Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The difference between wisdom and foolishness

Hey people,how've you been? I'm sure preparation for the season is in full gear.As for Ema Leecious and LadyNgo,i know what they'd be doing or are already doing.So,what are the rest of you going to be up to? As for me,i still don't exactly have a plan except that i'm gonna go see my dad and his wife and also visit my mum.The rest of the hols would be spent with barbecue,vodka and loud music.If i get tired of those then i'd hit the cinema or swimming pool.Hey,you don't have to like my idea of Christmas,it's my idea afterall.Hehehehehehehehehe

Anyway,if you're on tweeter,you'd know that people can be very annoying sometimes.But then again,it's not just twitter,it's even in our normal everyday lives.Some people are blessed with wisdom,while some are cursed with foolishness (trust me,foolishness is seeming like a blessing to some even,just saying).You come across different people each day and the difference between the ones blessed with wisdom and the ones cursed with foolishness is word of mouth and actions.The way a person talks and acts tell you whether the person is a blatant fool or the person is wise.For instance,a story has been making rounds for some days now about how Bishop David Oyedepo slapped someone in church.Linda Ikeji's blog carried it and i was very disappointed.I'm not really a fan of her blog but i know she does well with what she does so putting up that story showed how she lacked wisdom.First of,the incident happened since 2009 and she just decided to blog about it.Another thing is the story lacked insight and thus the comments that emanated were just unbelievable.A person with wisdom would've realized that such post would cause some rancor,so why go ahead with it? Why be the instrument of resentment? My main issue with it all is that it happened in 2009 and this is the last month in the year 2011.However,it was her opinion sha,but them it speaks volumes as far as i'm concerned.

The way people respond to issues is just hilarious and very provoking  sometimes.I have mentioned that i've grown over the years and it's evident in how i talk and act.For instance,my very close cousins (the ones that are the sisters i don't have yet),try getting me to tell them stuff and i always feign ignorance.I mean,why would i tell you whether your husband is cheating or not?! That'd make me a tool for dispute and i definitely  don't roll that way.They tried and tried and gave up on me.All i do is just advice them on things they should do.Yes,they are my sisters but that doesn't mean i should help break their homes or help start a war without their husbands.Another instance is relationships.They tell you your partner is doing something behind your back and you flare up and start a war with them.That's very foolish,it shows lack of wisdom.The wise thing to do in such situation is thank whoever told you and do your own findings discretely without arousing suspicion from your partner.Lots of times people hate seeing good things and will always like to spoil them,but the unfortunate thing is people give them the chance to.I know you already get the picture,so i'm gonna just stop here.Have a nice day!


  1. I disagree, Linda runs a gossip haven hence for her category its a no holds barred arena, unfortunately she has the strangest crop of followers; most of whom need to be schooled on internet etiquette!

    Its okay to disagree with someone's view point, its okay to be appalled by someone's disposition but do not become uncouth or vulgar, that's not maturity! Isnt there a saying that THERE ARE WAYS OF TELLING SOMEONE GO TO HELL AND STILL MAKE THEM LOOK FORWARD TO THE JOURNEY?!

  2. Everybody has their mouht, so let them talk. It is a free world. Fortunately for me, the people I follow on twitter are quite sensible so I have not really had the mouth diarrhoea experience ppl have on twitter.

    As for the marriage issue, one has to be really careful o. But if my husband were cheatin (God forbid) and my sister knew, I will feel betrayed if I find out she knew and never told me. That is my own opinion sha o

  3. I don't have any definite plans for Xmas yet. I intend to just lounge with friends and get my groove on. I'm not yet on twitter, but I get your drift on some people being foolish. I visit Linda Ikeji's blog and the comments of her followers never cease to amaze me. Atimes I wonder if people think before acting or speaking.

  4. A 9ja- Great, please, don't be a fool. And you can't start by disagreeing on a person's opinion by not insulting or depicting yours was right...after all no one's opinion is wrong, it might not be a fact but it is never wrong. That is part of the joy of individuality.

    The Oyedepo bitch slapping incident, as far as I'm concerned statutory of limitation does not extend to such issues. I tell people, "the youth is a few years but it could still ruin the rest". Whatever one does, no matter how little it was, should be done with righteousness because we never know when the past would come knocking. He slapped someone, a female, because he disagreed with her opinion and denied her "deliverance". I don't know how memebers of his church sees it but he displayed egocentricism for someone supposed to be humble.

