Sunday, October 9, 2011

9/10/11...forget about modesty,i'm a very special guy!

Hey people,for those of you who do not know,today's my birthday.Yeah yeah,i'm birthday boy.Hahahahahahaha

I have alot to be grateful for,really.I am very healthy with both my parents alive and my only brother.I have a job even though i'm yet to finish service and i am already taking responsibility of myself and sometimes my family.I'm really grateful to God for His mercies and goodness and all,where i for dey if no be Papa God?! Baba God noni!!!

In case you don't know,today's date in Nigeria is 9/10/ there any cooler date than that?! You don't have to say it,i know i'm very special.Hahahahahahaha I won't wanna go into my awesomeness,but lemme just leave it at the fact that I'M AWESOME!!! And to crown it all up,two special friends gave me very special gifts.One is this poem;

 A birthday means a moment to share
A birthday means a moment to care
For a birthday is a special day
That comes just once in one year's way
For a birthday is a day of hope
When you don't mix your wishes with mope
And you learn to count the joys it has brought
And all life's lessons you were taught
And today dear it is your birthday too
So that's why I'm sending for you
Brilliant thoughts with you to share
Your very special day because I care
Happy Birthday Gorgeous! ! ! <3

Thanks alot Melanie Meering,this is soooo sweet.And then the next gift....well,it's not something i wanna share,but just know it's awesome and the person who gave it knows herself.Thanks alot mami!!! *wink*

Have a nice day people and thanks alot for the birthday wishes,i got it from lots of you.I can't even begin to name names,but i love you all loads!!!


  1. happy birthday have a fab one x

  2. Happy birthday to you. I wish you every good thing!

  3. Happy Birthday..Wishing all the best..Indeed a special day..:)

  4. Happy birthday great one, have a blessed day!


    and you write your date like we did in

  6. Thank you so much beautiful ladies.

    @Shereen: I'm guessing it's like that in West Africa at least.

  7. Happy Belated Birthday...hope you had fun..

  8. Thanks ladies!

    @Luciano: Thanks nice!

  9. Happy Belated Birthday sir! Many many more years!

  10. Its better late than never I guess...Happy belated birthday AWESOMENESS..*smiles* I hope you had fun? Bless!

  11. Thanks my personal people! @dayor: You sabi book o jare.I had fun even though i didn't really celebrate.LOL

  12. awwww, happy birthday to you although belated but all the best of wishes to you ok!.

  13. Happy Birthday to you. May more beautiful years. My son is in good company though his birthday is 2 days after yours. LOL @ your cool date. It shows progress. The coolest date to me sha o, is my birthday 11/11/11. Can you beat that?

  14. @Okeoghene: Damn,that's a cool date! Hahahaha Wish your son a happy belated birthday for me.

  15. Happy belated birthday :) Just awarded you the Most Versatile Blogger award!!

  16. Happy birthdayyyyyyyyyyyy (though it's belated). I can't believe that I have a blogger birthday mate *skipping around and dancing happily*. :-D. May God continue to favour you and enlarge your coast. May He always cause you to rejoice. May sorrow be far away from you. In Jesus Mighty Name. Amen.

    There are 3 October kids in my family. I'm 9th, my sis is 15th and my brother is 24th. how AWESOME is that. I have been a follower for a whiile now (though silently ) *covers face in mock shame* ;-). Would appreciate it if you stop by my blog too:

  17. @Nightinghale: Thanks alot dear.I'm gonna go grab it!

    @Che: Amen,amen and amen! Aw Che,thank you very much,i'm really overwhelmed by this.3?! All in one family? Now that's cool.Well,as for me,my mum,brother and i were all born on the 9th of different months,yeah,cool right? Meanwhile,i have like 5 cousins who are october babies.I'm definitely stopping by your blog.

  18. its pretty cool that you, your mum and brother all share the same date: 9th, even though it's different months. I've met loads of Oct kids and they all make sense o jare. We sure are special ;-). 5 cousins, wow. *correct people* :-)

  19. @Che: Yeah,very correct people jare.Already i know you're a correct person.