Thursday, November 17, 2011

Women aren't complicated,men are insensitive

I have heard men say time and time again that women are complicated.Truth be told,i'd even said it once or twice.But that was before i really got to understand the wonderful creatures God blessed mankind with called WOMEN! I'm always very inquisitive and that's how i've gotten to understand women better,i'm not saying i'm a pro.

Women are quite easy to understand,but the men in their lives who do not understand them and who complain about them are just not sensitive and patient enough.Here's one very simple truth i've discovered; To be happy with a woman,you have to be very sensitive and patient.Yeah,you have to be very sensitive.A man's head is less stacked,trust me when i say this.Our thought pattern is very predictive; money,big boy toys (cars,aaaaaaaaamazing wrist watches,computers and so on),sex.But in a woman's head,it a different ball game.They think of money,family,their looks,their man's feeling about them,their neighbors' feeling about them,their colleagues,the gutter in front of the compound...they think basically of anything and everything,whether important or trivial.Because women think alot,they tend to worry alot and that is the reason why you,as a man,need patience to be with them.

In case you've not realized that women were created to talk,please do now and because you need to listen.Yes,listen! Lemme just give you guys out there tips to make life easier for you;

Listen to her
Like i said earlier,women were created to talk,so listen and by all means try not to interrupt until she's done.And mind you,she'll talk about everything and anything.Her make-up,her colleagues,her family,her clothes....basically everything.So just listen.A woman will make you her 'bestie' if only you can be patient enough to listen.Yeah,i am advising you to gossip with her,it's sometimes fun.LOL

Reassure her
If there's one thing you ought to know,it is that women are constantly in doubt.They doubt their intelligence,beauty,and sometimes even your love.So it is your duty to reassure her always and let her know everything is going to be alright.

Be very patient
This is one attribute that'd get you very far with a woman.You see,women go through alot.Remember the thought pattern i mentioned earlier? As a result,they tend to get moody alot and so you should be patient with them at such times.It is going to be disastrous getting mad over the fact that she gets moody a few times,it is quite normal.Again,won't you agree with me that their monthly 'issues' is enough reason to make them moody? Now you know another reason why you should be patient.

Compliment her
Women are very particular about their looks and that is why they go through so much trouble to look very beautiful.It's going to be very unfair to just smile and kiss them without saying something like "You look very beautiful baby" or "You look amazing,i am very lucky to have snatched you".Trust me,if you compliment her regularly,you'll have her so hooked on you that you'd think you're a designer drug.Remember,women are moved by words,even LadyNgo has finally agreed with me.*smiles*

Say "I love you" often
The good thing about this one is that you don't even have to mean it,just say it.But it'd be better if you mean it too.Say "I love you often" and you'd make her feel very good often.Lots of times you'd even win yourself kisses or even 'show',you know what i mean.Hehehehehehehehe

That is where i'd stop for now,but just be very sensitive and you'd get other tips yourself.However,if you can work on these ones i've given,i promise you you'd get results.I'll send you my invoice when the jobs is done.Hehehehehehehehehe

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Don't ever give up...EVER!!!

Hey people,how have y’all been? I’m guessing very well…well apart from one of my cuties LadyNgo who was a bit down,though she’s better now.This week started very busy for me but I’m not complaining because na me dey look for money.Hehehehehehe Anyway,as usual you know  I always try to keep it real and tell you like it is and also make you see some things you prolly are not seeing.

I have said it before,and I’ll say it again,things can only get better for me.I mean things can never get worse,e no possible at all.Do you know why I’m saying this? Well simple,I want you to see what I see,I want you to feel what I feel,I want you to know what I know.If you do,then you’d never give up for anything.I mean,it won’t ever cross your mind.Why would you even think of giving up by the way?! Life’s a battle and lots of people get defeated and end up being hopeless.They don’t make any move towards fighting back because they’ve given up.Some even take it a step further by taking their lives (it’s called SUICIDE by the way,hehehehehe…not funny).I mean,what’s up with that?! I don’t know about you guys,but I like challenges.Yeah,you heard right! I challenge myself in various ways and I always win! I win because I live with one simple principle…NEVER GIVE UP! I love video/computer games because they always make me conscious of the fact that giving up isn’t an option.Is it a game,bring it and I’ll finish it,even if it takes me a year.When it comes to them ladies,I don’t give up either.I mean,I once asked a gurl out for a whole year,maybe even a little over a year but eventually I had her,SIMPLE!

