Saturday, October 8, 2011

I owe you...You owe me

Hey people,how did the week go? It's a new weekend and i trust lots of you have plans to do stuff,as for Myne Whitman,the woman and her husband sabi jolly ehn! And who knows,my HoneyDame,she prolly might decide to break another bed,who knew she's bagging so much....Well,i know the stuff that i would've loved to be doing and i'm sure some people would love to be doing those same stuffs.Anyways,plans changed leaving me here,sitting on my bed and well,making this post.I woke up extremely early today for a weekend.I mean,waking up before 6am on a weekend when i should be resting?! Now i suspect i'm high on some ata rodo ish,this P.E.T Projects understands.

Anyways,my sleeping oddities isn't the area of concentration,but something that occurred to me.You know how people tend to say "i owe you" or "you owe me" in a relationship? What's up with that? I mean,is it even legal?! Here's what i think,i think it's total hogwash! This is the way i see it; you do stuff when you're in love for the person you're in love with because you love them,QED! Regardless of what you do,you do so for love and,whether  you wanna believe it or not,for some selfish reasons also.Yeah,you heard right,selfish.It's like this,if for instance your 'baby' (my elder brother'll say "baby that eats bone"...hahahahahahaha) is feeling down because of a particular thing,it tends to bring you down too if it persists.And if it brings you down and you're able to do something about it,you go ahead and do it.Whether it needs a measure of sacrifice from you doesn't even matter to you,all that matters is to make your 'baby' happy and invariably make yourself happy.Like i explained in one of my posts It is alright to be selfish...sometimes even in our selflessness,there tend to be a tad bit of selfishness.So the whole idea of "you owe me" or "i owe you" is really absurd to me.In fact,some people want you to feel bad when you break up with them telling you you owe them and all.Well,that's bull-ish.As for me,i don't ever take it that anyone i'm in a relationship with owe me.In fact,i hardly think anyone owes me,because when i do things,i do so because i want to.So if i break up with you and you think i'll feel sorry because you've done alot for me or given alot for the relationship,then you're capable of thinking anything.Things like this are prolly the reason i like doing most of the giving,because when e happen,i know want person to come dey do like say na im give me life.Anyway,i no dey vex,make una no fear.But really,what's your take on this issue?

Have a very pleasant weekend people,na here i talk am reach today.Once again,if you're on Twitter and you feel you wanna hook up with this 9ja's great,the handle is @ekpedekumoebila.As for facebook,i won't bother giving you my username because i have a feeling i'll forget my password anytime soon,no offense Mark Z,twitter is just more me.Well,except of course we can split the proceeds from facebook,no? Oh well,don't blame a brother for trying!


  1. hheehehhehehe... no more bed breaking for me. I have resorted to sleeping on the mat on the I owe you, you owe me in relationships, like you said, if it is love that exists, there shouldnt be any need for that. It just validates how many relationships are based outside of love....I mean, people keep inventories of these things...I took him out yesterday and the day before, it is going to take him 2 times to even out..oh well...It shall be well..
    Bro, se na u write coding for Mark Z ni?! Ole!

  2. I know oh, like the one I witnessed, the girl broke up with the guy and he asked for everything he bought for her while they were in a relationship, like seriously? As if someone forced him to buy them.
    I'm following you on twitter, pls I'd be happy if you follow back :)

  3. LOL @ the post..

    I think most people say it as a joke..But there are some silly people that keep tabs on things expecting stuff in return..Just like my yeye ex who said I should give him back everything he gave me. Dude even calculated the money and stuff..I was like wow...I guess it wasnt love afterall..I ask the dude did we sign a contract during this love stuff? Wen I was giving I didnt think..Mscheew

    Have a nice weekend..Eat turkey I heard it make people sleep..

  4. Its too early to laugh hard jor.
    The "owing" part to me is just childish.....
    Mehn.....dt ur twitter handle long o.

  5. @HoneyDame: Better,mat won't break.LOL

    Keeping tab is just very funny.

    I just dey ask nau,if him no gree,make him just talk.

    @Coy~Introvert: The guy must have been high on ata rodo ish.LOL I already followed you back.

    @Unvellinggold: Yeah,some people sure keep tabs on stuffs they do and it's just absurd.I actually was planning on eating turkey but for a whole different reason though.

    @Luciano: Yeah,i know my handle is long but wetin man go do nau?!

  6. Zuckerberg is def not sharing his dough with you, lol...

    As for owe me, I owe you in relationships, I don't buy that. Sure we compromise for each other, but sometimes you just have to do you and the other person will understand.

  7. @Myne Whitman: Hehehehehe Did Mark say that or you just have your eyes on a piece of his money also?! LOL Compromise is actually a personal choice and shouldn't be considered a debt,i agree with you jare Myne.

  8. Hey Bro!!!! I haven`t been here in a Min,I guess this owe me owe you thing does more harm coz one tend to expect alot but as for me,nobody owes me NADA!!

  9. @DIDI: Now that's the point,no one owes anyone nada! It actually has been a while you visited,the blog missed you.

  10. Hmm, na wa o. I really think that's owe me ..i owe u? duh!

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