Friday, October 28, 2011

It's all about you

Hey people,how's the week going so far? Yeah yeah,i know the week is almost over,but common,we still have today,don't we? Anyway,things have been going well on this end.I've not won the jackpot or anything,but i wake up each day and i spend each day with happiness.I don't know about you,but that's grand for me.

We are all humans and so sometimes we feel bad when we take some steps that hurt people.For instance,when we break up with someone who loves us very much,simply because we want someone we love.Well,it's time we start thinking about ourselves rather than just the next person.Don't get me wrong,i'm not saying you should be all selfish,i'm just saying you shouldn't be so selfless that you forget to be nice to yourself.It's worthless making other people happy when deep down you're feeling empty and unhappy.Life was meant to be enjoyed not to be endured.Do the things you love,the things that make you happy,the things that make you alive.I got to a stage in my life where i was the least person i considered.I considered every other person and bring myself last.The idea then was to make everyone happy as much as i could.But then,i realized i was mostly being taken for a ride,people misunderstood or just simply abused that personality that was me,so i simply just changed,but not after a long while.

Here's the way i see it now,you are the most important person on this planet.You are worth more than everybody put together (ok,i may have gone over board there.If you were to be sacrificed to save Earth,i'd vote for you to be selfless....hehehehehehehe).But on the real now,you really are the most important person on earth and thus should MOSTLY bring yourself first before others.Believe it or not,humans are not worth the effort.Whatever you do,they'll criticize,scorn and even hate you.So,why not do the things that make you happy and that you love?! They'll talk anyway!!! If you're all nice,you're Goody-two-shoes.If you're all bad,then you're a bad-ass or even dey possess with evil sprit sef.So,what the heck?! In terms of relationships,if you don't feel love in your heart,you can't exude just can't give it.If you're in a relationship where you're not happy,i really see no reason for your being there.Yeah,the person might be hurt initially,but they'll always get pass that stage once they realize it was better off that way.This is the bit i have for you this start of a new weekend.Please by all means enjoy your weekend!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Since talk is cheap...

My mind amazes and amuses me some times.I mean one minute i'm thinking of something totally different and the next i have an amazing thought.Anyways,something just occurred to me and i wanna share with you bloghearts.

You know how they say talk is cheap? Lil Wayne even said it in one of his songs that "Today i went shopping and talk is still cheap".Well,something struck me.One difference between men and women is that men are moved by what they see while women are moved by what they HEAR.What they hear?! Damn,that's very bad cos right now all i can think of is; if talk is cheap and women are moved by 'talk',then what does this mean invariably?! I'm actually laughing my ass out as i type this.Damn! You know,playas are terrible.They are terrible because they know the secret to getting a gurl and so they use it as often as needed and it works as often as they use it.If you've ever come across a playa,then you already know they're very easy on the mouth,i mean words come out very freely.It's no wonder they change gurls like women do their undies.

Women,what do you have to say about this? I really wanna know what your take is on this matter.Have a nice week ahead and hope your weekends went well?

Friday, October 21, 2011

Look before you leap

I have often said it on this blog that i’m a good guy,i try to do right as best as i can.I’ve been told severally how reasonable i am so it’s never new when i hear it.Wanna know why this is so? Well,here it is; you just never know what’d happen next.Indeed we were created in God’s own image,but to establish that clear cut distinction between God and man,we’re not able to tell the future.The only times man is able to tell the future is when he is given a revelation and that still comes from God.So,i live my life trying to be better each day.I learn from what you'd consider my mistakes and also other people’s mistakes all in the bid to make me better,and it really works.

I’m not perfect,i said that in one of my posts I am not perfect...i'm just on a quest for perfection and having this in mind,i try not to consciously do things that would come back and bite me in the ass *in Alan’s voice* (do watch Two and a half men,it crazilly hilarious).I have seen things in this short time that i have spent on this earth.I have met people and trust me,it is better you don’t do wrong because when your wrong visits you,it tends to multiply.Yeah yeah,i know this is a deep post,but i’m deep,am i not? No? Oh well,just get the message jare.There actually is a reason for this post and the reasons are quite numerous even though they’re birthed by one.When i got home a few days ago after a very tiring day,i rested a while and got refreshed then decided to watch some music videos.The one that gave birth to this post was Lil Wayne’s How To Love.For those who haven’t seen then video,i’ll put it at the end of this post so you can as well knock yourselves out.*wink*

