Friday, December 23, 2011

End of year

Hello people,i know preparations for the Christmas in in top gear.All my peeps already gave me ideas of what'll be going down... P.E.T Projects,Ema Leecious,my sweetheart Toinlicious,to mention but a few.They're already set for the season.I just hope PCHN doesn't mess P.E.T Projects up sha.

Anyway,the year ended today,officially in my company.We ended it with a visit to the orphanage where we had a little party with them with lots of food,drinks,music and gifts that we took to them.

My Christmas is without plans like i've mentioned a million times.I have food and drinks at home though and just realized that my elder brother is going to be spending it with me.I know one thing though,if i watch movies,listen to music,drink and get bored,i'd simply step out and take the groove outside.

I want to use this opportunity to thank all of you.My followers,visitors,sweethearts (you know yourselves),wives (you also know yourselves) and everybody who deserves a thank-you from me.You all have been awesome.Thank you.Meanwhile,don't be scared,i'm not traveling out of network coverage,but i'm just thanking you for the year.Here's a special Chrismas card from me to you;

Merry Christmas to you all.God bless you!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The difference between wisdom and foolishness

Hey people,how've you been? I'm sure preparation for the season is in full gear.As for Ema Leecious and LadyNgo,i know what they'd be doing or are already doing.So,what are the rest of you going to be up to? As for me,i still don't exactly have a plan except that i'm gonna go see my dad and his wife and also visit my mum.The rest of the hols would be spent with barbecue,vodka and loud music.If i get tired of those then i'd hit the cinema or swimming pool.Hey,you don't have to like my idea of Christmas,it's my idea afterall.Hehehehehehehehehe

Anyway,if you're on tweeter,you'd know that people can be very annoying sometimes.But then again,it's not just twitter,it's even in our normal everyday lives.Some people are blessed with wisdom,while some are cursed with foolishness (trust me,foolishness is seeming like a blessing to some even,just saying).You come across different people each day and the difference between the ones blessed with wisdom and the ones cursed with foolishness is word of mouth and actions.The way a person talks and acts tell you whether the person is a blatant fool or the person is wise.For instance,a story has been making rounds for some days now about how Bishop David Oyedepo slapped someone in church.Linda Ikeji's blog carried it and i was very disappointed.I'm not really a fan of her blog but i know she does well with what she does so putting up that story showed how she lacked wisdom.First of,the incident happened since 2009 and she just decided to blog about it.Another thing is the story lacked insight and thus the comments that emanated were just unbelievable.A person with wisdom would've realized that such post would cause some rancor,so why go ahead with it? Why be the instrument of resentment? My main issue with it all is that it happened in 2009 and this is the last month in the year 2011.However,it was her opinion sha,but them it speaks volumes as far as i'm concerned.

The way people respond to issues is just hilarious and very provoking  sometimes.I have mentioned that i've grown over the years and it's evident in how i talk and act.For instance,my very close cousins (the ones that are the sisters i don't have yet),try getting me to tell them stuff and i always feign ignorance.I mean,why would i tell you whether your husband is cheating or not?! That'd make me a tool for dispute and i definitely  don't roll that way.They tried and tried and gave up on me.All i do is just advice them on things they should do.Yes,they are my sisters but that doesn't mean i should help break their homes or help start a war without their husbands.Another instance is relationships.They tell you your partner is doing something behind your back and you flare up and start a war with them.That's very foolish,it shows lack of wisdom.The wise thing to do in such situation is thank whoever told you and do your own findings discretely without arousing suspicion from your partner.Lots of times people hate seeing good things and will always like to spoil them,but the unfortunate thing is people give them the chance to.I know you already get the picture,so i'm gonna just stop here.Have a nice day!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

My dad got married

Hey people,i told you i was back didn't i? Anyway,i presume you've been well.As for me,i still can't explain the extreme happiness i've been feeling since last week.I just get overwhelmed by this feeling of happiness and i know God is behind it.No,i've not won a jackpot yet,or at least i've not be contacted yet.hehehehehehe

Yeah,back to the main koko this very lovely day.This post ought to have been up a long time ago,don't know why i never put it up.Anyway,lemme give you a brief history of me and my dad.I've been living with my mum since i was born and my relationship with my dad has been awkward.However,in recent years we've been trying to work on it.Before i continue,i'd like to say i've grown in these recent years.When i say 'grown',i'm not talking age-wise,but in terms of wisdom.You'll get to know why in a moment.Formally i could go a year without talking to my dad and not even feel it.If you're guessing we don't see,then your guess is sooo right.Truth is,i never even felt it.But in recent years,like i mentioned earlier,we've been working on our relationship and so we talk sort of often.Well,if you call once a month or almost two months often.The reason is not unconnected to the fact that he use to take me to be very unserious and he used to say stuffs like "If you like,be unserious with your life and think you'd come and inherit my money".Those words rang in my head for a long time and i've been a workaholic ever since.I just knew i have to prove to him he's so wrong and i ain't gonna think of his money ever.But as time went on,i realized i was making a mistake.I shouldn't prove anything to him,i should prove to myself that i was awesome (yeah,bite me!).So right now,i don't prove to anyone but to myself.

