Thursday, December 20, 2012

Poetic Thursdays: Deeper than the abyss

I wrote this poem just last night and i really loved it.It also tells me how wild my imaginations are.I used a part as my status on blackberry messenger and my very close friend sent a message thinking something was wrong and then i reminded him i was a poet.I can't tell you what inspired this particular poem,it just came out.I hope you find it as good as i found it (forget the fact that i wrote it,i love this particular poem).Read,comment and share if you so please.

Deeper than the abyss
You wake up one day,like today
With the sun slowly crawling out of the horizon
The stillness that accompanies the night withdrawing fast
Being replaced by activities
You engage in your daily routine
Assisted by tooth paste,toothbrush,sponge,water,towel,deodorant,cloths
And you continue the routine by stepping out into the gaping mouth of the day
Aiming to find your way to work
You first notice the beggar close to the curb isn't there anymore
But standing beside a luxurious car talking to a man in a fancy suit that is like his
You don't understand what is going on but make your way to your favorite eatery to have breakfast
Only to see that it's a mechanics shop with your landlord as the mechanic in soiled overall
With your face distorted by a frown formed in confusion
You make your way to your workplace not far from the eatery
But you meet your boss at the gate and he calls you sir and opens the gate
You get into the building and realize you don't know a single soul
Now dazed,you rush out and sprint to the building you are certain housed your therapist
But find a florist instead
The one place you were sure you would find answers in the church
You get there and see tattooed men and barely clothed women
It's a night club and those are the workers
And on the side street,your pastor's wife working on a strange man
Not with working tools,but with her body
Now mystified you retrace your steps but step on a drunk
But you know this drunk
He's the person you used to know as your pastor
Questions...fear...frustration...and you know your heart can't take it anymore
You feel it's a dream
You try to wake up
But you can't
You pinch yourself,it hurts
You cut yourself,you bleed
It is reality
You're stuck
You wake up one day and realize all you believed in are lies
It'd be the worst day of your life
The confusion would be deeper than the abyss

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Hey people,compliments of the season.I trust you are doing great? I am awesome as usual.Although the season came with it lots of work,but not something out of the ordinary so i always handle it.In case you missed it when i said it,Priscy is amazing.I mean,she's just a great person and here's saying thank you to her.

I feel one of the greatest problems we have as humans is that we barely think.We don't think as often or maybe as deeply as we ought to.Even if you say you think every minute,i'd still say you don't think enough.Do you realize how fast your head works sometimes? You could think of a million things in a single minute (I may have exaggerated a bit sha *grin*).Anyway,the reason i mentioned that we don't think enough is that there's too much evil in the world.If we actually think,we'd have less wicked people around.I mean,if you sit down and think of the implications of hurting people,i doubt if you'd still proceed.If we actually generally think hard before we act,there would be leniency.So if you can,encourage people around you and indeed yourself to engage in serious thinking before acting.

Having said those,i want to thank God for a wonderful year.This year is a great year (notice i didn't use 'was'). This year i got increased in every side.In wisdom,in finances,friends and so on.This year,i got engaged.This year,i met very wonderful people (some of them are bloggers while some aren't). This year,while millions are jobless,i got two job offers (i turned both down after careful analysis). This year,my elder brother and 3 of my closest friends got married.This year,i flew a few times and they were after the Dana Air crash,even with all the fears hanging in the air,i still flew those times and landed at my destinations without any hitch.I drive around in Port harcourt and even went on a few inter-state trips and never got close to having any accident.Then when i think of you guys and how amazing you are,i thank God,it's not easy making the acquaintance of great minds so i am indeed blessed.I am most grateful to God.These are the little i can remember,but truth is God has been faithful.Waking up alone is a privilege i'll never understand seeing that people die in their sleep.God,thank You again and again and again and again and again till infinity.And the year hasn't ended yet,alot can still happen.How about you,aren't you grateful?

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ladies,lets talk

Hey people,how's the week going so far? Yeah,it only just started but we've lived through one day already and that's huge.Anyway,you know i'm awesome without being told.This week isn't the reason for this post so i'm just going to get right into it.

Disclaimer: This post contains very obscene and vulgar languages,readers discretion is advised.

For those of you on Twitter,you'd have known by now that it's a world of it's own.There you'd meet the smart,the dumb,the stupid,the foolish,the confused,the crazy,the funny,the unbelievable and so on.It's a mad world entirely.However,my issue is with the ladies.

Women world over are clamoring for gender equality.They want to be respected and treated like men rather than mere 'sex objects'. Let me dwell on Nigeria,as it's where i'm mostly concerned about.We have groups who fight for gender equality in Nigeria.Groups that believe women should be treated equal with men,given the same opportunities as men and so on.While i respect and understand their struggle,i want to point out that they should be more concerned with orientation.They don't want to be seen as mere sex objects yet their actions are shameful.Now back to twitter,the Bios and avatars (profile pictures) of the gender that wants respect is really appalling.Consider these Bios;

"ilike u,ifuck u,idon't give a damn about u", "I'm a sexy ass bitch,who loves fun...#TeamBi...#TeamBigAss...I'm Bi...ladies follow only...I'm in love with","Nawti !!!! Reli nawti ....#TEAMlesbians #TEAM bi-sexual #Team dripping pussy ....anti small boobs...ff nd mention 4 a ff bac ♣". I could go on and on and on and on.And yes,they all have shameful avatars attached to them.

Ordinarily,it wouldn't have been an issue if twitter were an adult hookup site,then we'd know it's the whole idea of the site.Twitter is a site where responsible and respectable individuals go to meet other respectable and responsible individuals to unwind and rub minds.Rather than that,what you see these days are nudes.Before now,we had nudes where the faces were cut off and you'd just see the parts the uploader wants you to see.But now,you'd see their faces.I mean,the daughters of responsible parents,naked and proudly showing off their nakedness to the same people they want respect from.I'm now very confused.You complain that men don't respect you and that they see you as a sex object rather than the woman that you are,yet you're comfortable with the idea of putting up your nude pictures on the internet.How is that supposed to help you gain respect? How are men supposed to stop treating you as sex objects when you readily make yourself one? It might interest you to know that some of these women have respectable jobs.Don't get me wrong though,i'm not so bothered about the nude pictures that were supposed to be secured but somehow ended up on the internet,i'm talking about the nude pictures that were actually meant to be posted on the internet.Men have nudes too (even though they're not half as much as that of women). But they're not the ones complaining about being seen as sex objects or clamoring for gender equality.