Anyway,the video’s a very brilliant one and it was the one that got me traveling that deep-thoughts lane.As humans,we are always faced with choices.Should i have my bath before going to work or not? Should i eat rice or take tea? Should i toast that babe or not? Whatever it is,we’re just have to make choices on a regular bases.However,the choices we make always give rise to different things,depending on the choices.For instance,if you make a choice not to bath before going to work,you might end uo stinking the whole office and have people avoiding you.Speaking of which,have you ever been so much in a hurry and forgot to brush your teeth? Well,i have been a victim like once or twice,and before i get chewing gum or candy,na be be be something o.My mouth dey dey sealed cos i no wan be the reason why people go die of poisonous gases.Moving on,it is imperative to ponder on choices before making them.As humans we have the ability to analyze situations and their outcomes most times.So,think,think,and think again before you act because you just might have you action come back to bite you in the ass.My friend's ex who decided it was ok to cheat on him prolly never thought he'd leave her cos he loved her that much,but in dawned on her when he left her and up till this day,she's not allowed him rest.She keeps disturbing him and constituting nuisance in the young man's life.Yeah,i know,this ex(es) right?! I could giv you lots of instances when bad choices have come back to bite people in the ass,but then i know you already have got the message.Remember Tafa Balogun,the former IG or the Nigerian Police Force? Well,need i say more? Have a very pleasant weekend ahead people.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Circle of hurt

Hey people! Yeah yeah,i'm back.I've been good in case you're wondering.The weekend was actually swell because it gave me the much needed opportunity to rest.My week days are usually very stressful and long,so the weekend was created by God for me to rest and get rejuvenated.This weekend,i decided to stay off the internet because it robs me of my needed rests.Now,to the topic of discussion today.

Have you ever wondered why love is so funny? I mean,you love someone and the person doesn't love you back.The moment they start loving you back,the love you have for them dies.Sometimes you love someone and they end up leaving you but you still can't stop loving them.Meanwhile someone else is loving you and after a short while with them you end the relationship and they still can't stop loving you,the ish just goes on in a circle.Well,i've actually been involved in this funny circle and trust me,non of it is funny.You all remember my evil ex in The ex that just won't let em be and Happily never after,which has sequels by the way,right? Well,after my saga with her i had a rather brief relationship where the gurl in question was very much in love with me,but i just didn't feel thesame way.I actually did the right thing by letting her go,but sadly she has refused to let me go,at least in her heart.She keeps telling me stuffs like "I've not been able to love anyone like you","it's not been thesame since you left" and all that.Do you know the funny or annoying thing about it all? She had someone who was dying crazily for her.She's hurt,she hurting someone who in turn is prolly hurting someone else...and this goes on and on.At a point in my life,i was busy chasing someone who didn't want me while ignoring someone who was busy chasing me,but the time i was ready to settle with the one that was chasing me,it was too late.

The core of this hurt and craziness is LOVE and i can't help but wonder,wetin dey do this love sef? E no know say we go appreciate if things dey easier? I mean,why won't we just love the one that loves us? Why would we rather hurt the one that loves us and love the one that hurts us? Have a nice day people and a pleasant week ahead.Y'all know i love y'all right?! *wink*

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Hey people,it's been a while,that i know.Ordinarily i like making posts on regular bases,but these periods are just hectic and all.I'm combining work and service and fun also and trust me,it ain't easy.

I was actually planning on making a post today though,other than this one,but i just got very lazy.You may be wondering why i couldn't just make that post when i'm making this one aleady,right? Well,i don't pre-write my posts,i just write from my head and sincerely,i'm not in the mood to think right now.Don't even know when i'd be in the mood to think,i'm just a bit lazy right now.Maybe this would change soonest,if it does then i'm gonna make my posts,else...

Trust me,when i eventually get over my laziness,you don't wanna miss out cos i'm gonna soooooo keep it real as usual and prick your interest so much.Well,we'll just wait and see then,won't we? Have a nice day people and nice weekend ahead,just in case i don't get to come into the building till next week.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

9/10/11...forget about modesty,i'm a very special guy!

Hey people,for those of you who do not know,today's my birthday.Yeah yeah,i'm birthday boy.Hahahahahahaha

I have alot to be grateful for,really.I am very healthy with both my parents alive and my only brother.I have a job even though i'm yet to finish service and i am already taking responsibility of myself and sometimes my family.I'm really grateful to God for His mercies and goodness and all,where i for dey if no be Papa God?! Baba God noni!!!

In case you don't know,today's date in Nigeria is 9/10/ there any cooler date than that?! You don't have to say it,i know i'm very special.Hahahahahahaha I won't wanna go into my awesomeness,but lemme just leave it at the fact that I'M AWESOME!!! And to crown it all up,two special friends gave me very special gifts.One is this poem;

 A birthday means a moment to share
A birthday means a moment to care
For a birthday is a special day
That comes just once in one year's way
For a birthday is a day of hope
When you don't mix your wishes with mope
And you learn to count the joys it has brought
And all life's lessons you were taught
And today dear it is your birthday too
So that's why I'm sending for you
Brilliant thoughts with you to share
Your very special day because I care
Happy Birthday Gorgeous! ! ! <3

Thanks alot Melanie Meering,this is soooo sweet.And then the next gift....well,it's not something i wanna share,but just know it's awesome and the person who gave it knows herself.Thanks alot mami!!! *wink*

Have a nice day people and thanks alot for the birthday wishes,i got it from lots of you.I can't even begin to name names,but i love you all loads!!!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

I owe you...You owe me

Hey people,how did the week go? It's a new weekend and i trust lots of you have plans to do stuff,as for Myne Whitman,the woman and her husband sabi jolly ehn! And who knows,my HoneyDame,she prolly might decide to break another bed,who knew she's bagging so much....Well,i know the stuff that i would've loved to be doing and i'm sure some people would love to be doing those same stuffs.Anyways,plans changed leaving me here,sitting on my bed and well,making this post.I woke up extremely early today for a weekend.I mean,waking up before 6am on a weekend when i should be resting?! Now i suspect i'm high on some ata rodo ish,this P.E.T Projects understands.