Anyway,when he started knowing of my achievements,the old man really buckled up and really started trying to make it work and normally i would've made it hell for him,but because i grew in wisdom,i met him halfway.A few weeks back,things took a new toll,i mean his respect for me became very pronounced and heightened.He came to my house for the very first time and he was very proud and impressed and kept on saying it.Now,to the main koko.He told me he got married.Yeah,you heard right! He got married and i wasn't even aware of it! Guess what i did?! I gave him flying head boot,jabbed him on his lips and finished him up with a kick before walking him out of my house  I simply told him i wasn't happy about the fact that he didn't inform me about it and he apologized.That was it! I saw that he was ashamed of his action,he even was trying hard to avoid the subject,but i'm too stubborn to let him off the hook.Anyway,i let him off easy and eventually he left,happy! So here's the thought,my dad is married and he's definitely gonna have kids and i'm gonna be over thirty years older than his first kid with his wife...mehn! If my ex hadn't lost our child,my child would've been older than his first child.In as much as i'm sort of excited that i'd have younger ones,it still is funny thinking about it.If they see me and my younger ones,they'll think i'm their father...come to think of it,it's cool! Hahahahahaha Have a nice day people!

Monday, December 12, 2011

If you want figure 8

Hey people,how are y'all doing? I presume you had yourselves lovely weekends? My weekend was quiet but very cool.Movies,food,graphics and all.My elder brother came around and so we chilled over the weekend and caught up.The weather in port harcourt is quite enjoyable and the ambience that came with it.I am getting this chrismasy feeling.Hey hey hey,don't sass me,i'm not really excited about the chrismas.I don't even have plans,so you see? Hehehehehehehehe

Anyway,that's not the issue.I've come to realize that guys always hunt for figure eight babes.You know,the Coke-shaped babes.But what amuses and amazes me is that these men are mostly shapeless-pot-bellied men.Yeah,you heard right.I mean WTF?! What happens to all that "do to others what you want others to do to you" ish? Hey,that matches with this cos if you're looking for awesome,then you should be awesome yourself.Here's what i think; if you want a figure eight babe,then you should have six packs,biceps and triceps in the package or alter what you're looking out for.For everything you do or say,you have to be justified.I mean,you shouldn't be walking around with your pot-belly mouthing fleshy babes without the pronounced curves.If i can sound my horn,i'd say i'd be justified if i want a figure-eight-shaped babe.I can almost hear the laughs but i'm serious o,hehehehehehehehe.Anyways,i just felt like rambling a bit,but this is some serious ish though.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Even in the dream

Hey people,i know you missed me cos i missed you also.There's no other reason for my going MIA than work.Yeah,i've been mad busy this past weeks.Had deadlines to meet and hate failing.My friend almost ate me up when he needed his job and i couldn't deliver cos of some setbacks,so i had to work tripple intensely to meet up.

Anyway,no be that one be the matter.I'm about to make you laugh,but then i am serious,take note.If there's anything i can't do (based on my human strength and conviction),it is having anything to do with a married woman.I respect marriage so much that i kinda fear it.Oh,you heard right! This is the reason i'm taking my time so as not to make a mistake because it can be very grievous.The main reason for this post is that something happened that made me realize how scared/respectful i am of the sanctity of marriage.

My ex has sort of made it clear to me that she doesn't wanna live me alone.The recent thing she did was to investigate me through my brother.She just went on to ask him stuffs about me like "Does he still live where he used to?","Who's his gurlfriend" and so on.I was going to get enraged but realized it's gonna be a waste of my energy and happiness,so i simply shrugged it off.Now,back to what happened that led to this post.Just this past night,i had a dream that was both funny and serious.The dream included her coming to ask for us to get back together and all.Somehow,i found myself kissing her and just then,i realized myself and stopped her.I proceeded to tell her to go back to her husband cos nothing can ever happened between us.When i woke up from that dream,i realized how much respect i have for that sacred institution called marriage.Even in a dream,i couldn't do it.I couldn't touch a married woman (technically).The rate at which people get divorced these days is very alarming and annoying.They outrightly don't respect marriage or consider it a thing of highly esteemed status.I'm not gonna go all pastor on you people,but just know this,marriage is sacred and shouldn't be rushed into or come out of.Have a nice day people and compliments of the season.