Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dear Somebody

Dear Somebody,
I'm just going to go right to point of why i had to write this letter.I am aware that alot is happening right now in your life and it's driving you quite insane.I understand you sometimes don't feel like waking up because you already have an idea how the day is going to be.I'm glad you eventually got to wake up those times because even if no one depends on you,you depend on yourself so it's a good thing you tried making those days work.

I am well aware that sometimes you feel no one cares.You feel you're going through alot and someone should just appreciate that fact and maybe lend a hand of support,you'd like that right? Well,really i'm sorry to burst your bubbles,but the truth is this; YOU'RE ON YOUR WON! Sorry i had to put it that way,but that was the only way i could make it sink in.I'm sure you get it now and that's the whole idea.You should never depend on anybody,unless that person is YOU.Human beings are known to be very unreliable and it'll severely break your heart to depend on them and get disappointed.Trust me,you'd get lots of disappointments if you want to go ahead and be dependent.Here's the advice i have for you though,pretend there's no one,but take the occasional help when it does come.Oh yeah,miracles happen and sometimes the help comes.Funny thing is it even tend to come more when you're not expecting it.

Furthermore,don't and i repeat DON'T ever consider suicide,it's for cowards.Suicide is easy,try taking slow poison and you'd understand what i'm saying.You know what's hard though? Living! Living isn't as easy as Suicide because then you have to face all those things that you're scared of.But you know the sweetest thing though? Whatever it is you're facing would eventually end,if only you'd hold on long enough.Here's one truth; Challenges are scared of Courage.So you trek when your mates are driving,so you stay at home when your mates are up in the VIP doing the things you also would've loved to.So you can't show your younger ones you love them with gifts.So you can't do a whole lot of other stuff,it still isn't a good reason to contemplate suicide.These things are the definition of  phase,they won't be there forever,so all you need do is hold on tight.

Lastly,i know you may not be used to this,but you could try it now all thesame.Pray! Yes you heard right,pray.There's a God out there,trust me i know.So talk to him.Guess what? You don't need anything to do that,no candles,no wearing of funny clothing,no killing of goat or ram or fowl, such thing.What you need do is just kneel down beside you bed and talk to him.Don't know how to go about that? Well here's a clue; Lord Jesus,.......Insert anything you wanna,all your needs,challenges and you'll thank me later.It sounds easy right? Well,it's actually that easy,that's why people tend to take it for-granted.Hold on tight ok,t'll be alright soon,i promise you!

Yours sincerely,


  1. *singing*
    If you wanna be somebody,
    If you wanna go somewhere,
    You better wake up and pay attention....

  2. :(... this is some heavy stuff. Expectations lead to disappointment, never expect anything from anyone and yeap, no one is in charge of you n your happiness but you.
    Good one, I am sure the letter will help lots of people.

  3. I like!

    Challenge sure is afraid of courage!

  4. Woohoo! this is some good letter, Me LOVE it and thanks for taking time to write it....It touched a heart (((hugs)))

  5. @9jaFOODie: I hope they will get to see it.Thanks alot sha.

    @Aseni: Merci!

    @dayor: Aw,i'm so glad it touched someone already.The pleasure is all mine.

  6. Nice handle to show encouragement to people. Everyone is definitely on their own and God for all of us.

  7. This is a good encouragement and it might actually reach out to someone that is down and contemplating suicide. Only God knows how He does His things.

    Well done, you have touched a life

  8. @@ilola: Thanks you very much.

    @Morounfoluwa Lukina Akibo: Thank dear.

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  10. @Luciano: I'm glad you got what you needed.