Friday, September 23, 2011

Men in skinny jeans

As i am typing this,i really am laughing.I was in a bank some days back and saw a man who also came to do a transaction of some sort.Ordinarily,i wouldn't have noticed him,but i'm a fashion crazed guy and this guy was actually looking quite good #nohomo.But what struck me was his jeans.Mehn,was it tight! I mean,it was so tight that it was apparent in the way he walked.In my head i'm like WTF?! Didn't he look at the mirror?! What even made it so outrageous was the fact that he was obviously a family man,yes,a daddy! Oh,i forgot to mention that he's even got pot-belly! How hilarious is that?! Hahahahahahahahaha

You know,i really don't understand what it is with some guys and these very tight jeans,una be women? Some people just think fashion is everything you see everybody wearing.*SMH* Don't get me wrong though,i do skinny jeans,but not the ones that are more of leggings than trousers.

Here's an advice to you guys,it is not a must to wear what everyone is wearing,just make sure you're wearing what suits you.The best fashionistas will tell you thesame thing.Being trendy is wearing what suits you,not what makes you look like a joke! Have a nice day people! *holds laugh*

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Don't be mad,be proud

I was chatting with a friend some days back and she sorta started complaining about people taking her to be a problem solver.She was mad because she said she wanted friends and not people who only remember she exists when they need her help.I was a bit surprised and didn't fail to let her know.I wondered why she would be mad about that when she was supposed to be happy.Are you wondering why i was thinking in that direction? You won't have to wonder much longer.

First of all,if people come to me only when they need my favor,i willingly help that out with whatever,as far as it doesn't cause me pain or i don't have to sacrifice.Sometimes,i even sacrifice and go ahead and help them out even if i'll feel a measure of pain.The reason is that it simply makes me a problem solver and thus one step ahead of them.Plus,it gives me the feeling of me whatever you like,i don't care.Hehehehehehehe Another reason why i don't mind such people at all is that they make it very clear that they're not friends.Friends don't come only when they need your help,they stick around at all times.Whether the going is good or bad,whether they need your help or not,they just stick around.So these people make it easy for you to know your friends.You are well aware that some people who pretend to be friends are indeed enemies,so why would i not be happy to have someone readily make me know he's not my friend?

If you usually have the same feeling my friend had,then here's your problem; you make people friends easily forgetting that friendship is a privilege and not a right.A privilege that the person who needs it will work to earn.For me,i know my friends and i also know those who think me their friend,those are two different things.I don't allow people into that friend-zone easily,i make them work hard for it and when they do get into that zone,they know why i don't allow people in easily.My advice? Don't allow people into your life easily,let them work for it.I'm not saying you shouldn't be friendly.By all means be friendly but cautious in making people your friends.Or,don't you agree with me?

Friday, September 16, 2011

To be a man

Hey people,i know i have been gone for close to a week and it really wasn't intentional,i've been mad busy with work and other stuffs.My week has been quite lovely.My cousins who traveled abroad and i have missed so much came back.Ok,so they were only gone for a month or a little over,but i love them so much,hence my missing them that much.Hey,did i mention we're just two and also soldiers,i mean guys? Well,my female cousins are the replacements for the sisters i never had,hence my love and attachment.In another news,i had to change my system because the other one was acting up.Well,e don really try sha,we'd come a long way.Anyway,that is just by the way.I am very deep,i mean very,very deep.I think so deep that i know i actually grew above my age.So what i'm about to say is based on the fact that i am deep,or maybe i had a revelation.Anyone wey e be,e no matter,as far as say i talk sense,abi? Well,since we don agree,legoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

When i was but a boy,i used to see this sticker that reads "To be a man is not a day's job".If the persons on whose objects i saw those stickers were to actually say it orally,i'm very sure they'd say it with so much passion.Do you know why? It's because truck pushing isn't actually an easy job! On a more serious note now,to be a man is really not a day's job,it is not child's play,it is not beans,as my people would say.It really,really involves alot.Lemme bring this to your notice,lots of people parading themselves as men aren't actually men.Yeah,i said it and by all means quote me anywhere! Do you want to know why i said that? Well,hope you have your popcorn and coke ready? Come with me...

There's a whole lot involved in being a man,it is not just attaining a certain age group,status or what have you.It is way more.Lots of people you see and call men are actually little boys in men's body.They reason like boys,talk like boys and unsurprisingly act like boys.Lemme start with life in general.A man never gives up.He might be battered,wounded,trampled upon,but he'll always stand.A man understands that the road is not always smooth,and so he doesn't get caught off guard,he is always prepared and for this reasons,a man will never contemplate suicide.Now,let us consider him from the standpoint of a family man.A man will never deny his child/children,he will never neglect his child/children.A man will never abandon his wife or child/children.A man will never be comfortable when his family is not well taken care of.A man will not sit at home doing nothing while waiting for his wife to bring home their daily bread.Let us go further to look at a man from the view of a lover.A man doesn't love many women,but love one woman many ways.That's because he was meant to be with self control.Now with all these,do you think to be a man is easy? I can almost hear you ask if i consider myself a man.Well,the truth is i'm still growing,it doesn't take a day and i'm going to get there.So,not everyone that parades himself as a man is really a man,i'm almost sure i don't even need to reiterate that.Have yourself a pleasant weekend my very own people!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Poetic Thought: The Only ONE

So LadyNgo said she was in the mood for some poetry from me and i told her i was going to write one just for her.Well,this poem is dedicated to just her and PET Projects,Kitkat,Myne Whitman,Ema,Coy Introvert,ChizyK,Okeoghene,Jyoti Mishra,@ilola,HoneyDame,Ladyguide and a whole lot of you pretty ladies out there.Lots of love!

