Monday, September 5, 2011

Boobs,boobs and more boobs

Yeah yeah,it's been a while i made a blog post and i'm starting with this mischievous one.Well,you'll know the reason soon enough.I know the title of this blog is going to put frowns on a few faces before they eventually read the entire post,but trust me,when you read it you'll have a change of face...ok heart! Before i continue sha,how've you guys been? I have been a bit busy hence my absence from my blog and even yours.I'm back now though...i think!

I know you're really itching to know what the title of this blog is about so i'm going to just save you the trauma of having to wait.How many of you are on Twitter? I know some of my personal peeps who we continue our love affair on Twitter,the likes of LadyNgo,PET Projects,Kitkat,Didi,Ema and a good number of my other peoples.Anyway,in case you're on twiiter,you can follow me on @ekpedekumoebila and you shouldn't worry because i follow back.Now,back to the main gist jare.There came a time when women where very decent even in their dressing and dealings,but we lost that a very long time ago.My pain isn't that they are no longer decent,my pain is that they now take pleasure in their indecency.One of our notable comedian,Basket mouth,said in one of his jokes "In those days we dey open pant to see yansh,but now we dey open yansh to see pant" (talking about G-string)...Did that even relate to this post sef?! Damn,i think i might be losing it! Hehehehehehe! What i'm however concerned about is the exposure of a body part that isn't seen as anything anymore...the Breast.I asked a question earlier about how many of you are on twitter,well i did that for a reason.Twitter seem to be the new place for indecency.There came a time when Facebook was the biggest online community,but Twitter is growing fast and thus lots of users have now switched to Twitter or have both accounts.During this time,however,it was quite rare to see a user with her boobs almost popping out or fully exposed,but somehow the emergence of Twitter seem to have affected this.For those on Twitter,you definitely know what i'm talking about.Anytime you wanna look at a babes's avatar...POW! Boobs stare back at you! The shocking part (not really shocking to me sha) is sometimes the boobs are entirely bare.I mean,WTF?! I'm gonna be very straight with you as usual,i enjoy the sights...except of course the occasional very ugly sets i come across.*big grin* I could give you like a thousand twitter handles right now and you won't be disappointed if you wanna see boobs,they'll definitely stare back.I really don't get why it's like that.Is it that it's the new cool? Or is there something i'm missing? I could be old fashion at times,so please tell me,is there something i'm missing? Thank God for my gurls LadyNgo,Kitkat,PET Projects,Adiya,Ema,Didi that are different from the twitter norm!

Another thing is the kind of things they say about themselves."I'm a bitch","I love big dicks" and so on.Another annoying thing is that some of these gurls are very timid,shy...damn right opposite of what they claim.Well,this is a topic for another day.I don talk today own finish.But really,what is going on? Am i missing something?


  1. Did I just see DIDI's name listed as one of the girls? LOL

    I wont stop saying it, people who flaunt their boobs for attention have selfesteem issues! WHy not show off ur knowledge of ur career, or politics?? oh, i forgot, cos there's none of that!

    Boobs display and name calling are proofs of the moral decadence our society is plagued with!

  2. boobs get i just followed u on twitter

  3. Consider yourself followed! LOL @ this entry. True but funny!

  4. @P.E.T Projects: C'mon na,i striked it out,ma koba mi o,jor o! LOL I totally agree with you,self esteem issue is what they're battling with.

    @Sisi Yemmie: Finally,i've been following you for ages.

    @Miss Toya: I see ya!

  5. I think it just screams "notice me QUICK"!!
    but we keep forgetting that we can leave a lot to the imagination by covering it up...well, just leave a peak

  6. @Emaleecious: I prefer a lil peek and then work with my imagination.It's head-tease and it's cool.

  7. @Emaleecious: I prefer a lil peek and then work with my imagination.It's head-tease and it's cool.

  8. hahahaha you've vexed :p ..u know what they say, sex sells :|

  9. One of the reasons I'm still not too comfortable on twitter, lol...

  10. I agree with sisi Yemmie, people do it to get attention.

  11. Those are people seeking attention in anyway. I follow you on twitter but I don't tweet

  12. All i can say is boobs are what get attention!

    Yeah i think that chicks who run about with all their goodies on display may have some self esteem issue but at the same time, if you are looking for attention and your intelligence isn't getting it, what are you gonna do? Flash the girls and all of a sudden you have 500 followers!

    Its a problem on both ends in my opinion.

  13. @Kitkat: I might be a little vexed sha and really,sex sells.

    @Myne Whitman: Myne,what you're doing on twitter is ok.

    @9jaFOODie: Yeah,that's the only logical explanation.

    @Okeoghene: Yeah! I actually don't know your handle Okeoghene.

    @LadyNgo: Both ends? Care to explain?

  14. Its a degrading world o jare, abi what will I say again. If it did not work, they wouldn't do it. You even admitted that you enjoy looking at them (the good ones), so they will continue na.

    At least, it doesn't happen in the office settings, that is to tell you that when it comes to serious issues, decency is still key

  15. @@ilola: Whether serious or not,the boobs should stay inside the bra.Meanwhile even in some offices,you still see some threatening to pop out.The situation is just mad jare.

  16. What i mean by that is that its an issue that girls feel the need to show it off and its also an issue that (some) dudes are only checking for girls that show it off. Like @ilola said, if it didn't work, women wouldn't do it.

  17. @LadyNgo: I get your point now.Well,it's true sha!

  18. Interesting post. I'm kind of with Lady Ngo. women are supposed to be decent and show off the goods at the same time. What's a girl to do??

  19. I agree with you.. I think twitter is too sex-hyped and I don't get why either

  20. @morayoJones: Well,i don't know if i agree with that @ women are supposed to be decent and show off the goods at the same time.

    @Abi Tobi: Thank God i'm not the only one.

  21. Funny post, but true annoys me too, especially when I see the boobs pop in the corporate and religious environment...It gets attention quite alright but its a cheap way too

  22. Just followed you. going bare is not for anything buh attention, its really sad.... and to think of the next generation? *smh*

  23. Hahaha!! I guess some people will try anything to get a bit of attention. Please which people have those avatars, i want to check them out :P

    Muse Origins Features
    Muse Origins

  24. @Muse Origin: Hahahaha If you wanna check them out then send me a direct message on twitter then i'll give you their handles.

  25. @Morounfuoluwa Lukina Akibo: I'm almost sure going completely bare would be seen as normal in the next generation.Sad!

  26. Lol, I'm on twitter but I don't go there often, but I'll carry out an inspection because of this post.

    There's also a fair share on Facebook too. What ever happened to dignity?

  27. @Oluwatobi: You carry out that inspection and you'd be shocked to your bones,or maybe not.

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