Nudes aren't a big deal,they're supposed to spice sex up.But that's supposed to be between you and your partner and not you and the entire persons that have access to the internet.In my posts Queen of kings and You want respect,respect yourself first and Women,please know your worth ,i talked about women comporting themselves as queens who are meant for kings and knowing their worth and also respecting themselves so as to be respected.You can't call yourself a 'bitch' or say your only problem is to have lots of dicks and use your nude picture as your profile picture and expect to be approached by a king or someone respectable.I once tweeted that "Lots of u are gonna give ur kids a hard time explaining why their mom's nude pix is all over the internet to their classmates" and "I know other people's opinion of u doesn't matter,but how about the opinion of ur unborn kids of u? U sure u don't give a hoot about theirs?". If you as a woman don't see anything wrong in putting up your nude pictures on the internet,are you sure it'll be okay for your kids to stumble upon them? Would you be proud to show your kids your twitter page? For those of you ladies who still believe in self-respect,please don't falter,we're aware of your respectability.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Poetic Thurdays: Safe with me

Hey people,before i go to the main post,which is more of a poem,let me advice you because i love you; don't make other people's headache your own when they don't even know you exist.If someone is living his life and enjoying it,then you really shouldn't give yourself an heart attack getting angry with how the person is living his life.

That said,i want to dedicate this poem to that beautiful angel rocking my world and who'd soon be my wife.In case you're wondering who she is,she's none other than Becqui.Read and enjoy!

Safe with me

The heart doesn’t bend
It breaks and is hard to mend
It’s not like wood
If it can be fastened together then heartbroken people would
But it’s a physical element
Covered by the human chest
It breaks in a way that exceeds human comprehension
It leaves the owner in exasperation
Drains the eyes of tears
Fills what’s left of the heart with fears
It robs one of reality
It replaces that with self pity
If you see one who’s heartbroken
You’ll see one who feels forsaken
Even when he tries to smile
The eyes give him away from a mile
You can rejoin pieces of broken plastics
Using heat from hot metals
You can rejoin pieces of woods
Using nails driven by hammers
But it’s not that simple with the heart
How the heart mends when it breaks
We still cannot explain even though we’ve seen hundreds of daybreaks
Do you know why I am still here?
It because I don’t want you to experience it because it’s severe
Your heart is safe with me
As long as you’re with me
So if you ever think of breaking my heart
Think again and you would revert

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Poetic Thurdays: Strings from a guitar

Hey people,i wanna believe everyone is as awesome as me.You wanna know what's new? Well,Becqui goes around telling people that she is awesomer more awesome than me these days,can you imagine that? That is impersonation of attitude,don't you all think?

Lots of my poems aren't about me.I mentioned that my imagination is wild and so i can imagine things and write a poem about them and even though they'd feel very real,they're just my imagination.However,some of my poems too are written based on my feelings.I express myself well with songs,but mostly poems and that explains why i have more poems than songs.So,this poem is actually about me.It expresses how i was feeling at a point in time,key words being "at a point in time".Read,enjoy and share your thoughts.

Strings of a guitar
I've held on for so long
I've been patient
But I'm almost suffocated
So right now I'm reaching inside my heart
I'm plucking the hurts
Like the strings from a guitar
I'm plucking to create a tune
A tune of anger
With lyrics of yesteryears
Lyrics of deep cuts of exasperation
Lyrics that'll form a tune
A tune a few people would be shocked with
A tune they would be shocked to dance to
I'm plucking the hurts in my heart like the strings from a guitar
If I choose mortar
People might get hurt
Because there will be an explosion
An explosion that might shatter relationships
So I'll just pluck the hurts from my heart
Like the strings from a guitar
And form a lyrics so mellow
Oh what the heck! Explosion it is!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Why do you want to get married?

Hey people,I trust you're doing great as usual.I am awesome as always and life is very beautiful.Meanwhile,i can't believe some people (they know themselves) are begging me to offend them so i'd write them poems.So if i've not offended you yet,please be patient,it will soon get to your turn.But i'm not promising a poem though.LOL

I got a broadcast on Blackberry some days back and it's what prompted this post.The BC talks about marriage and stuff.It mentioned some things that made sense.It submitted that some people get married for all the wrong reasons and I find this to be totally true.Don't you wonder why marriages don't last these days? It's all because many marriages were formed out of wrong reasons.Some people marry for looks,money,voice,status etc.The problem with these is that they are all liable to be lost.The beauty of most women tend to diminish when they get older.As for the guys,accident might cause their looks to one not so flashy,age even diminishes some of their looks too.So what happens when you realize the person you're married to isn't as beautiful or handsome as when you first met them? For those that get attached for money,it's even scarier.Money not well spent or invested gets lost faster than the blinking of eyes.Even if money is well invested,some other things might result to losing it for a long time or forever (we don't pray for this though).What happens then? Peradventure your spouse puts money into a business and the returns took way longer than expected.Or maybe you people encountered some spiritual issues that affected your finances,what happens then? For those that get married for status,does that last forever? Status changes for the better,no doubt.But have you also considered the fact that it also changes for the worse? Lots of past governors are nobody today.What happens when your spouse loses his or her status? There are things that are hardly ever lost though and these are love,friendship,morals,a good heart.If you marry for these and you're blessed to have status,money,looks,then those are bonuses,trust me.I don't know about anybody,but I'd rather get married to someone I love,who doubles as my friend,who has high moral standards and who has a very good heart.I'd rather my sister or friend get married to someone who is respectful and who has human sympathy and is living at average or below it than have them marry someone who's rich but who'd kill other people's spirits with their spiteful words or someone who's rich and feels he's the only one who has the right to be rich and thus doesn't lift a finger to be of assistance to anyone.I'd rather have someone who's comfortable and friendly marrying my friend or sister than someone who's rich and unfriendly.If you marry for the wrong reasons,you'd not even have the urge to fight when the marriage is facing challenges.But when you marry for the right reasons,the thought of losing the marriage is enough incentive for you to fight to make things work.Have a very nice day people.

Monday, November 19, 2012


Hey people,how have you been? The weekend was very cool.I mean,i slept like i'd not been sleeping for ages,i'm sure i added some flesh (yeah yeah,say whatever you like).

It turns out that i'd be messing up all these while and it took serious mouthing to get me back on track.I have a good blogitude (or so i hope) and so i felt bad when i realized i'd been ignoring someone whose been friendly all along.She's amazing for still talking to me and for that,i appreciate.In order to get full forgiveness from her,she insisted i must write her a poem and since Becqui gave me the go ahead,i wrote the poem and in case you're wondering who she is,she's no other than Aloted.I chose to title the poem Aloted and i hope this would put me in her good books!

When it rains
The water in a pool knows no rest
Cold unrest in the pool
But it's different after the rain
There a calmness
A beautiful calmness that swallows the pool
My head sometimes get like the pool when it rains
Millions of thoughts crashing on themselves
Causing unrest in my head
Sometimes the unrest invites headaches
The unrest fails my thoughts
Because I miss some things
Sometimes very important things
But this time it was a person
This time it was Aloted
In my mental chaos i got blind
But now I can see
I can see clearly
I can see you Aloted

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Hey people,I presume it's been a good week so far? Work isn't so stressful out here so life is beautiful as usual.

As humans,we are faced with so many challenges and how we react is what differentiates the winners from the weak ones.We're humans,so we're not perfect.I have seen people lose their ways.I've even been a victim at some point.I know a man who was a very stand up guy.He was the definition of responsible (in the Nigerian context).He didn't smoke,drink or chase after other women.He didn't like illegal dealings.Even when he was in politics,he didn't take bribes or joined to 'share the money' with his political party.However,these didn't pay off for years and he got weary.He started drinking and smoking and doing other stuffs that he wasn't doing.He lost his way.I know of another man who was very responsible.He got employed into an organization where illegal deals were a norm and got caught up in the deals.Somewhere in there is that part that was responsible,but he's lost his way.I know of a boy (he's quite close to me) who was a good boy till he got admitted into one of the private universities and started doing drugs and moving around with bad boys.I believed he ought to know better,but then again,that's just my belief.He has lost his way.