For your beautiful smiles

I'm willing to walk a million miles

To be by your side

I'm willing to risk mountain slide

I don't care who's listening

My love to you i'm professing

Just remember my special one

You're not just special but the only ONE

If i have succeeded in putting a smile of your face

Then i've succeeded in today's race

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dear Somebody

Dear Somebody,
I'm just going to go right to point of why i had to write this letter.I am aware that alot is happening right now in your life and it's driving you quite insane.I understand you sometimes don't feel like waking up because you already have an idea how the day is going to be.I'm glad you eventually got to wake up those times because even if no one depends on you,you depend on yourself so it's a good thing you tried making those days work.

I am well aware that sometimes you feel no one cares.You feel you're going through alot and someone should just appreciate that fact and maybe lend a hand of support,you'd like that right? Well,really i'm sorry to burst your bubbles,but the truth is this; YOU'RE ON YOUR WON! Sorry i had to put it that way,but that was the only way i could make it sink in.I'm sure you get it now and that's the whole idea.You should never depend on anybody,unless that person is YOU.Human beings are known to be very unreliable and it'll severely break your heart to depend on them and get disappointed.Trust me,you'd get lots of disappointments if you want to go ahead and be dependent.Here's the advice i have for you though,pretend there's no one,but take the occasional help when it does come.Oh yeah,miracles happen and sometimes the help comes.Funny thing is it even tend to come more when you're not expecting it.

Furthermore,don't and i repeat DON'T ever consider suicide,it's for cowards.Suicide is easy,try taking slow poison and you'd understand what i'm saying.You know what's hard though? Living! Living isn't as easy as Suicide because then you have to face all those things that you're scared of.But you know the sweetest thing though? Whatever it is you're facing would eventually end,if only you'd hold on long enough.Here's one truth; Challenges are scared of Courage.So you trek when your mates are driving,so you stay at home when your mates are up in the VIP doing the things you also would've loved to.So you can't show your younger ones you love them with gifts.So you can't do a whole lot of other stuff,it still isn't a good reason to contemplate suicide.These things are the definition of  phase,they won't be there forever,so all you need do is hold on tight.

Lastly,i know you may not be used to this,but you could try it now all thesame.Pray! Yes you heard right,pray.There's a God out there,trust me i know.So talk to him.Guess what? You don't need anything to do that,no candles,no wearing of funny clothing,no killing of goat or ram or fowl, such thing.What you need do is just kneel down beside you bed and talk to him.Don't know how to go about that? Well here's a clue; Lord Jesus,.......Insert anything you wanna,all your needs,challenges and you'll thank me later.It sounds easy right? Well,it's actually that easy,that's why people tend to take it for-granted.Hold on tight ok,t'll be alright soon,i promise you!

Yours sincerely,

Monday, September 5, 2011

Boobs,boobs and more boobs

Yeah yeah,it's been a while i made a blog post and i'm starting with this mischievous one.Well,you'll know the reason soon enough.I know the title of this blog is going to put frowns on a few faces before they eventually read the entire post,but trust me,when you read it you'll have a change of face...ok heart! Before i continue sha,how've you guys been? I have been a bit busy hence my absence from my blog and even yours.I'm back now though...i think!

I know you're really itching to know what the title of this blog is about so i'm going to just save you the trauma of having to wait.How many of you are on Twitter? I know some of my personal peeps who we continue our love affair on Twitter,the likes of LadyNgo,PET Projects,Kitkat,Didi,Ema and a good number of my other peoples.Anyway,in case you're on twiiter,you can follow me on @ekpedekumoebila and you shouldn't worry because i follow back.Now,back to the main gist jare.There came a time when women where very decent even in their dressing and dealings,but we lost that a very long time ago.My pain isn't that they are no longer decent,my pain is that they now take pleasure in their indecency.One of our notable comedian,Basket mouth,said in one of his jokes "In those days we dey open pant to see yansh,but now we dey open yansh to see pant" (talking about G-string)...Did that even relate to this post sef?! Damn,i think i might be losing it! Hehehehehehe! What i'm however concerned about is the exposure of a body part that isn't seen as anything anymore...the Breast.I asked a question earlier about how many of you are on twitter,well i did that for a reason.Twitter seem to be the new place for indecency.There came a time when Facebook was the biggest online community,but Twitter is growing fast and thus lots of users have now switched to Twitter or have both accounts.During this time,however,it was quite rare to see a user with her boobs almost popping out or fully exposed,but somehow the emergence of Twitter seem to have affected this.For those on Twitter,you definitely know what i'm talking about.Anytime you wanna look at a babes's avatar...POW! Boobs stare back at you! The shocking part (not really shocking to me sha) is sometimes the boobs are entirely bare.I mean,WTF?! I'm gonna be very straight with you as usual,i enjoy the sights...except of course the occasional very ugly sets i come across.*big grin* I could give you like a thousand twitter handles right now and you won't be disappointed if you wanna see boobs,they'll definitely stare back.I really don't get why it's like that.Is it that it's the new cool? Or is there something i'm missing? I could be old fashion at times,so please tell me,is there something i'm missing? Thank God for my gurls LadyNgo,Kitkat,PET Projects,Adiya,Ema,Didi that are different from the twitter norm!

Another thing is the kind of things they say about themselves."I'm a bitch","I love big dicks" and so on.Another annoying thing is that some of these gurls are very timid,shy...damn right opposite of what they claim.Well,this is a topic for another day.I don talk today own finish.But really,what is going on? Am i missing something?