Anyways,my sleeping oddities isn't the area of concentration,but something that occurred to me.You know how people tend to say "i owe you" or "you owe me" in a relationship? What's up with that? I mean,is it even legal?! Here's what i think,i think it's total hogwash! This is the way i see it; you do stuff when you're in love for the person you're in love with because you love them,QED! Regardless of what you do,you do so for love and,whether  you wanna believe it or not,for some selfish reasons also.Yeah,you heard right,selfish.It's like this,if for instance your 'baby' (my elder brother'll say "baby that eats bone"...hahahahahahaha) is feeling down because of a particular thing,it tends to bring you down too if it persists.And if it brings you down and you're able to do something about it,you go ahead and do it.Whether it needs a measure of sacrifice from you doesn't even matter to you,all that matters is to make your 'baby' happy and invariably make yourself happy.Like i explained in one of my posts It is alright to be selfish...sometimes even in our selflessness,there tend to be a tad bit of selfishness.So the whole idea of "you owe me" or "i owe you" is really absurd to me.In fact,some people want you to feel bad when you break up with them telling you you owe them and all.Well,that's bull-ish.As for me,i don't ever take it that anyone i'm in a relationship with owe me.In fact,i hardly think anyone owes me,because when i do things,i do so because i want to.So if i break up with you and you think i'll feel sorry because you've done alot for me or given alot for the relationship,then you're capable of thinking anything.Things like this are prolly the reason i like doing most of the giving,because when e happen,i know want person to come dey do like say na im give me life.Anyway,i no dey vex,make una no fear.But really,what's your take on this issue?

Have a very pleasant weekend people,na here i talk am reach today.Once again,if you're on Twitter and you feel you wanna hook up with this 9ja's great,the handle is @ekpedekumoebila.As for facebook,i won't bother giving you my username because i have a feeling i'll forget my password anytime soon,no offense Mark Z,twitter is just more me.Well,except of course we can split the proceeds from facebook,no? Oh well,don't blame a brother for trying!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

More awards

Good morning to you my honorable ones.I hope you've been good? I know you missed me a little,but i'm here now.You know,chasing morning is way different from chasing lots of other stuff.I've been very busy and trust me,it all boils down to money.I've been hustling on the double because i've got targets and really have to meet them.Last week was busy as hell and this week better take it easy on me.hehehehehe

Anyways,i realized i have been given more awards by some lovely people Priscy and dayor.Priscy gave me versatile blogger award and dayor one lovely blog award.So,here's saying thank you very much to the two of you.Will i be pardoned to skip the rules for one lovely blog award? Since i've done it before because i had like 2 or 3 or those.Then for versatile blog award,the rules are;

  • Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them your post;
  •  Share 7 things about yourself; and
  • Pass this award along to 15 recently discovered blogs and let them know about it! 
So here it goes;
Thanks alot Priscy for this lovely award and people you need to check out her blog,it's cool.

7 things about me;
Well,it's gonna change from the ones i may have shared previously so here it goes.
1. I'm a total optimist.
2. I'm a music addict.
3. I respect women a whole lot.
4. I'm addicted to sneakers.
5. I was a dolo till i got to the university and realized i was born brilliant.
6. I'm not conventional at all.
7. I am naughty.

The last thing is to pass the award to 15 bloggers so;

I actually came across some very cool blogs and i've been visiting but these are the few i could give the award to.If it had been more than 15,i'd have given all the ones i love.So if your blog isn't listed,please don't be mad.Have a nice day people.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

I am Nigerian and i am proud!

Good day to you beautiful people.As you might well be aware,today's Nigeria's independence day celebration.Nigeria has added another year to her existence and now the country is 51 years old.I can almost hear somebody say "and what can she show for it?".Well,it's true that things could've been a lot better than they are now,but the truth is we're still young.No country that's in the level of a developed country got there in a few years.It took years and years and so i can give Nigeria the excuse of being a little young still.

However,there's one thing that is sure,Nigeria is going to get better,things are going to change.Power is going to be uninterrupted,roads are going to be smooth,the educational system is going to experience a massive turn around and even the security situation is going to get better,what we all need is patience and support of the country.The international community also need to be patient with us and stop the bad publicity.I know to an extent we deserve them,but why exaggerate it? Nigeria is an awesome country,if you don't believe me,then read this post from Myne Whitman 419 Reasons To Like Nigeria,i'm sure you'd have a change of heart.

Lastly,do you know why Nigeria is going to get better? The reason is very simple,it's because i am a Nigerian and i am a formidable force.Afterall,i'm 9ja's great! Have a very splendid independence day celebration people and don't forget,it is better to be doing something to remedy a situation than to stand and criticise,cry about or get downcasted by it.