We get caught up in various things and thus lose our way at one point or another.However,it doesn't make us monsters or useless or unreliable or unreasonable or irresponsible.On the contrary,it makes us human.But,the fact that we get lost doesn't mean we should remain in the lost path.We owe it to ourselves and those who love us to try to find our way back.I remember when i changed from who i used to be to something i never thought i'd be.I strove to retrace my steps and went back to who i was.So,the truth is we are humans and are liable to make mistakes and lose our way,but we shouldn't remain lost.If you're lost,do find your way back! There's always a reason for being on the right part,don't ever forget that.

“Losing your way on a journey is unfortunate. But, losing your reason for the journey is a fate more cruel.”-H.G Wells

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Poetic Thursday: Wrong Place...Wrong time

Hey people,i'm about to let you have a fill of my shortest poem yet.I wrote it and actually really liked it.It's very short but quite expressive.Enjoy!

Wrong place,wrong time

I smiled

She frowned

I waved

She looked away

I moved closer

She shifted

I said hi

She walked away

I guess i was just at the wrong place at the wrong time

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Unnecessary headache

Hey people,I trust you've been good as usual.Shout-out to Dayor on adding another year to her age on the 5th of this month.May you be a million times better than you are by this time next year.

Do you get exasperated when people tend to take medicine for your own sickness? I mean,they almost get seizures bothering themselves on things that doesn't concern them.I have lots of them around me and they're getting to know the kind of person i am,thus are learning to let me be.You know,we all have out various shortcomings and we shouldn't kill our selves on other people's.Truth is,if you have a tiny,i mean minute shortcoming,you have no right to condemn or judge anyone.Only those who are perfect have the prerogative to judge those who aren't.

Why would you worry over someone else's life? I mean,kill yourself over how someone is living his/her life when the person seem to be having a blast living? Isn't that ridiculous? Consider these;

*I am earning N70,000 and i decide to buy 3 shirts for N30,000,how is that your issue? Na you do the work for the month?

*I put on my gen from morning till night to get light,you dey vex say i wan spoil the gen.Na you buy fuel inside? Or na you go repair am if e spoil?

*I buy BB Porsche,you say i stupid.I borrow money from your hand take buy am?

*I decide to do Mo Hawk,you dey vex say i don old.Na your head i carry am? Na you get the age?

*I dey sag my trouser,you wan cry for the matter,na you buy the boxers for me? Or na your hand i borrow the trouser?

*You wear Gucci,i wear Guggi,you say i dey mess your designer up.You no sabi read? Or the people you wan impress no go school?

*I dey make call dey call millions wey you no dey see,you dey bone.Na you buy phone or credit for me?

We tend to worry our beautiful heads over unnecessary  things and it's very absurd.If you get caught up in things like this,you should learn to think differently because it's your thoughts that are playing tricks on you.Have a nice day people.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Poetic Thursday: My Voice Will Be Heard

I'm barely seeing
No I'm not blind,I'm just sweating
My hands are hurting
My feet are bleeding
But I'll keep climbing
Ontop the mountain I'm going
My voice needs to be heard

It's very dark
But I must meet my mark
Where,again,is the mark?
Maybe I'm just waiting for a spark
Or maybe it's the beer pack
But somewhere in my head
I know I need to be heard

I've got my writing pad
This I don't find hard
The world is crazy,the world is mad
But aren't I also bad?
I'll put it down in my music
I shout it out in my songs
It's a good way for my voice to be heard\
My voice will be heard

Friday, October 19, 2012

Work on your head

Hey people,i trust you've been great.My awesomeness is still unhindered.I sincerely apologize for not bringing you the poem for yesterday's Poetic Thurdays,my Internet service provider decided to be a female dog yesterday and i hate posting with my phone.Anyway,i'm here today,right?

To make up,i'm going to give you some lines that have made me fearless.They're words that don't make giving up an option for me,ever! I keep talking about the potency of the mind and these words work on the mind,so use them to work on your head if you need to and i promise they won't fail you.They've not failed me yet.

*Winners never quit and quitters don't win.

*Give life a hard time messing with you.If you feel life isn't unfair,fight back and let it know you're a bad ass!

*Before you give up,try one more time and if you do and it doesn't work,spool (repeat again).

*Whatever you do now will come back and to visit you in the future.It doesn't matter if you did them in ignorance,anger,ecstasy,happiness,youthful exuberance,whatever.So consider your actions.

*Mind what you say,words are the strongest of things you can imagine.They are the door to the mind.

*Don't ever let people get into your head else manipulation is going to be inevitable.

*Realism is restrictive but with Optimism,you can actually reach for the skies or even past them if you want to.

*People will always have their opinion of you and it doesn't matter,but what you think of yourself is the most important.

The aforementioned are guiding lights for me in my quest for a good and responsible life,i hope you find them useful.Have a nice weekend ahead!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thank you and other things!

Hey people,i trust you're doing very well.Well,just want to use this opportunity to say thank you to all of you where wished me well and prayed for me on my birthday.God bless you all! I had fun,it actually started from the office and then went out a bit.Here are some pictures i took;

The first cake

Birthday boy

My colleagues surrounding the birthday boy

Colleagues and cousin


Friends of the company

Solo shot

With my boss

I love this pix

My boss handing over my birthday gift (I love my company)

With my cousin and colleague

Cake number two

Act for the camera

Surrounded my love

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Hey people.It's a lovely day to be alive and more lovely because today adds another year to my age.Yes,it's my birthday today! Generally,i'm not really a birthday-celebrater.Sometimes i don't even tell people about my birthday till it's past.I remember a funny incident that happened some 7-8 years ago.I was chilling with my friends on my birthday and none of them remebered.I didn't bother reminding them,i just hung out with them as usual and went home afterwards.The next day i mentioned the fact that my birthday was the day before and they were mad at me and of course themselves for forgetting my birthday.In as much as i don't celebrate per se,i don't forget my friend's or loved ones' birthdays.I guess i'd change my not celebrating ways when i have a family of my own because i definitely would be celebrating my wife and kids birthdays.Maybe even close the street,the Yoruba style.*wink*

Anyway,the fact that i don't exactly celebrate my birthdays doesn't mean i'm not grateful or happy that i get older,i do big time.However,this year i have more reasons to be grateful to God that previous years.This year has been very fruitful for me.This same year,i finished the compulsory NYSC program and had a job waiting for me (I actually started working before i even graduated from the University).This year,i got closer to me father,this year my elder brother got married.This year,i got richer both materially and otherwise (I never hammer the major hammer yet sha).This year,i got wiser.This year,i got engaged to the most amazing gurl on earth.Indeed,this year has been very awesome for me.This year,i've got love from different angles more than before! I've be privileged to have very special people in my life most of whom i met here on Blogsville (they know themselves).It's been an awesome year for me,really!

