those of you in Nigeria,the new year was greeted with the removal of oil subsidy thereby resulting in the increase in pump price of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) or petrol.This brought about many discussions and yes,it also resulted in  nationwide strike action that extended even to the UK and the US.At first i considered joining in on the strike action and the protests,but then,something changed.Our beloved country is corrupt,make no mistake about it.I mean,the corruption has eaten very deep and we really need divine intervention to get rid of it.I wasn't against the protests and strike and all before now,but right now i am very much against it.I am against it because the strike is misguided and misdirected.I'll explain.Right now,the strike is as a result of removal of subsidy,all the placards and chants are all about subsidy.But i ask,is removal of subsidy our problem as a nation?! If you ask many Nigerians,they'll tell you subsidy is a good thing but that their fear is that the money derived from subsidy removal will be MISAPPROPRIATED.Note that i highlighted the word misappropriated.Having said that,won't you agree with me that the protests have been misdirected? Rather than protest against subsidy removal,why are we not protesting against misappropriation of public funds? The issue we have like i mentioned earlier is corruption and we're not ignorant of this.So,why not protest against corruption rather than subsidy removal? Also,we're aware that the reason why our petroleum sector is in crisis is as a result of the existence of a cabal,why not go on strike for the destruction of this cabal? They are the ones who are not making our refineries work and lots of government officials (present and past) are part of it and we're not ignorant of the fact.Why not strike so government will look for a way to break their wings? People keep talking about the budget and i am forced to ask if people really know what it is they're talking about when they talk about the 2012 budget.The budget is the best we've had in year.The figures are enormous,i agree,but are the least we've seen in years.Another thing is this government reduced basic salaries by 25%.Yes,the 25% isn't so much but are we going to deny the fact that it wasn't reduction? I have seen 2 obvious changes in this government; More reasonable budget and pay cuts.This shows that the government is trying to achieve and so i am willing to give it a chance.

However,does it mean this is a perfect government? NO! Things are still wrong.Things like misappropriation and also misappropriation! So if i must go on strike or protest over something,i'd protest over misappropriation.Power has been a very great challenge of this nation since i was but a child even though billions of naira has been pumped into the power sector,why haven't we gone on strike over that to enforce changes? Our roads have claimed more lives than you will want to know,yet billions of naira has been pumped into road construction and maintenance,why haven't we gone on strike over that to enforce changes? The police who are supposed to be the ones securing lives and properties are the ones that we now need protection against,why haven't we gone on strike over that? Our labor unions that we feel are fighting for us are also doing "handshakes" and we're not ignorant of this,why would we allow ourselves to be misguided by these ones?

I do not know President Goodluck Jonathan,neither am i benefiting from his position as president,but i am just being very real as usual.We should forget ethnicity and religion and face reality.We know what our problems are,we should attack the problems logically.My take on this whole subsidy removal is this; the government has promised that the money that'll come from subsidy removal will be used for various things like primary health care,building of refineries in conjunction with private companies,building of hydro electric power plans for power generation, etc.Let's give them some time and see what happens,if no changes are made,then i'd gladly be the leader of the protest and strike action.I could actually go on about this whole issue,but i really don't want to bore you.However,if you ever decide to strike over the people who are drowning this country (we know them too) or over misappropriation of public funds,don't forget to lemme know.Have a nice day people! Just for the record,i'm not against anybody's opinion,i'm not just in support of the strike over subsidy removal.