The problem with some of us is we give up way too quickly.”I can’t do it”.Who the hell told you so?! If anyone can do it,it is you.You just have to believe that much in your self. Nothing is impossible,patience proves that.Once,I was faced with a networking problem at the office and the challenge really kicked my butt.I mean I was on one same issue for close to a week.I tried and tried,I never gave up.I even went to talk to my father (His name is God and yeah,we’re cool like that) about it and then I simply licked its ass and was it a flawless victory or what! My boss was thrilled because we could’ve gotten someone from outside to come and do the job,but my stubbornness and patience didn’t allow that and eventually I won.If we go down history,you’ll see that all I’m saying is true.In fact,I’m done talking,this picture should make you understand totally.Afterall pictures are worth a thousand words.

Damn,i love that frog!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Friday, November 11, 2011


I don't know why,but i'm just very excited today.No,i haven't won a jackpot yet or anything,but i am just elated.I woke up happy and so far,nothing has been able to put me down.Today is another historical day; 11/11/11.For those whose birthday is today,i say a big happy birthday to y'all.And even though i kinda hate to say it,your birthday is cooler than mine which was 09/10/11.So i'm using this opportunity to say Happy birthday to one of my dearests Okeoghene whose birthday is very awesome,yeah,you guessed right...TODAY! Hahahahaha Don't worry,i'm not high.

Anyways,i achieved a feat today and i'm feeling very good with myself.My boss tried throwing tantrums but today is just too cool to be angry in anyway.I said it before,i'm feeling very good with myself and i sincerely hope you people are feeling thesame way? It's the start of a new weekend today,i wish you all the very best of the week.Have fun cos i'm definitely gonna have fun.Adios peepos.Na wash wash spanish o! Hahahahahahahaha

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Dear Future Wife

Dear Future Wife,

I don't know you and may not have met you yet.But this is one thing i sure do know; You're going to be the luckiest woman on earth.I know i sounded cocky,but i'm not gonna apologize for that because i work really hard to get to that level.One thing you would be happy about is that i am different.I mean i don't go with the crowd,i go with what's right.You see,i've always been a good person,and i don't intend to change that.I told you i was different,so i'm going to take the time out to elaborate.I believe in fairy tales,i believe in love,i'm very emotional,i even sometimes cry when watching a movie.I don't smoke,i drink but have never been drunk (or at least never been caught drunk).Because of my self-consciousness,i mostly do things moderately.That means i don't go clubbing always and i don't go bar-hopping always.So you won't have to worry about me hanging out with the boys and not spending enough time with you.

One thing that you should know is that i am not perfect,but i'll try to be perfect for you.I am not promising i won't change,i mean,i am human am i not? But here's what i'd try to do,i'd try to change for the better.That means i'll never stop cooking for you,i'll never stop writing poems for you,i'll never stop singing to you,i'll never stop taking you out on dates,i'll never stop buying you gifts,i'll never stop being your best friend and most importantly,i'll never stop telling you you're beautiful when you dress up and anytime for that matter,and i definitely will never stop saying 'i love you'.And hey,i'll never stop calling you 'Baby' because you'll always be my baby and i will never stop looking out for you.I know you might be scared about me getting tired of you.Well,i might,but you won't have to worry about that till after eternity.I am going to make you the envy of not just your friends,but women all over the world.

Finally,i know this letter has been about me and what i'd do and so i might come off as selfish,but i already know before i decided to make you my wife,that you're just perfect for me.I don't care about your flaws,i'm not sure i'd even see them.At this point i'd drop my pen,till the next time i have more to add.However,attached herewith is a song by Bruno Mars because it is another way to tell you not to change a thing about you,you're amazing just the way you are.

Yours affectionately,
Your Future Husband