I am using this medium to thank God for His mercies,grace and love towards me.Indeed God loves me,i can't even deny it.HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Poetic Thurdays

Hey people,how have you all been? It's been a good week over here,hope yours have been great too? So,i have this thought and i want to share it with you people.One thing i can do with my eyes close is write poems.So,i'm thinking of imbibing what Dayor does with her Fridays (Wordless Friday),but mine would be Poetic Thurday.I don't want cobwebs to ever grow on this blog unlike some people i know (they know themselves).So,to kickstart it let me give you something to enjoy.It was born out of my imagination as most of my poems are,but some parts are actually about me.My poems are always my raw imaginations conveyed in my raw simple words.So please read,enjoy and do comment.


I have a voice

But you have a strong reason

It’s my place

But you have a better case

My guilt is a gag in my mouth

My knowledge another reason for my muteness

Every word is potent

Not a dagger in my chest

Not a million pins on my skin

Not a bullet in my groin

No, nothing of those sorts

But every word you say is potent

It an appeal to my heart

It’s a plea reaching my soul

I may have lost my way

I may be ignorant of what I once knew

But I know I’m going to try

I’m going to be a better man

I may not even know what that means anymore

But you’re worth embarking on that journey for

Monday, September 24, 2012

Dangers of pretence

Hey people,how have you been? I've been very awesome and work has been crazy.I mean,i rarely have free days in the week,i rarely lounge.Gone are those days i'll chill at the office and ping and tweet and do all kinds of lazying.Oh well! I was supposed to be working right? Sometimes i get paid to just sit,browse or ping or tweet or play scrabble or whatever,not anymore though.It actually feels good to be engaged,maybe it because of the person i'm engaged to.But i enjoy my current relationship status.And i know it'd be more when i'm like Emaleeecious.

Ever wonder why people would pretend to be what they're not just to acquire certain things? Some lie to get a gurl/guy,some lie to get contracts,for some it's to gain respect,for others it's to gain friends.I actually marvel at this because there's always an outcome of pretense that is never favorable for them.Come to think of it,why would people even consider pretense? I mean,what's the essence of not showing who i really am when i know who i am is awesome? My belief is this; if i have to pretend to gain something,then it's totally not worth it.I know sometimes people tend to pretend so as to be seen as cool.Well,instead of being seen as that,why not just show your real self? If you don't like your real self,there's no harm in making necessary changes.Instead of pretending to be rich,why not wait till you're reach? I've seen some people spend so much on being who they are not and end up heavily in debt.It's worthless!

The funny thing about pretense is that it is 'living a lie' and lies never stay out of the open forever,theyalways get revealed.So when you gain something by pretending,be sure you lose it and maybe more when people realize you had been pretending all along.I remember "Love Don't Cost A Thing" with Nick Cannon and Christina Milan.He lied about who he was in the movie and gained alot of friends and fans.But when it was discovered he had been pretending all along,he was left in a worse state than he was initially.He lost all his friends,his fans and even the good friends he made before he started living his fake life.Good thing though was he realized himself and made amends.I also know of a gurl who claimed to be a very good gurl and got herself a guy,who happened to be my friend,only for the guy to realize sometime later that she wasn't what she claimed to be.He simply left her and i never blamed him.My point is,pretense should be avoided like a plague because it can rub you of what you think you had and even the ones you actually had.Do you think there's a valid reason for pretense? Would you pretend for anything? Have a nice day and week ahead people.

Monday, September 3, 2012

I found her

Hey people,i know it's been a bit.Truth is,work has been very crazy.These past weeks have been very very stressful.I even close late these days.I hope you all are doing great? I'm awesome as usual.Just for the record,Priscy is amazing! She knows what she did!

Anyway,i have been in a relationship for sometime now and in my usual manner,i didn't rush it.I wanted to know what it was before propagating it.Now,i know what it is.The thing is,i've found the one,the very person i know i'd be happy spending the rest of my life with.Without beating about the bush,i'd simply go right into the 'koko'.

Her name is Becqui Nicholas,we met in an usual environment...2go (i can't remember the last time i was there,maybe because i found something beautiful there).I met her while i was trying to forget a heartbreak and after i had hit and ran a good number of times (i'm not proud of that).We started chatting and after a while,we hooked up.She's a beautiful,homely,fun and slighty crazy gurl (i might be responsible for her craziness though) and above all,she fears God.You'd never guess where it was we hooked up the first time...In a church! Yeah,you heard right.We met in her church and after the service,i took her home and showed her my cooking skills (get your minds off the gutter kids,nothing happened).After then,we just kept getting closer steadily.There were huddles along the way though,the ex also brought hers into it,but we pulled through.She's just as awesome as myself and so to prove i'm a smart guy,i proposed to her on Friday 31st August and she said yes.So yeah,i'm engaged to the most wonderful gurl on this whole planet,the gurl i love sooooo much (yeah yeah,i can be mushy).I just wanted to let you know,lemme get back to work,but before then,i wanna give a big shout out to Emaleeecious on her wedding with her heartrob.Their traditional was on Thursday 30th and the church wedding was 1st September.It was held in Lagos and was amazing,even though i didn't go.I'm sorry i missed it Emaleeecious! May God be involved in your union,and bless it greatly.Here are some pictures of my sugar banana,Tomato jos,

Monday, August 13, 2012

If your life is a dream

Hi people, I trust you’re doing great. Again, I don’t have any reason whatsoever to complain, life is beautiful. Had a most stressful weekend but it still turned out good.

I was in one of such moods when I go hard into the thought-lane and a thought occurred to me. As humans, we are insatiable. When we want something and eventually get it, we always want something more. We always aim for something higher. My boss was saying when he makes N500 million he’ll move to make N1 billion.  This is what makes man the ‘head’ of animals though. Birds don’t worry about making money, as far as they can get seeds or fishes or insects to feed on. Goats don’t bother about status, as far as there are grasses around its immediate environment and also a she-goat.

However, out insatiability gives rise to complains. Someone who has a pair of pants/trousers would be complaining about not having a shirt. Meanwhile someone who has a pair of trousers and a shirt would be complaining about not having a pair of shoes. This is how man thinks, he always thinks. Our starting points and indeed our beliefs drive us to want to achieve and take it a notch further. Dr.Ben Carson was raised by a single poor mum, this was a drive for his achievement, he decided he didn’t want to live that kind of life. His mother even functioned as a drive for him. He turned out to be a great surgeon. President Goodluck Jonathan didn’t have shoes, I’m sure this was a drive that has made him achieve so much. Some of us haven’t gotten to the stages of these people yet, we’re still working towards it. Along the line there were and prolly still are obstacles, challenges, sleepless nights, tears, frustrations. There most definitely were and still are laughters, love, friendship, family. Take a good look at your life, do a little introspection and answer this question; If your life were a dream, what would you do? Would you continue sleeping and pray never to wake up? Or would you gladly jump off the bed? Have a nice day and week ahead!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Poetic Thoughts: No one knows,no one cares

Hey people,this poem was inspired by the many people who always want approvals.Approval of families,friends,colleagues and so on.Truth is,people are typical people and they'll always judge you regardless.No one knows you like you do.No one knows how your life is.Sometimes we walk around with a smile when we're actually crying.Sometimes we're dancing when we really want to just look for a place where we'd brood.This is a new month,please put this at the back of your mind; No one really gives a fuck about you.It is all man for himself.The only one who cares is God,it's your relationship with Him you should be concerned about.Have a very pleasant and fruitful month.


