Friday, August 26, 2011

Letter to my heart

Dear Heart,

I really don't know what's up with you these days,but i want to believe you're good.Sincerely i don't understand you at all these days,what really is up with you? You have put us in serious pains and we really should be very mad at you.There are times when you should've just allowed the head to take some decisions,but you just end up taking em and putting us all into serious pains and confusion.Ok,i know you've not been getting too involved,but the few times you've gotten involved,it had been to the extreme.Remember the first crush you ever had? Our friend's cousin? Yeah,i know she was a fox,but you just wouldn't let the head be.You kept on thinking about her and bothering some other parts of us in the process.Geez,you really can be persistent.Thank goodness you didn't take it too hard when she didn't agree to be with us.Remember that cutie back in the university who we actually toasted for almost a session before she agreed to date us? You got too attached to her and when it ended we all suffered it.Finally on the list,remember the trauma we passed through all cause you finally fell for our best friend of a decade? Remember the tears you had to make the eyes cry? The pain the chest felt all through that period? Yes,i know you suffered a great deal of pain,but who's to blame? You know what really pissed me off that period? You didn't allow us sleep because you connived with the head to think non-stop and this made it impossible for the eyes to close in sleep.Another annoying thing that period was that you didn't allow us eat.The mouth also supported you by refusing to take anything in to see whether the stomach would process it.Anyway,i'm glad all that is now over,but it still doesn't mean i get you.

I know you've still not grasped the reason behind this sudden letter to you,but you will in a bit.WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU? In all the years we've been together you've only allowed a handful of people in.In fact,you've only allowed 2 people in and i wonder why that is so.All the other foxes we've had to show our toasting skills to and were involved with us never had the opportunity of being welcomed by you,why the hell is it so? Why won't you just accept people? Right now,it's as though you're not even there or is it that you've not yet seen anyone you dig? We're trying to get you someone you'd like,but you don't seem to be interested.Does this have anything to do with the last disaster? If it does,please forget about it because even you know it happens.You can still allow someone in,someone who we'd all approve of.Someone who'll be worth it and trust me there are alot of them out there.You've even come across a few,why not let them in? I'm saying all these because we're getting too old for the 'chasing' game,we need to settle down.Do you remember how you felt when you allowed those 2 in? Didn't you enjoy the feeling? Won't you like to have those feelings again? If you would,then please allow someone in,we all need it.Don't tell me you are considering what Moheezy said "My heart,your job is to pump blood,if you go and fall in love,it's your problem o",i don't share such sentiment with him.I believe the perfect person is out there,please don't chase her away when she comes along.

Thank you in anticipation of your co-operation of this matter.

Yours lovingly,
The Entire Body


  1. #MusingsOfATroubledMind.
    Thank God its friday!

  2. lol @ the rest of your body planning a mutiny against your heart. Well if the heart ever decides to write you a letter back, please let us know. There are plenty of us that can use the insight

  3. @P.E.T Project: Leave me jor! LOL

    @LadyNgo: Hehehehehe! No wahala my LadyNgo,i'd definitely do that.

  4. lol....I am sure the heart will take this letter into serious consideration. hahah.

  5. lol I agree with P.E.T. Thank God it's Friday!!! :p

    p.s. when the right one comes, the heart will know to open up... the head might hold back but the heart will know not to :p

  6. @9jaFOODie: It had better do that o! LOL

    @Abi Tobi: I hope so.

  7. lol at @ From Your Entire Body...
    Hearts are very peculiar in nature. When it's ready, you will be begging for it to calm down...

  8. Maybe your heart is on sabbatical. It replaced itself with an ice box before travelling. lol

  9. Your entire body is ready to settle down and your heart is stalling.Don't you rush the heart, it will do its job when the time is right.

  10. umm..ever heard of a heart transplant?lol

  11. hahahaha!!!
    the entire body and the heart at war..

  12. @Mikki: It's taking too long jare,ah ahn.LOL

    @@ilola: I'm forced to agree with you @ilola.

    @Okeoghene: Yes ma! LOL But tell the heart to be fast about it o,it's taking forever.

    @kitkat: I might just consider a transplant.

    @Spesh: You got that right.

  13. hahaha lord,dude you funny..first time i come across a letter to my hope your heart got the letter and agrees to work with you and everyone else(head,eyes) to let someone special

  14. @Maurie: Yeah,i know this letter is funny too.