Friday, September 16, 2011

To be a man

Hey people,i know i have been gone for close to a week and it really wasn't intentional,i've been mad busy with work and other stuffs.My week has been quite lovely.My cousins who traveled abroad and i have missed so much came back.Ok,so they were only gone for a month or a little over,but i love them so much,hence my missing them that much.Hey,did i mention we're just two and also soldiers,i mean guys? Well,my female cousins are the replacements for the sisters i never had,hence my love and attachment.In another news,i had to change my system because the other one was acting up.Well,e don really try sha,we'd come a long way.Anyway,that is just by the way.I am very deep,i mean very,very deep.I think so deep that i know i actually grew above my age.So what i'm about to say is based on the fact that i am deep,or maybe i had a revelation.Anyone wey e be,e no matter,as far as say i talk sense,abi? Well,since we don agree,legoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

When i was but a boy,i used to see this sticker that reads "To be a man is not a day's job".If the persons on whose objects i saw those stickers were to actually say it orally,i'm very sure they'd say it with so much passion.Do you know why? It's because truck pushing isn't actually an easy job! On a more serious note now,to be a man is really not a day's job,it is not child's play,it is not beans,as my people would say.It really,really involves alot.Lemme bring this to your notice,lots of people parading themselves as men aren't actually men.Yeah,i said it and by all means quote me anywhere! Do you want to know why i said that? Well,hope you have your popcorn and coke ready? Come with me...

There's a whole lot involved in being a man,it is not just attaining a certain age group,status or what have you.It is way more.Lots of people you see and call men are actually little boys in men's body.They reason like boys,talk like boys and unsurprisingly act like boys.Lemme start with life in general.A man never gives up.He might be battered,wounded,trampled upon,but he'll always stand.A man understands that the road is not always smooth,and so he doesn't get caught off guard,he is always prepared and for this reasons,a man will never contemplate suicide.Now,let us consider him from the standpoint of a family man.A man will never deny his child/children,he will never neglect his child/children.A man will never abandon his wife or child/children.A man will never be comfortable when his family is not well taken care of.A man will not sit at home doing nothing while waiting for his wife to bring home their daily bread.Let us go further to look at a man from the view of a lover.A man doesn't love many women,but love one woman many ways.That's because he was meant to be with self control.Now with all these,do you think to be a man is easy? I can almost hear you ask if i consider myself a man.Well,the truth is i'm still growing,it doesn't take a day and i'm going to get there.So,not everyone that parades himself as a man is really a man,i'm almost sure i don't even need to reiterate that.Have yourself a pleasant weekend my very own people!


  1. *stands up and starts slow dramatic hand clap*

  2. lol..err it's not easy being a woman too :p

  3. So try. It's so sad to see all the boys out there pretending to be men. Sometimes I think I should just slap them. :-/

  4. Well said my dear.. but wait ooo... does this mean it's easy to be a woman?? ( I know I am just looking for

  5. Omo gbabeski! I am sending this to my fiance RIGHT NOW!
    Thank youuuuu for this

  6. #gbam! #true-talk
    Not a man, and I can see how it isn't easy to be a man. But it ain't easy to be a woman too o!

  7. I wonder what got you thinking about being a "Man" of character. Well written too.A man is not a failure cos he was defeated, but he is a failure when he quits.

  8. You said it all, I like the part about loving one woman in many ways. :)

  9. @Lady: Hahahahahahaha

    @kitkat: I know dear.LOL

    @Misha: Really,i can understand how you feel.

    @9jaFOODie: It's not easy being a woman too.

    @@ilola: Now you got me laughing real hard.Gbaski huh? Norrin do me! LOL

    @Aseni: I know! LOL

    @Okeoghene: Well,i have some very funny sets of people around who think they are men,funny thing is some of them are my elders and i swear i'd be considered a man if people were to choose between us.

    @Myne Whitman: Hahahahahaha! You like better thing nau!

  10. Such a great post! Love visiting your blog!

    Lola x

  11. Aha! you don nack this one. As usual, you have said it just as it is nothing more nothing less.