When you were huddled up 

At a corner of your room in the dark

With the only sound disrupting the stillness of the night

Coming from your mouth in a muffled sound

The tears even stopped coming

Your head running the race of a thousand strong men

Your heart beating hard

Sometimes beating soft

Sometimes you even feel it stopped beating

When you were home

With no food on your table

No money in your pocket

When you feel like the world is on your shoulder

And you find it difficult to stand

More difficult to walk

No one knows

I dare to think that no one cares

Live your life

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Little things that'll blow her mind

Hi people,i trust the week is going well so far? As for me,i do not have any reason to complain.I had a shocker a few days back.You know the kind of shocker that leaves you wow-ing for a few hours.I must've used up like a million wows...don't worry,we still have a good number of wows left that you can use,i didn't exhaust them all.Ok,to the main post.

You know,there's this saying that "Behind every successful man,there's a woman".Though the saying has been modified alot,but i choose to use the original one.The saying holds true,but i have come to realize that a man can choose to make a woman 'good' or 'bad'.Men have expectations in a relationship,so do women.If these expectations aren't met,at least most of it,there will always be problems.Nagging,crying,depression,late nights,infidelity etc.I'm not a marriage or relationships counselor so i won't be able to give you that which i sense you need,but here's what i sure can do.For the guys,i can give you something that'll make a major difference in your relationship and even marriage (though i'm not married,but as far as you're married to a 'woman' and not anything else,it'd work just as well).

I have come to realize having a good relationship isn't a mirage at all,it can be attained.However,it takes dedication,honesty,and very importantly,sensitivity.There are little things that we take forgrated simply because we're not sensitive to their effects and what they can achieve.Here are some highlights that would help you as a guy to make that special lady fall in love with you over and over again and they all borders around sensitivity;

1. You should always compliment her hair.Yes,her hair.Whenever a woman has on a new hairdo and you don't compliment her,you give her the impression that the hair's not beautiful or you're insensitive.If you don't notice the new hairdo at all,God help you.

2. Another thing you should compliment is her nail coating.You better know when she's changed her nail coat and compliment her accordingly.If you want to blow her mind,learn how to coat nails and do it for her sometimes (i do it  *wink*).

3. I believe if you're in a relationship,your sensitivity should tell you when your woman has on a new piece of clothing; scarf,dress,skirt,pants,under-cloth etc.She mostly buys those clothing for your pleasure and trust me,nothing can kill the excitement of putting on the piece of clothing better than your not noticing it.

4. Call her often.Forget stalking,there's no such thing as stalking when you love someone.Trust me,she'll love it if you can call her a million times in a day (but you do have a job or business to run,don't you?).Call her,text her,you don't need a reason to.The fact that you love her reason enough.

5. Always ask about her loved ones; family,friends,colleagues etc.This portrays that you care enough to want to know about every aspect of her life.

6. Hold her hands often.Holding hands actually portrays closeness and not only that,it also encourages more closeness.Again,you don't need a reason to hold her hands,just do it.

7. Take her out as often as possible.This somehow is so important,as i've come to realize.It gives her the assurance you're serious with her.Plus,women like to be seen around their men,ask them why,don't ask me!

8. Play with her.Funny right? Wrong! It's very important to play with her.Run around the house,engage in pillow fight,carry her on your back or arm (i do those).This has the capability to bring you guys very close.

 9 .Kiss her at every slightest opportunity.Except if your woman is the type who doesn't like kissing,by all means look for every opportunity to kiss her.If she's in the kitchen,you can just leave whatever you're doing,walk up to her and kiss her then get back to whatever you were doing.If you're busy with something and she passes by,you can just call her and kiss her.Trust me,you'll blow her mind.I have also achieved alot by these.*wink*

9.Cuddle her always.I think this very gesture reaches out to the heart,it's not proven but i'm almost certain it does.

10. Say these words "I love you" as often as possible.Trust me,they never get tired of hearing them and what do you have to lose? It's not as if you pay for everytime you say it or you're going to exhaust it.However,don't just say it ceremoniously,say it like you mean it.If you do love her,why won't you mean it?

The highlighted are mostly taken forgrated,however,they  are very very important.I know they sound so ordinary,but they're more important than the things we consider big.Trust me,they can make a whole lot of difference in your relationship.Don't forget my fee when the going gets better,i don't charge so much,but i shoulkd be able to get a house in Banana Island with what i'll charge you.Don't be scared,it'll be just one house,not more! Hahahahaha

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Don't you think......

Hey people,how've you been? How's the year going so far? I know some of you haven't gotten the things you projected or reached the level you anticipated.You probably have people laughing at you or saying stuffs that should upset you,but lemme tell you something,it all doesn't matter.People are fond of talking anyway,it doesn't matter what happens or doesn't happen,they'll still talk.What matters,though,is that you've seen the first day of the seventh month of the year and anything can happen at any time.Plus,the year isn't over yet,achievements are still very much possible,set goals are very much attainable.

However,i was just tryna encourage some people who might need it,but the real koko is what i wanna talk about now.You know,as humans we're quick to react to situations or the actions of other people,but if we settle down to think,we'd mostly realize we could've responded differently.Somethings are not worth reacting to,they're simply a waste.Consider these;

1. If someone is very loud and makes so much noise when he/she's around.Instead of picking a fight with such person,wouldn't it be better to just walk away from that environment?

2. If someone is always talking bad about you,rather than pick a fight and condescend to the persons level of STUPIDITY,wouldn't it be better to just ignore such person? Stupid people get stupid audience,ignorant people get ignorant audience,deceitful people get deceitful audience etc.

3.  If your neighbors don't like pumping water with their generators when power is out,instead of quarreling with them and telling them how they make you pump water all the time without them pumping,wouldn't it be better to just pump water anytime you want to use water and fill up your drums so you'd have stored water? It wouldn't matter if they finish the remaining water.

These are just a few of the scenarios that get us worked up for no reason,there are lots of them and you know them.There's always an easier and more favorable road  to take in such scenarios and it'd be best for you to take it.Have a nice day people.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sins of their brothers




You see why i love you people? I was actually expecting shoes to be hauled at me,but it's obvious you love me too much.You all are simply the best.Yes,i'd been lazy but i think that's in the past now.

I trust you've been good and awesome as i have been? Truth is,i'm a little more awesome and it's been like that for some time now.Why? Well,let's just say it because i know something very great is about to happen.My life is beautiful actually and i'm thankful to God who made it possible.

This year has been a very unpleasant one for us as a nation.We've suffered so many losses this year alone and it's not even stopping.Dana crash,This Day bombing,Church bombings in various parts,Jos crisis...the list goes on and on.It's just very annoying and painful and disheartening.The recent attack on defenseless women and children in Jos isn't making things easier.

