Saturday, October 1, 2011

I am Nigerian and i am proud!

Good day to you beautiful people.As you might well be aware,today's Nigeria's independence day celebration.Nigeria has added another year to her existence and now the country is 51 years old.I can almost hear somebody say "and what can she show for it?".Well,it's true that things could've been a lot better than they are now,but the truth is we're still young.No country that's in the level of a developed country got there in a few years.It took years and years and so i can give Nigeria the excuse of being a little young still.

However,there's one thing that is sure,Nigeria is going to get better,things are going to change.Power is going to be uninterrupted,roads are going to be smooth,the educational system is going to experience a massive turn around and even the security situation is going to get better,what we all need is patience and support of the country.The international community also need to be patient with us and stop the bad publicity.I know to an extent we deserve them,but why exaggerate it? Nigeria is an awesome country,if you don't believe me,then read this post from Myne Whitman 419 Reasons To Like Nigeria,i'm sure you'd have a change of heart.

Lastly,do you know why Nigeria is going to get better? The reason is very simple,it's because i am a Nigerian and i am a formidable force.Afterall,i'm 9ja's great! Have a very splendid independence day celebration people and don't forget,it is better to be doing something to remedy a situation than to stand and criticise,cry about or get downcasted by it.


  1. Yes, we can and we will. Together we will build the nation of our dreams. Happy Independence Anniversary.Yes, we can and we will. Together we will build the nation of our dreams. Happy Independence Anniversary.

  2. I love your optimism, we have no choice but to get better cos this is the only home we have

  3. Happy Independence Day...
    u said it all... definitely it takes years n years to build a developed nation.

    Whether its Nigeria or India all r moving forward for that goal !!!

    Enjoyy !!

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  5. its good to know that there are still some optimistic Nigerians left on the face of the earth. Unlike the majority, u keep hope alive. Good luck....i JUST dont see it happening. Not anytime soon!

  6. Nice post! wish i read it earlier lol

  7. Nigeria will and always be our mother land and i pray God look down on us with mercy..God bless

  8. Preach it brova. I'm gona be an unrepentant optimist even in d face of discouragement. nice post

  9. I love your optimism bro..and I believe Nigeria is going to get better...cos I am here and I plan to do my bit.

    I see you already have one lovely blog award...but I'm thinking that is old *cute smile* u deserve another one *wide grin*

    Now please go to my blog for details

  10. @P.E.T Projects: Yes,together we will get there.

    @@ilola: I'm an optimist to the core,that's why i'm never going to fail,ever!

    @Jyoti Mishra: Thanks dear.

    @tps360: It will happen all thesame.

    @Okeoghene: Yeah!

    @Kitkat: Thanks dear.

    @ChizyK: Yes dear.

    @Toilicious: Hahahahaha Thanks dear.We're of thesame kind.

    @dayor: Thans alot dayor,i'll check it out.

  11. BTW, I just gave you the versatile blogger award in my latest post. Check it out and please pass it on.