Tuesday, August 23, 2011



The rain is beating on my window
I can see grains of sand jumping
Not in excitement
But because they're compelled by large drops of rain
Lifting them slightly into space and allowing them drop on their own
Above my head is a different thing
The roof is a big drum
The large droplets of rain are the drumsticks
I am standing in front of my window
Not because I was enjoying the view
But because the ambience reminds me of your presence
I can almost feel your hand around me
I can almost see you looking up from behind me
With that angelic smile across your face
Your presence is felt everywhere
And the rain just made it more obvious
I almost turned around to hold you
Cos I felt that warmth I feel when your body touches mine
I was tempted to look towards the bed
Hoping to see you laying there
Staring beautifully at me with that perfect smile on
But when I did
The emptiness engulfed me
I continued my prompted stare outside my window
And quickly drifted away into reverie
Knowing you're there waiting for me
It was no wonder I didn't realize the grains of sand had regained control of them selves
The water from heaven had ceased
I just walked to the bed
Laid down and let sleep take me away
I miss you on another rainy day
…la vita e bella


  1. I love rain, especially 9ja heavy rain, I think the sound it makes is so romantic.

  2. @9jaFOODie: Yeah,heavy rain is very cool mostly when you're with that special somebody.

  3. After reading this several times, and in an effort not to leave a comment that is totally inappropriate, i will just say: nice poem!


  4. @Okeoghene: You should be in Port harcourt.LOL

    @LadyNgo: Hahahahaha! Thanks alot dear.

  5. I wonder why anytime it rains, we tend to miss that "special" person. Any clue as to why??Lol, By the way, Nice piece of poem. can't stop reading over and over again.

  6. @Priscy: Thanks alot Priscy and thanks for stopping by.As for your question,i think it's because when it rain you know you're stuck at a point and what better thing to do than to be with that 'special' person? LOL

  7. fantastic description of rain and the emotion that overwhelms when it rains.. :D
    Nice read !!

  8. @Jyoti Mishra: Thanks alot dear.