I witnessed something on my way to work today and i felt really bad for our nation.An Hausa door-to-door water seller was mildly assaulted by people who just needed an excuse to retaliate the killings of 'their people'.I kept on hearing things like "You know wetin dem do our people for their side?" "You know wetin dem dey do our people for their side?".Then it occurred to me that the poor man was suffering for the sins of his brothers in the north.The recent attacks on Christians in communities in Jos is making it hard to believe there isn't an unspoken war against Christians.I am privileged to know that Islam isn't a faith of violence.However,many a wicked members of that faith aren't making people believe Islam is indeed not a violent faith.If something isn't done to stop this,i fear we'd have more serious cases than the one i mentioned above.Then there'd be killings and atrocities.

I'd like to use this medium to call on Muslims all over Nigeria to rise up and condemn the killings done in the name of their faith.I enjoin them to make their voices heard that Islam isn't a religion of violence but that of peace.If they fail to do this,it would get to the point where Christians would rise and take up arms against Muslims,and i wonder,then,what would become of us as a people.WE JUST WANT PEACE!!! May God help us!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Breathe in...breathe out!

Hey people,i know it's been a min as Didi would say.I trust you're all good? As for me,i'm actually more awesome than ever...ok,a little lazy.But that doesn't alter my awesomeness,does it?

I somehow have realized i'm the only sane person around me.I mean,Becqui isn't,HoneyDame kinda like is the worst,LadyNgo might wanna claim she is,but she ain't and as for Toinlicious,don't even get me started with that one,she's CRAYYYYYYYYYYY!!! Thank God for Dayor,very quiet somebody.*in Okon lagos' voice*

Now lets go back to the main post.Actually,it's intended to be a short post because it concerns something i just realized.Have you been very angry that you felt you'd explode? Have you had similar feelings with fear? Excitement? Have you tried taking a deep breath? I just realized that as easy as it sounds,breathing in and out actually work wonders.When i'm angry or scared (i rarely get scared though),all i do is take a deep breath and i always feel much better.The only place i still have issue using that magic is excitement.I still can't control it when it overwhelms me...don't judge me!

So,the next time you get angry or scared or excited and you wanna regain control,just breathe in,breathe out and come back here and drop a seed at the prophets feet.What?!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

153 Places

This is a tribute to the people whose lives were lost in the Dana Air plane crash,may their souls rest in peace.It's also dedicated to everyone who's lost his/her life to roads accidents and boat mishaps.


I have tried to forget

I have tried to block it out

But it keeps playing itself

It’s like the pictures from an album

Flipping…flipping…flipping itself

I don’t want to see those beautiful children

With the mother’s arms around them and her beautiful smile

I don’t want to see the face of the beautiful women

Whose hope and dreams were engulfed in the terrible explosion

Someone should help me forget the men

Who were looking forward getting back to their families

I slept, thankfully a dreamless one

But in the morning it was the same pictures from the same album

Flipping…flipping….flipping itself

Each picture, a significance of pain

Each smiling face carrying the effect of a sword through the heart

Today I woke up happy

But just before my happiness could be portrayed

It was the same pictures from the same album

Flipping…flipping…flipping itself

Each picture, breaking my heart over again

Someone should help me forget

But even if I forget, my heart is already wounded

Broken into 153 places

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Love of Money

***Warning: A fairly long post!!!

As I am making this post,my heart is bleeding.It’s broken into at least 153 places.It is no longer news that we lost some good number of lovely people on-board a Dana Air plane that crashed into a 2-storey building in Iju,Lagos state.I followed the news on twitter,BBM and google.But when I eventually saw the flight manifest,my heart got broken all over again.It wasn’t as if I wasn’t sad already before the crash because there was a bomb blast that claimed over 10 lives in Bauchi state,but I was thankful the number of casualties weren’t so much,but the Dana Air happened.

The reason why I’m really upset is because the disaster could’ve been averted.The plane gave numerous warnings that it was gonna crash any time soon,but the stupid Indians (owners of Dana Air) refused to pay attention to it,rather they wanted to make money and ended up killing my countrymen.All these boil down to the love of money.The love of money has made people less human and more robotic.They lack feelings or emotions which used to be the reason why Nigeria was a much better place long before now.I have asked questions,I have had various answers.But the one that is more realistic is; we as a people have placed too much importance on money.Presently,the respect you get from people is dependent on how much money you have.Even in the family,respect is no longer based on age but riches.In the church (in most cases),the rich ones are the ones who call the shots and who are given Deacons and Deaconesses.In villages,the rich ones are the ones who are given chieftaincy titles.All this,considered,is the reason why a whole market will deal on fake drugs,why people fraud their companies,why government officials loot with their heart hardened,why commercial bus/cab drivers hike fares even when they don’t have to,why lecturers would want you to pay before you pass their courses,why youths in a particular community will always bother the companies in their locality to pay stipends before they operate,why a group of people will happily put a whole nation is almost complete darkness by killing the power sector,why a group of persons will make sure our refineries don’t work,why the police man would rather collect N20 from motorist than fight crime,why a father would use his own child for ritual…I could go on and on and on.We’ve placed too much importance on money that we don’t even realize we’re losing our identity,beliefs and values.We’re losing ourselves! We can no longer see someone stranded and freely help him/her because we might end up being robbed simply because someone wants to make money by all means.We can hardly hear of cases where people find other people’s lost monies and return them to their rightful owners,simply because someone wants to make money by all means.We hardly see people who’d do something out of their own goodwill without expecting something in return,because someone wants to make money by all means.

 However,it has yet not dawn on us that money is of little consequence when considering what we quest for.Isn’t our quest for Happiness? What shall it profit a man if he gains the world but loses his own soul? God keeps proving to us that money isn’t as important as other things such as Kindness,Charity,Love,Truthfulness and the likes.Love especially! A lot of people have money but don’t enjoy their money because they lack the major things that make life beautiful and this is because money was their drive and most important to them.They wanted money by all means,got the money but are miserable.Alot of them got the money and died living the money behind.Haven’t we still realized how little money mean?! Haven’t you been to the hospital and heard of cases that were beyond money? Have you forgotten how Abacha died even with all the money? Have you forgotten how Yar’adua died of an ailment that all the money in the world couldn’t cure? Lots of those people who died in the plane crash could’ve been able to buy their lives if money were of importance.Levi Ajuonuma of NNPC died in that crash,he has enough money to make him an elder in any village he enters and earn him respect and admiration.But did money save him?! There's only so much money can do or buy for you.It can buy you a house but not a home,a bed but not sleep,a relationship but not love.

 Please,I beg of you,don’t misunderstand me.Money is VERY important.Even the bible tells us that “Money answereth all things”. But there are other things that are MOST IMPORTANT.The importance we accord to money should be diverted to Love,Kindness,Charity and such other very important things and I promise you,you will hardly hear of a person cutting another person’s head to sell to ritualists.For you,who money is most important,would you still be loved and respected if your money were to totally diminish by any means? Ponder on that.May God grant us understanding.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Not thankful enough

Hey people,it was an amazing weekend for me.Did some running around concerning my elder brother's white wedding and also did a little outing.I rarely go out these days,i think i'm getting old.*straight face* Hope you all had a very nice weekend though? Please,if you can,just give Toinlicious a very warm hug for me,no questions,just do it.Thanks!