    And the last issue, to tell or not to tell. This is an issue I have dealt with in a book. Even a baby knows what is good/bad, the challenge we face lies between that thin line. If an individual does not have the courage to say it verbally then find another medium. The fact is what is not good is not good. A broken home/failed marriage is not limited to divorce...if the husband was already cheating, that was a sign the marriage was already broken. AND if your sisters ask you it would be because they were seeing signs and you should tell them. Don't feel too important, if the marraige end up in divorce or seperation it won't be your decision to make.

  5. So because its two years old the act is invalid....quite frankky all the arguments I've heard in defense n in condemnation of mess are ridiculous n over the top...I just stayed away from the whole mess.

    U wont tell your sister if her husband is cheating? Some man is disrespecting ur sis u do nothing? So what if he know u know? Do you realize he's disrespecting you too n in a sense ire condoning his bullshit...ah well to each its own :-)

  6. For Christmas, we are having a Fringe marathon; so I will be indoors all day. As for Linda Ikeji's blog, I think most people go there because of the gossip, so the more scandalous the gossip, the better for the readers.

  7. I think you are missing the point.The so-called "anointed" shouldn't under any circumstance enjoy the liberty to violently abuse the "non-anointed". I sincerely hope more of these videos pop up on youtube....my opinion..my thoughts....

  8. @P.E.T Projects: The last part of the first paragraph (However,it was her opinion sha,but them it speaks volumes as far as i'm concerned.) made it clear that i understood that it was her opinion,though i was appalled.Meanwhile i wasn't vulgar (i am hardly ever vulgar),i rather made mild what i wanted to say.

    @Ema Leecious: God bless you too my sister.

    @@ilola: This is very true @ Everybody has their mouht, so let them talk. It is a free world.
    Meanwhile for the marriage issue,in my humble opinion,there are other ways of assisting your sister handle the issue rather than telling her.It'll only foster resentment.Trust me,i've experienced it a whole lot of times with family,friends and people in the neighborhood.

    @Che: Your Christmas don set be that na.

    @adebsrk: Thank you very much for stopping by and for your comment.

    @Anonymous: Thanks for stopping by and for your comment.

    @Okeoghene: Fringe marathon huh? Make una enjoy.
    Meanwhile,in my humble opinion,there are some paths that need not be thread.

    @DblogEdition: Thanks alot for stopping by and for your comment.

  9. Exams are due at the beginning of Jan... so studies in full of studying in coming days :(

    and yeah... few or sometimes many r cursed with foolishness n then there is only one escape... Keep Silent.. saves lot of energy too :P

  10. @Jyoti Mishra: I'm very confident you'd do very well in the forthcoming exams Jyoti.However,i wish you God's favor.

  11. Il be spending some part of the christmas eating onunu&freshfish(i hope,pray,wish)...wit family...and some part giving iv drugs & prayin no one dies on ma watch.

    abt the Oyedepo story..sincerely i jst avoided dat gist..

    telling a loved one if they are being cheated on and all that is a tough one...
    i would love to know and face any fallouts headon..il love ma loved one to do same...#jst sayin.

  12. @Tamie: Onunu huh? Yummy! Don't worry,no one will die on your watch.

    Meanwhile,it was smart to avoid the Bishop David Oyedepo issue,trust me.

    As for telling or not telling,the issue is very sensitive.In most cases you that told would be the bad person,trust me,this much i know.

  13. Hmmmm...i can't say i agree about not telling a loved one when you know their significant other is cheating. Its one thing if you think something...that you should probably keep to yourself or maybe drop a hint or two if its absolutely necessary. But if you out and out know that your loved one is being done dirty, i think its in everyone's best interest to just come out with it. Honestly at the end of the day i wouldn't want the weight/guilt of someone ending up in a really bad situation because i decided to keep my mouth shut on the issue.

    As for the holiday plans, i'll just be chillin with the fam, nursing this cold or whatever it is i picked up while on vacation :(

  14. @LadyNgo: Trust me,my not telling is what's in everyone's best interest,this i'm certain.