Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Love is not that easy

Hey people,i believe your week started well.Well,for me it started with running around and i'm still not done with the running around.This is the reason i was trying all i could just so i'll skip this compulsory youth service.Anyways,that's not the issue at hand.

You see,this thing called love is very crazy,funny,serious...i could go on and on,but one thing is sure it is greatly MISUNDERSTOOD! Yes,love is almost often misunderstood.I mean,people just attach various nonsense to it.For instance,a badt boy would claim to be in love with a gurl when all he wants is to hit it.Also,a gurl would claim to be in love with a guy when all she wants is to grab as much as she can from him and the bolt.I've actually witnessed and experienced alot in this boy-gurl game,alot to even write a book.The reason why love is a topic today is because i just unconsciously started reminiscing about some past events and i kinda realized the funny things that happen all in the name of love.Lies and deceits have all gone down all in the name of love.The main issue is that gurls have opened themselves up to lies and deceit,thereby making themselves susceptible to hurt.This is because they are the more emotional ones between males and females.

Women believe in love and fairy tales (well,i also do but from a different perspective).They believe love can come easy and thus act on that belief,but this isn't always the case.For love to happen,there has to be a little bit of work.I mean,commitment in terms of time and feelings and what have you.Without this,what you have is pure lust,nothing more! In those days when i used to be badt (i'm not saying i'm a saint now,but i'm saying i know better),i remember some gurls who almost made me laugh during serious business,i mean that time that men experience serious vibration like Nokia 3310...hehehehehehe! Ok,here's how it is; After dating for a few days,we get to my house and after chatting a while,i make advances that are welcomed.After undressing and trying to do the do,they stop me and ask "Do you love me?".For the sake of mike,what do you think? "Of course i love you" and in my mind i'm like "lemme just hit that!" My answer isn't even directed at her,but at you-know-what.What? So now you wanna judge me? Abeg leave me jare,i'm just being real as usual! How can you ask such a question in the heat of the moment and expect a real answer? Try asking the question before even the kiss,or better still,ask the question after you guys have been together for a few weeks,or even months.Sometimes the question come just 2 or 3 days into dating.Ah! Abeg na so e easy?! Love that lasts takes time to build,it takes time to grow,it takes time to mature and it takes time to break.The ones that happen in a jiffy end just as fast.Don't get me wrong though,i'm not saying love doesn't happen in very amazing ways,it does,but it's not common place.Have a nice day people!


  1. That is to say, Love at first sight na for storybook/Hollywood. Chikena!

  2. @P.E.T Projects: I couldn't agree more!

  3. Well said, love is the most misunderstood emotion in this world, I think most people find it difficult to understand the difference between love and infatuations.Love is a cultivated choice, not an automatic response.

  4. Some guys say that love thing early too...not just girls. I don't tolerate that because i know it's a lie. Guys just think they can tell a girl what they think she wants to hear and get what they want. Not a girls are stupid. The new tactics now is mentioning marriage when they have no intentions.

  5. @9jaFOODie: Well said!

    @Madame Sting: Hahahahaha! You're right about that.Some guys say it to get somewhere.

  6. Fully agree with u
    Sometimes it is grossly misunderstood, u expressed it pretty well :)

  7. looool! Girls ask if you love them when y'all are about to get down? hahaha! *zips lips* lol X_X

    a few days into dating? I know! that thing drives me nuts! am one of those girls who stops giving attention if a few days (sometimes weeks) after meeting me he drops the "I Love you" line.. or tries to kiss me or whatever! It feels like it's all game when that happens and my heart is NO GAME so am careful. some pple say am a tease yeah whatever! I don't care.. I love to take it slow... I don't wanna be in just any relationship I love to be in the right one

    am glad you shared this...

  8. PET Projects......abi o....all na tory! Love at first sight ko, hate at second sight ni. That concept just makes me laugh!
    In fact sef, the whole love story, e get as e be. I think it is all just hormones and calculations. I stand to be corrected though. But for me, the whole sweeping off my feet phenomenom is a farce.


  9. @Abi Tobi: Yeah,there's nothing like being in the right relationship.

    @HoneyDame: My dearest Honey...ok ok,here's the Dame,hehehehehe.Love does exist,it's the way it exists that should confuse you because people have different views.

    @Jyoti Mishra: Thanks alot dear.

  10. I personally don't believe in love at first sight. I think some girls ask that question in the heat of the moment because they know the answer they will get and they would like to convince themselves that it is true. Absolute stupidity!
    Anyone that thinks love is easy should think twice. I don't believe that there is anything good to be gained from premarital sex sha

    @ HoneyDame: Really? lol. Love is real o. Try loving a man who loves really loves God and you will know what I mean. The true men o, not all those fake bible crammers

  11. LOL @ ilola's commen....hehe say it sista..

    Love at first site na for storybook...lol..hahaha

    A man or woman that starts saying I love you a week into the relationship or proposes 2-3weeks in, abeg run.If you dey yankee or jand with papers make sure you run to the point the the back of your feet is touching your nose...

  12. LOve @ first sight on happens on TV :) lol..I blame tele-novelas for all the confusion.

  13. Love is quite easy actually. Its what you do about it that becomes the issue. Maintaining a relationship, being committed, compromising and sacrificing, all that jazz is whats difficult.

    If love were really difficult, there'd be a whole lot less women putting up with cheating, abusive, deceitful men.

    And that whole thing about women believing in love and fairy tales...hogwash! lol, those days are long gone. You'd be surprised at what most women think about relationships but won't dare say out loud.

  14. You mean people still ask 'do you love me?' in the heat of the moment?? Those girls must still be very wet behind the ears.

    "Women want love, Men want sex. Men pretend to love to get sex, women give sex hoping to be loved" ...everyone is lying to each other.

  15. Ahhhh...Love is hard WORK! Not all that nonsense they write about in books!

  16. @@ilola: Anyone who loves God definitely would know how to love.Your comment cracked me up sha.LOL

    @Unveillinggold: Hahahahahaha! Una no go kill me.

    @DIDI: Yeah,television has done alot of harm in this love thingy.

    @LadyNgo: Love isn't a thing in itself,it a thing that has lots of things inculcated in it.The commitments,sacrifice and all of that are the reason it's called love.

    @R.O: I don't know where you got that idea that men only want sex,but i'm confidently saying that's very bogus.Just like women,men want love but a whole lot of us actually get blinded sha!

    @Sisi Yemmie: Corect talk jare!

  17. Lol, I think it was funny that she would ask you if you love her when you're so distracted. One thing is for sure, I'm so glad the dating game is SO over for me. :)

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  18. @Elizabeth: You never know,love can just find you and sweep you off your feet.

  19. You see the statement was in quotes, right? It's one of those statements that have been floating around for years and there is some truth to it. Your story even proves that point. Feel free to phrase that statement to men and women you know and see who agrees.
    Obviously it doesn't apply to EVERYONE but as for as generalities go, it's not too far off.

  20. @R.O: I agree with you on the fact that as far as generalities go,the statement isn't too far off.