As humans,we're prone to taking very important things for-granted.Things like waking up each day,being healthy,not witnessing disasters,having someone who loves us no matter what,having both parents alive,having wonderful family members,including extended etc.We're just liable to take these things for-grated.They're so normal that we don't even realize they can be taken away in a flash.The funny thing is when some unpleasant things happen,we swear we'd be more appreciative,but we just need a few good moments,and we'll forget our resolve.We'd go back to being our normal not-appreciative-enough self.Over the weekend,a few things happened.A dear friend of mine lost her friend and she was quite shaken.After talking with her,i just knew the death really hit her.But then again,doesn't death always hit?! Barely an hour after we finished talking,a friend of mine sent me a message on BBM to tell me one of our friends was involved in a gas explosion accident.WHAT?! Gas explosion?! They were headed to see him at the hospital so i waited for feedback and when it came,it wasn't pleasant.He was severely burnt (as i saw in the pictures i was sent),face,arms,legs...Dude got really burnt,it got me thinking.I've never lost someone very close to me,i've never had a disaster,i've never had to run helter-skelter for any reason and that's a privilege i definitely have taken lightly.

Just in case you're wondering where i'm going with this post,i just want to remind you that even though you don't think so,you've not been appreciative enough for the privilege you have to live a good life.To be healthy,alive,blessed,favored,to have parents who are well,to have loved ones around you,to have life at all...No,you've really not been thankful enough.We've all not been thankful enough.I'm using this medium to let God know i'm thankful,even though i sometimes forget,but i'll try to remember all his good works.Most especially the ones i consider normal.Have a nice day and week ahead people.

Monday, May 14, 2012

11 things,11 questions!

I was tagged by LadyNgo on this 11 things-about-yourself-11-questions thingy.So let's just go into it.

It work's like this;

** Post rules
** Post 11 random things about yourself
** Answer questions posted by the person who tagged you
**Create 11 questions and tag 11 people to answer your questions
**Notify those tagged of the game
** Notify the person who tagged you after you have answered the questions
** No tag backs

11 Things About Me
1. I don't believe in giving up.
2. I'm a Sneakers freak.I wonder if it won't be wierd if i wear them when i'm old.LOL
3. I can't do without music.
4. I am very playful and i seriously wonder why it doesn't affect my being serious.
5. I HATE egusi soup,as a matter or fact,the last time i ate was 10 years ago or over.
6. I'm very patient.
7. I'm almost a typical libra.
8. I am different,i just dare to be different.
9. I have only a brother.
10. I started learning very late.Oh,i went to school but prolly to count chairs or stare at chalk boards,not to learn.
11. I abhor cockroaches.

The Answers To LadyNgo's Questions
1. Whats the last book you read? Kane and Abel by Jeffery Archer (Amazing book btw).
2. If you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life, what would it be? That'd be a million songs cos i have a million favorites.
3. What countries have you visited (other than your country of birth)? Can we count Badagry? It's almost Cotonou.
4. If you could have any job in the world, what would it be? Hmmmm,that's a toughie cos i have more than one.
5. Why do you blog? It's a good way to present what's in your head and have people analyze what you say and put you in check if need be.
6. How old are you? 29
7. What is your favorite body part on the opposite sex (or same sex if thats what floats your boat)? The Boobs,they're a wonder to behold and touch.(don't judge me!) 8. When's the last time you had relations? Last week.
8a. (for you shy ppl) Whats the craziest/silliest thing you've ever done?
9. What is your least favorite food? Egusi soup.
10. Do you have any pets? No.
11. whats one thing you've been dying to tell me? You suck! LOL

11 Questions
1. What's the most important attribute you look for in the opposite sex?
2. What's your passion?
3. What would you do if you had a million dollars?
4. What do you consider you best attribute?
5. When did you have your first kiss?
6. Do you prefer someone in suit or casually dressed?
7. What's the best book you ever read?
8. If you had the opportunity to see any influential person,who would it be?
9. Do you enjoy PDA (Public Display of Affection)?
10. Comedy,Romance,Thriller,Drama,which of these best describes the type of movies you like?
11. When exactly would you like to get married and start a family?

11 Tagees
Jyoti Mishra

Now let the tagees get to work!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ladies,avoid self misleading

Hey people,how have you all been and how's the week going so far? I've been busy and lazy and busy and lazy and i don't know.But you know i can't leave you for so long a time.

Someone sent me a broadcast on Blackberry that made so much sense and I in turn sent it,but to all the ladies i care about on my contact list.The reason is because I don't want any of them to fall victim of her own self.I have always heard ladies say they don't want to suffer,hence they want to get settled with a guy that's already established.They say something like "It is better to cry in a Range Rover sport than to smile on a bicycle".But,like the broadcast pointed out,these people have never known pain.They have never cried so much that the tears seem to dry in their entire system.

Let me tell you a true story.A certain very pretty gurl was quite lucky to get marriage proposal from a rich military man,she liked him also and thus decided to get married to him.Not so long into their marriage,things began to go wrong.Late nights,other women,physical assaults,emotional assaults,among other things.Let me now tell you the prayer this woman,who had everything she wanted,said "God,since it is his riches that has made my home a war-front,please take it away".Shocking right? Well,God is a prayer answering God so He really took the money away and the husband actually adjusted.Now don't get me wrong,i'm not saying the prayer she said was good or bad,i'm only trying to get you acquainted with the problems associated with some 'riches'.If she prolly was among the group that believed 'it is better to cry in a Range Rover sport than smile on a bicycle',you know now that she has learned a bitter lesson.I mean,she willingly lost almost everything and now she has a measure of happiness that wasn't obtainable when her husband was rich.

Now,for all of you who still have that shallow thinking (yes,it is shallow),here's my advice for you "Change it'.Don't get me wrong though,being rich is a good thing,being married to a rich man is a good thing.But ask yourself this,is it only riches that make a marriage/relationship? Some men are rich but that's the only attribute they have.If financial wealth is the ONLY attribute you look for in a man or the MOST IMPORTANT attribute,then you're putting yourself in a grievous imminent danger.If he's rich but has not got a good heart,does not fear God or is unable to get you pregnant,of what purpose is that marriage to you? What if after your marriage he suddenly becomes poor and already wealth is your main reason for being in the marriage? I am a guy,but i know how wicked guys can be.We could decide to give you everything you want but not anything you need.You might think when you're given money,cars,designer cloths and all,you would be happy.But truth is you won't when you don't see the person you're supposedly married to or don't seem to have any form of relationship with him.So rather than make 'wealth' the ONLY or MOST IMPORTANT attribute you look for in a guy,look for these instead;

*Fear of God
*Sense of responsibility
*Good heart

If the person you're engaged to,or is proposing marriage to you,has all these attributes,then you've hit it big.I mean you've struck gold big time! A man with prospect and the fear of God will always make it in life,it's an assurance i am giving you.I know of men who were very rich but couldn't manage their riches and thus got extremely broke.Imagine you getting married to a politician and after leaving office he becomes broke.He 'was' rich sha,so you wouldn't worry abi? Hahahahahahaha
Be wise women,don't be stupid.Don't grope in darkness thinking you on the throne of knowledge.Don't mislead yourselves!

