Monday, August 8, 2011

Lack wisdom? Here's a gun,use it!

Lovely morning to you,i trust your weekend was splendid? My weekend was a quiet one,didn't go out for fun,but sure went out for work...i know,but i need the money...hehehehehehe.I can still feel the backache.I mean,i was caught up in traffic for hours and it wasn't funny.If i wasn't the one driving,i'd have just left the car on one side of the road and trekked.Anyway,my weekend was spent indoors when i wasn't working and i spent it with Two And A Half Men keeping me company.It's actually a very good recommendation for those of you who dig comedies.But this post isn't about my weekend so i'm just going to get right on to it.

You know,i used to wonder if there were people who live life without wisdom but the good thing about life is you don't have to wonder for so long,it surprises you.Life actually unveiled that wisdom isn't so common place as many would like to think.Wisdom is very imperative,but yet many lack it.They simply live through life without realizing there's such a thing as wisdom.I mean,why else would someone talk to you about an issue and you'd have that look on your face that says "Seriously?!".The way people handle issues will reveal to you whether they are void of wisdom or are filled with it.Normally,life is "action generates reaction".But the reactions that come as a result of actions are very insightful in terms of a persons level of intelligence.The way a person acts or talks also tells you whether the person is filled with wisdom or simply lacks it.You wanna know why wisdom is important? I'll tell you out-rightly! It is wisdom that makes you know that people are of different character and temperament and so should be treated differently.It is wisdom that tells you you don't take pride in feeding off your parents when you're 40...gosh,you should just jump back into your mother's belly,it'd make more sense.It is wisdom that tell you you dare not be lazy but hardworking.It is wisdom that tells you you don't have to generalize simply because a particular thing or race or group wronged you.I really could go on and on,but i'm sure you get the picture now...but if you don't,here's a gun,use it! I don't know if you've ever come in contact with someone everybody considers a fool.I mean,he talks even when no one is listening.He lies even when everyone knows he's lying.You know,the type that claims he has cars and every single day you see him trekking.

Ok,i know you're wondering where this wisdom talks came from.Well,i've actually been fortunate to meet people that made me appreciate the little level of wisdom i was bestowed with.I know someone who thinks it is compulsory for the person who's successful in the family to make every one in the family successful.Get that i used 'Compulsory'.I mean,what kind of shallow thinking is that? It is wisdom that tells you it is all man for himself and so you don't depend on anyone but yourself,but if help comes...good radiance.I know the next thing i am going to say is going to generate criticisms,but i'll say it anyway.I've been fortunate also to come in contact with people who decide to change their sexual orientation simply because they were hurt a few times.I mean,is that even legal?! Meanwhile,wisdom makes you understand that everything in life is all about battles and you don't always win.I've come in contact with people who always get into trouble because they just can't shut the hell up.You know what? I think wisdom is overly underrated.It's enormous importance has not been really comprehended.This is why people make such blunders that just put you in awe,and i don't mean that in a good way!

Life is very complicated,yet very actually need wisdom to understand that.Life isn't what you think it is,life's way more than meets the eyes.If you don't have wisdom and you feel you're very ok,please take a gun and just shoot yourself,this world would be way better off without you.I'm not kidding! Have a nice day people and pleasant week ahead.


  1. You sound pissed. Wisdom is profitable to direct. Lack of wisdom results in lack of direction and a world in disarray. That is the exact situation we find ourselves in right now.

  2. Wisdom is important, even the simple ability to choose or act in a reasonable manner sometimes elude people.

  3. Word Bro,You are 100000000000000000000000000% on point. U sound pissed though..Plz calm down..alot of people have growing up to do although the feel they are old enough.Sex change issues is now the new trending topic and if U ask me? i think Freedom "FREE DOM"has done more harm than good

  4. u r sounding damn frustrated... exasperation high and wisdom... ahh u r equivalent to a weirdo if u r talking about it these days :P

  5. @ilola: Yeah,i'm a bit angry and you're right,it is the situation we find ourselves in.

    @9jaFOODie: True!

    @DIDI: I'm calm bro.LOL Freedom isn't bad,it's the fact that some people don't know what to do with it that makes it seem as if it's bad.

    @Jyoti Mishra: I'm not frustrated dear,just a tad bit angry though.

  6. I can see you're really angry at someone and I agree with you that wisdom is the principal thing.

  7. @Myne Whitman: Thanks alot Myne.You know stupidity is still not a crime so lots of guilty people are still roaming the streets.LOL