Friday, September 9, 2011

Poetic Thought: The Only ONE

So LadyNgo said she was in the mood for some poetry from me and i told her i was going to write one just for her.Well,this poem is dedicated to just her and PET Projects,Kitkat,Myne Whitman,Ema,Coy Introvert,ChizyK,Okeoghene,Jyoti Mishra,@ilola,HoneyDame,Ladyguide and a whole lot of you pretty ladies out there.Lots of love!

For your beautiful smiles

I'm willing to walk a million miles

To be by your side

I'm willing to risk mountain slide

I don't care who's listening

My love to you i'm professing

Just remember my special one

You're not just special but the only ONE

If i have succeeded in putting a smile of your face

Then i've succeeded in today's race


  1. 9ja Great! 9ja Great!! 9ja Great!!!
    How many times did I call you???


    Is this what you were writing to the Ex? No wonder she has refused to leave you! tehehe

    Short... precise... sweet

  2. yaaaaaaaaaaaay u wrote it!!! Well now that i know all it takes is a tweet or two, i'll be coming to you for my poetic needs lol.


  3. @9jaFOODie: Thanks dear.

    @P.E.T Projects: Thanks cutie.

    @LadyNgo: Then consider your poetic needs over! LOL

  4. I'm in "that" mood. Nice. meLove!

  5. Awwwww, you have so succeeded in this particular race o. Kai, my head just dey swell, say u mention my name

    esorait!!!! lemme go to bed, with the lyrics of dis poem in my head

  6. Awww this is so sweet. You succeeded in putting a smile on my face. Thanks for the mention. Short and precise. I have the poem in my journal now.

  7. LMAO.. i love it but i'll appreciate it more if u wrote it for only me, not for like all the girls in blogsville :/

  8. AWWWWW....Another reason why I love you! Kitkat....kmt...sorry, remember those biblical lessons on sharing?! ehnehn!

  9. @dayor: Hahahahaha Thanks sha.

    @@ilola: Hmmmmm,i actually achieved alot then.

    @Okeoghene: You ahve it in your journal? Why shouldn't this head swell? LOL

    @Kitkat: Common cutie,there's love in sharing.

    @Aseni: Who dey stop you to loff na?

    @Luciano: Thanks.

    @HoneyDame: Hmmmmmmmm *smiling sheepishly*

  10. i think i like the extra Naija-ness of your blog. even your face kinda looks green

  11. This is such a sweet poem, I'm glad to be tagged in it. Thanks!

  12. @Sugarcoated: Your name is kinda reflected in your comment.LOL Thanks for stopping by though.Gracias!

    @Mikki: Thanks dear.

    @bruce: Thanks Bruce.

    @Myne Whitman: I'm glad you were tagged in it also.

  13. Wooo great job..
    oceans of emotions in simple words.

    Loved it..
    Thanx 4 the tagg :)

  14. its gud to know when people are emotional......

  15. Awwwwwww, I wasn't reading this poem, I heard this very deep male voice reading it to me, lol! This is so cuuutee. Thanks a9jagreat really glad I got tagged in it :)

  16. @Jyoti Mishra: No problem dear,i'm glad you loved it.

    @Chizy's Spyware: I know right!

    @Coy~Introvert: I'm really glad you liked it.

  17. Nice one, first time here and loving every bit of what I am reading. do drop by my blog sometime too. cheers

  18. @Priscy: Thanks alot priscy and thanks for visiting.You can count on the fact that i'm gonna pay your blog a visit.

  19. @Missy Tee's: Thanks Missy Tee and thanks for stopping by.

  20. aww, i dint get tagged but just gime d ring already! lol
    lurvs it

  21. @Toinlicious: Don't worry,i'm gonna DHL the ring since i already know it's a yes! Hahahahahaha