Monday, April 23, 2012

'Antonyms of a mirage'-The creation of a creator

Hey people,how are you and how did your weekend go? Mine went awesomely well.I did work over the weekend,but after then it was grooving all the way.Went to see one of my cousins and realized yesterday (Sunday) was her hubby's birthday.A party started even though it wasn't planned,food and drinks were flying everywhere.However,yours truly couldn't unleash my drinking dragon cos i had to drive back home with my other cousin,her kids and our aunt in the car.

I am excited and proud to make this particular post cos it concerns a fellow blogger @ilola.Let me first tell you a little about her.Her name is Atilola Moronfolu,she's a writer,an editor,a worker and a blogger (so much for telling you about her right? Oh well).Anyways,she's been working on a book and it's finally out.First of all,i'm thrilled by the title "Antonyms of a mirage",it spells creativity and creative the book is.I got a copy of the book and like a hungry lion being fed with a sumptuous antelope,i pounced on it and i already am captivated.Here's one thing i know for sure,she's a good writer!

First of all,title of the book "Antonyms of a Mirage" is very original and would make your head work a bit and then prick your interest in the book.And then the cover,simple yet deep.It is in categories; Prose,Drama,and Poetry.She started with drama,'Corruption noni',where 'corruption' as we know it was personified.She moved on to poetry and the one she started with 'The same Cain' simply blew me and i'm sure it'll get to you if you lay your hands on the book.It is about what's obtainable in terms of women in this modern times.Enough of these talks,lemme give you a little teaser;

A preview from ‘In My Pocket’

‘Goshe – A short form of Shokolokobangoshe
Scenario 2
Mummy Bobo: Olowo ori mi (owner of my head), how was that favourite food of yours that I made for you? I am sure you enjoyed it. I have come to tell you about Bobo, your son. He is about to write his SSCE exams. The other day, I heard my senior wife bragging to her cousin that kola, her son, made all his papers two years ago because he is hardworking and brilliant. She then said she is sure Bobo will do the opposite and fail woefully. Olowo ori mi, please, don't let my enemies laugh at me. I know you can help me get the exam questions on the eve of every exam paper. This is the only way Bobo will be able to prove her wrong and shut her mouth forever. Daddy Bobo, you always say you love me more than my senior wife and if you really mean that, you will not let her have the last laugh over me.

Chief Goshe: Woman! Woman!! Woman!!! I have always warned you about this Bobo of a boy, but you will never listen to me. You spoil him too much, I hope he won't be the source of your downfall in future. Anyway, I will give you what you request, after which he will go to the UK to start his foundation course. You better warn your son to buckle up now, because there is no way I will fly over to meet David Cameron to organize exam papers by the time he gets to the UK. A word is enough for the wise. For now, the exam questions are not a problem. I have the education sector IN MY POCKET!

Scenario 3
Oloyinbo: (Getting up from his two minutes prostration, which Chief Goshe acknowledged by massaging his head with the sole of his left foot, he then starts hailing loudly) Baba Goshe, Baba mi, you will live long, your enemies will not see their children. Anyone that says it will not be well with you, it won't be well with them too.
Baba mi, the time has come. I need your help seriously. It’s time for the councillor election for the local constituencies. As I told you last year, I intend to contest and since I have adopted you as my political father, who else will I run to but you? Baba Goshe, don't worry about my credentials. The minimum requirement is the SSCE result and I have already sorted that out with some boys and now have my results. All I need now is your backing and support. Baba mi, I am in your hand now o.

Chief Goshe: Oloyinbo, my nephew, see your mango head like that of my father. You want to run for councillor, hmm? I thought you were joking when you mentioned it last year. I hope you know the implications of what you are doing? The politics of our time is not for the lily-livered at all. You have to be on your toes at all times. Be ready to make friends and enemies, be ready to do anything to protect your political career and even your life from political detractors. It’s a dog eat dog world and make sure you are ready for all the consequences. You should have just accepted the business I offered to set up for you, but you youths of nowadays have been bitten by the get-rich-quick bug. Since you insist, I will help you. I will take you to a meeting tomorrow, where you will meet some powerful people. But know this one thing, you must not, in turn, bite the fingers of these powerful people, including mine, when you win. You will have to dance to their tunes. Otherwise, the ground will have no choice but to reject you.
After tomorrow, your victory is a done deal. Even if you don't contest, you have won! It’s a done deal, I have the electoral system IN MY POCKET!

Scenario 4
Sisi Peperempe: (After a steamy sex session) Honey boy, cookie crumble, sweetie, darling, sugar! I need your assistance o. You remember my youngest brother, Dodoyo, he's in Anti-graft commission’s custody. He was arrested last week
(Kissing his fat filled pot belly). They said he posed as a minister and defrauded some companies. You know the story of my family and how Dodoyo and I had to see ourselves through life by all means possible. He's the only family I have. We have gone through so much and he doesn't deserve jail time or to lose all he has worked for. (Pouting her lips, with permanent red lipstick on) Baby boo, you must help Dodoyo or else ehn...

Chief Goshe: Sisi Peperempe! C'mon, rest your little head. Why are you worrying yourself over nothing? I am disappointed in the way you keep worrying and emphasizing on this issue. After the three years of us playing this 'love game', you still worry about these little things. Before you start your rants again, don't worry I forgive you. I guarantee you that it is settled. Give me a maximum of two days, Dodoyo will get out of custody and all his frozen assets will be returned. Plus the anti-graft commission, plus the person that created the anti-graft commission, I have them all IN MY POCKET!

Scenario 5
Mr. Sinwonje: (Smacking his stomach during a meal of Suya and bottles of Lager beer at a popular elite club in Abuja) Chief Goshe, what are you going to do about this latest development now? I think Mr. President is serious about this power thing this time around o. If those Japanese people dare sign that contract of the electricity overhaul in this country, that line of business is over for me o, and you know that means you will also lose your regular cut. Hmm, Goshe, this is not good news at all. That is my major income-generating business and I use it to keep body and soul, Princess and Priscilla together. Imagine that this whole country, Nigeria, will not need generators or diesels to make their life easier. This is serious disaster. I will do anything to make it fail….

One of the very very good poem is 'Fame';

You sit all by yourself
Just an ordinary guy next door
Like a flash in a pan,
You are discovered
With the great talent in you
Without prior warning
You are shot into limelight

Were you expecting i give the entire poem to you? Ah ahn,you like free things o!!! Lemme not torment you with excerpts from the book,just go and get yours and savour it as you wish.It is a good read and definitely going to be a good buy.I have a copy of the book to give away,if you want it,just keep visiting this blog,you'll know what to do to get it.Have a pleasant week ahead people.